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Society - Union of Pro-Am Hacks - 5k Coin Championship Week

We''ve got about a dozen guys and a handful of regulars ending our first season with a 5k priza pool, 6k if you count this weekends 4 rounder. We do 4 events on a Pro-Am swing difficulty with most of the assists turned off, scores are still going to get low sometimes but sometimes you struggle, its golf.
The Buy-In's, are always paid back through the rounds you play with only the weekend tournament exceeding 50 coins, there should be a minimum 250 coin pot on Monday's and Tuesday's a 500 to 750 pot on the Wednesday/Thursday tournament and 1000 minimum on the weekend 4 rounder, if you play, you get paid and every coin I make in the game since I have all the clubs and no intention of changing the look of my golfer gets pumped back into the society so every event has a pot to play for.
We have 5 events left on the first season with as mentioned previous, 6k on the line between them and then we start season two, which will be listed below. We're open to all and hope you have a good time, it's casual but competitive with the course selection and payouts.
Swing Difficulty: Pro-Am
Swing Timing: On
Distance Meter: Putting Only
Distance Assist: Off
Putt Preview: None
Course Yardage: On
Pro Vision: ALL OFF
Scout Camera: UI OFF
Lie Grid: On
Green Grid: On
Pin Preference: Open
Aim Marker: On
Wind Display: Wind Speed
Distance Display: Carry
Remaining events
Championship @ The Links - Pebble Beach Golf Links
Week 8 - [10/26-11/1] - Championship Week
The Glenlivet Open - Whiskey Ranch
The Macallan Open - Whiskey Trails
The Balvenie Classic - Whiskey Run
The Masters - A Course Has No Name
And then we get right into season 2. Each weeks events are 2R 2R 3R 4R respectively.
Season 2 - [11/2-1/3] - 36 events over 9 weeks.
Week 1 - [11/2-11/8] - Opening Week
The Desert Double Down - LostWages Casino WildHawk Downs
Fresh Prince Open - The Davies at Bel Air
Floating Island Classic - The Coeur d'Alene Resort
The Bob Hope Memorial - Los Angeles C.C. [LiDAR]
Week 2 - [11/9-11/15] - Welcome to Japan
Sapporo Yebisu Open - Olympic Country Club F&R
NJPW World Open - Taiheiyo GC - Gotemba
Pete Dye Memorial - Olympic National East
The Way of the Dragon - Emerald Dragon
Week 3 - [11/16-11/22] - Southern Beer Tour
DB Brewries Open - Kauri Cliffs @ Matauri
Thai Chang Beer Open - Hoi An Beach Club
Carlsberg Classic - Peninsula Kingswood Tour
Sangsom Championship - Chiang Mai, Thailand
Week 4 - [11/23-11/29] - European Crown
Casa Nostra Open - Umbria Golf Club, Italy
Carinthia Open - Carinthia Club, Austria
Lacada Brewery Classic - Portrush (Open 2019)
The Open Championship - Old Ainsdale GC (Open)
Week 5 - [11/30-12/6] - A Return Home
St. Bedes Open - Low Course at St Bedes
Ayrshire Open - Ayrshire Gailes. Tour
The Reverse Classic - Reverse Old Course
The R&A Championship - St Andrews Old (Tour)
Week 6 - [12/7-12/13] - The US Open
Southern Comfort Open - Kaiwah (Ocean) [PGA '21]
Vim! Open @ Far Harbor - Bar Harbor Maine G&CC
The LeVasseur Classic - Raynor Farms (Tour)
United States Open - Black Salt Valley (Major)
Week 7 - [12/14-12/20] - A Tropical Escape
Waldorf Astoria Open - BocaRaton Resort and Club
Kahawai Open - Lulu Kahawai
The Pelican Classic - Pelican Landing
The Dominican Championship - Punta Espada Golf Club
Week 8 - [12/21-12/27] - The Hack-Off II
Atohi Open - Atohi Warrior Club
Seminole Open - Seminole Point
Persephone Classic - Persephone Golf Club
The Hack-Off II - Twin State Country Club
Week 9 - [12/28-1/3] - Championship Week II
Susquehannock Open - Susquehannock Golf Club
Arctic Fury Open - Ayers Point Golf Club
Classic @ Cypress Point - Cypress Point
The Masters - A Course Has No Name
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EV charging on olympic peninsula?

I live in the southern olympic peninsula and I'm considering buying an electric car, but there is a significant issue. There isn't a single CCS DC fast charging station on the entire 101 loop around the peninsula! Ok, I think there is ONE in Port Angeles at the transit station. That's it. There are a few J1772 level 2 chargers at random points like a casino on the coast, a couple at the hospital in Forks. But nowhere near enough to get you around the peninsula.
This is a very popular tourist destination, and the route off of I5 from Olympia/Tacoma out to the coastal cities of Aberdeen/westport/ocean shores are very heavily traveled. I am kind of astounded that there aren't DC fast chargers all over these routes.
Am I expecting too much too early here? Given where I like to go, it's literally not possible to do it with an electric car at this point.
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Recommended Starter Nations, August Edition

If you haven't read the "Getting Started Guide" and went straight here, go read it here first
Don't just commit to the first nation you see on this list, there are many different countries that serve many different niches and types of players. Try to find the one that works best for you.

Central Nations (closer to 0,0)

Gensokyo (1200, -2500)

Gensokyo is probably most known for being "weeb central," however, they house a number of the World Wonders, and have an excellent community. They organized the Third Olympics in Taozi, to rousing success. Taozi is a modern Japanese city home to huge skyscrapers, stadiums, shops and the residences of most citizens. The other city they hold is Roe Island, built in a traditional Japanese village that hosts a huge bathhouse à la Spirited Away. Connecting the two cities is a majestic Imperial garden. Gensokyo also hosts irregular movie and game nights on their discord and is continuously builidng new structures!
Whether you're returning from older Civ iterations or are completely new to Civ servers, Gensokyo is a great place to get started! Read more...
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leaders u/Topaz4293, u/Ahrimanne, Fox, Infra, u/Crimsonblod, Yuyucat Industralization Mid-High
Playstyle Focus on building, industry & diplomacy. Market Small
Nation Theme Weebs Population Low-mid
Pictures Postcard, Roe Island, Roe Island #2, Taozi Activity Stable, moderate amount online
Train Lines 0,0, Hjaltland, Vinland, Nyasaland, Bloom, Annwyn, Coventhia, TdC, Varkonia, Tvtopia Militarization Low
Discord Stability & Drama High stability, low drama
Alliance Entente Government Structure Council

Imperial Truidence (-1077, -531)

Imperial Truidence is an up and coming nation on the world scene. Although they are a smaller nation than most on this list, they're planning plenty of builds, most notably a large cathedral for their emperor. Like Bloom, they are rebuilding the capital, but even further, from scratch. Right now it's a great time to hop on and get started with them. It's a quieter, humbler, and smaller place to set up and I can guarantee you'll get some form of one-on-one interaction. Despite being very close to the center of the map, they are very accomodating and nice people to hang out with.
Imperial Truidence is on the younger side in terms of nations on the server and while they don't participate in global politics quite as much, if you're looking for a relatively drama-free nation, and want to get started quickly and with someone who knows their stuff, IT might be the place for you. Read more...
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leader(s) u/ObtainableSpat Industrialization Medium
Playstyle Dedicated to helping out newfriends Market Very small
Nation Theme A Nice Starting Point Population Low
Pictures Overview, Sunrise, Rainy Day Activity Stable, small amount online
Train Lines from Icenia, Bloom (soon) (It's close to 0,0 so you could walk) Militarizaion Low
Discord Stability & Drama Mid stability, little drama
Alliance UDF Government structure Democracy & Dictatorship

Icenia (-1650, -1433)

Icenia one of the more busy yet controversial nations on the server thus far. Led by ChrisChrispie, Icenia's been shown to be in all kinds of antics. It has a very active community and if you're looking for a place that (mostly) has it all, whether you're a builder, politics guy, technician, librarian, Icenia might be the place for you. It can garner a quite a bit of controversy and drama every week or so but on the plus side, something is always happening in Icenia.
With weird running jokes about septic tanks and UBI, Icenia has had incarnations since Civcraft 2.0, and although not all of them have gone completely smoothly, you can probably count on Icenia being involved on Civclassic. Read more...
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leader(s) u/ChrisChrispie, u/Lagiacrus11 Industrialization Mid-high
Playstyle Focus on, well, everything really Market Medium
Nation Theme Hodgepodge for Everyone Population High
Pictures Postcard, Ports, City, Album Activity Stable, moderate amount online
Train Lines from Bloom, Imperial Truidence, 0,0, Gabon, Vinland Militarization Mid
Discord Stability & Drama Mid stability, high drama
Alliance UDF Government structure Democracy (mostly)

Northwest (-,-)

Varkonia (-4921, -2772)

Varkonia is one of the bigger nations on the server but is one of the more welcoming on Civclassics. It reaches from the top of the server down to the center, but its main capital and great city builds are situated right in the Northwest part of the country. Varkonia, however, is more of a military power but in a different sense of what you might think of it. While they are powerful in producing materials and have great pvpers, Varkonia additionally hosts large city builds, and despite their PvP tactics they almost always tend towards foreign policy. Although Varkonia does tend to get involved in drama from time to time, it never turns into violent conflict, and if you're looking for a nation that's a little different than your normal nation, Varkonia might be for you.Read more...
Gabon, (-3056, -2309) although already part of Varkonia is also worth looking at. Despite being a very large city, it has a very quaint village feel, and its many international rail connections and many various shops make it one of the most important travel and trade hubs in the region.
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leader(s) u/Varkanos, BritishWanderer, Mickale Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on military power but also being a world power Market Low-Medium
Nation Theme British-like Population Low-Moderate
Pictures Postcard, Gabon Postcard Activity Stable, low amount online
Train lines from MtA, Bloom (via Gabon), Corvus, Icenia, SPQR, Coventhia, Nyasaland, Gensokyo, Tvtopia, TdC Militarization Mid-High
Discord Stability High stability, low drama
Alliance Entente Government structure King + Senate

Bloom (-2121, -2600)

Bloom's capital is a massive trade and infrastructure hub in the northwest. It's one of the more prominent members of the UDF, and regularly holds elections. It also takes in newfriends and encourages other countries to construct embassies and form international relations with other prominent nations on the server. They're currently in the process of rebuilding the capital after long dereliction, and is bound to have a resurgence in the coming days and is investing major resources into it's military, and is aiming to become a regional power. For newer people, it's still a great place to get started as more shops are bound to be arriving in Bloom soon.
Bloom was rooted in the old Towny server structure however, it has greatly adapted to the Civ playstyle on this server. It is a litte on the young side, however, over the last year they have a good grip on being a Civ server for this new generation. Read more...
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leader(s) Slushhi, u/Truckiboi Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on foreign policy & industry Market Medium
Nation Theme British, Friendly, and Dedicated Population Low-mid
Pictures Postcard, Picture Activity Stable, small amount online
Train Lines From Gensokyo, 0,0, Icenia, Gabon (Varkonia), Mt. Augusta, Coventhia Militarization Mid
Discord Stability & Drama Mid stability, currently less drama
Alliance UDF Government structure Parliament-like

Southwest (-,+)

The Commonwealth (CW) (-7000, 5000)

Situated in the centre of the southwest quadrant, the Commonwealth is a family of city states and smaller boroughs spanning a large network of islands. This community has twice been voted the world's friendliest; it features a vibrant market, a rich and colourful history, and many magnificent builds across a dozen unique locales.
Boroughs include but are not limited to Albion, a British style city on the northernmost peninsula, Taliesin, an up and coming canton colony in the far east, Meditat, a desert oasis with a unique mystical tradition, and Westminster, the cosmopolitan cityscape that connects them all, by rail and by royalty. Come down today, and we'll help you get set up with a free apartment & factories.
This version of the Commonwealth was inspired by the iteration from Civcraft 2.0. Many of the same faces return for this version as well. It's had quite a history on the server thus far, and you can read more about it here...
Public Perceptions:
  • Pros: Very welcoming towards new players, relaxing, friendly community, little drama
  • Cons: Huge, confusing to navigate at first
General Info Nation Profile Description
Leaders u/brinton, u/Lodish_mc, u/setsen, u/morsden67 (hey that's me!), et al. Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on building, foreign relations, defense Market Large
Nation Theme British but also a potpourri of nice people Population Mid
Pictures Postcard, Album Activity Stable, small to medium amount online
Train lines from: Mt. Augusta, SPQR, Hjaltland, 0,0, Yoahtl, Vinland/Okashima, Etherium, Caledonia (through Entrana/Adina), Southshire Militarization Mid
Discord Stability High Stability, Low Drama
Alliance SATO Government Strucutre Parliamentary Democracy

Mount Augusta (MtA) (-6700, 3000)

Mount Augusta is probably the most prominent and recognizable cityscape on the entire server. As a democracy it regularly holds elections for its mayor and judges. It's structured so people can do most whatever they want, building literally the World Trade Center, a five-story mall, several Olympic stadiums (they hosted the Olympics quite recently at that), a University, and a huge library. And there's new developments happening all the time, whether political, building, or anything cultural. If you're looking for a place to do something, Mount Augusta might be the right place for you.
This is the fifth iteration of MtA since Civcraft 1.0. It's had quite a history dealing with foreign powers, and that's just this iteration! Read more...
Fast Facts National Profile Description
Leader(s) u/AllenY99 Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on building, government, politics Market Large
Nation theme Minarchy in a nutshell Population Mid
Pictures Postcard, Citywide Render Activity Stable, mid amount online
Rails from CW (x3), Jefferson, SPQR, Hjaltland, Airhaven, Yoahtl, Vinland, Okashima, Bloom, Varkonia, 0,0, Pripyat (dangerous), TdC, Southshire Militarization Mid
Discord Stability Moderate Stability, Moderate Drama
Alliance None Government Structure Mayor-Judges with small Council

Yoahtl (-5000, +6888)

Yoahtl is one hell of a nation in Civ. They're a really closely knit community with a heavy focus on integrating new players into this very chaotic world. For one, they're super fanatical about trains and they command the Great Overland Railroad throughout the server. If you're into the nitty-gritties about city-planning as well, their capital is one of the highest density spots on the entire map and they make it a goal to continuously make it better. Finally, they're one of the most affluent markets on the server, consistently selling pickaxes, armor, and swords.
If you want a community who loves trains and coding and other things completely outside of Civ, Yoahtl might be the place for you. Yoahtl has existed in different iterations throughout but this iteration, and has quite a history this iteration. Read more...
Fast Facts National Profile Description
Leader(s) u/Feathercrown, u/Neo355, bgbba Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on building infrastructure & their community Market Mid-Large
Nation theme Planning the perfect everything Population Mid
Pictures Postcard, Album Activity Stable, mid-high amount online
Rails from Wayrest (Hallow), CW, MtA, Vinland, Okashima, Airhaven, Hjaltland, Pacem, Southshire Militarization Mid
Discord Ask leaders for access Stability High stability, Moderate Drama
Alliance SATO Government Structure "Alcuahtl"-Council system

Pacem (-700, 9700)

Pacem is an autonomous town of Yoahtl but is probably the most visually stunning out of any on this list. The city is a high density urban sprawl based on the cities of the early 1920's. Filled with Art Deco skyscrapers, bars, hotels, shops, and townhouses, the city offers something for everyone. These traditional skyscrapers in the city are some of the most amazing and impressive builds on the server. Previously as an independent country, Pacem has created the most high quality posters and now is actively recruiting people for their massive builds like the new Opera House. If you want to get involved in builds or just sightseeing, this is probably your place. Read more...
Fast Facts National Profile Description
Leader(s) u/shtim Industralization Mid
Playstyle Focus on building, like really Market Mid-Small
Nation theme Making stuff look awesome Population Small
Pictures NeoTide's Postcard, Opera House, Freedom Square, Liberty Ave. Activity Semi-stable, moderate amount online
Rails from Hjaltland, Yoahtl, Commonwealth, Okashima, Vinland Militarization Low
Discord Ask leaders for access Stability High stability, Low drama
Alliance SATO Government Structure Casual

Southeast (+,+)

Caledonia (+8888, +555)

Caledonia is a burgeoning nation, on the cusp of developing into a small city from the once tiny village. If you're looking for a chill time to lay back, do a little grinding, building, and maybe have a little action every once in a while, Caledonia might be for you. Much of Caledonia's population are experienced players willing to teach newfriends mechanics quickly and effectively. They specialize mostly in experience production, armor, and swords, although they are actively building, and are excellent in the PvP department. Although far away from the rest of the map, they're a mostly chill, relaxed community where you can just hang out for a while and nothing will be that stressful.
Their community is mature, stable and welcoming and there’s plenty of land to go around. Whether you’re a builder, grinder, pvper, etc, Caledonia will welcome you in with open arms. Read more...
Fast Facts National Assessment Description
Leaders u/Wingzero54, u/meat312 Industrialization High
Playstyle Focus on producing supplies, but open to anything and everything Market Mid-Large
Nation theme Relaxed playstyle, helping newfriends Population Mid
Pictures Picture Activity Stable, moderate amount online
Rails from Entrana (Adina), Commonwealth, Okashima, Nexus (0,0), Pripyat (x2), Iria, Brennau, Carpathia Militarization Moderate
Discord Stability High Stability, low drama
Alliance SATO Government Structure Council system

Adina (+4800, +5750)

Adina is one of the only countries that has been relatively successful despite being in the very deep +,+. To counteract that, Adina is being productive building infrastructure and connecting the quadrant. One of the reasons it's been successful is that they have a clear identity - Adina is spanish-bilingual and has quite a few first language speakers. They are also excellent builders, and Adina itself hosts quite a few cities and one of the only casinos on the server. Because of their tight-knit community, they help newfriends get oriented and some of them are quite worldly people on the server. Additionally, their government is quite active and holds regular elections.
Adina is one of the newest countries on the map and hadn't been established when my last guide came up. It has a variety of playstyles, so there's usually something that fits here. Read more...
Fast Facts National Assessment Description
Leaders u/_Kalipso_ Industrialization Low-Moderate
Playstyle Focus on building and expanding infrastructure Market Mid-Large
Nation theme Spanish Population Mid
Pictures Album Activity Semi-stable, moderate amount online
Rails from Commonwealth, Okashima, Caledonia, (via Entrana) Militarization Low-Moderate
Discord Stability Medium stability, moderate drama
Alliance None Government Structure Supreme Consulate

Northeast (+,-)

Nyasaland (+4100, -4100)

Nyasaland has built quite a name for itself over the last few months on CivClassic. Nyasaland's theme is one of the weirdest on the server -- If you like anime, or are looking for a socialist nation, or even both, then Nyasaland is certainly the place for you. However, even if that isn't enough, hosts a large, amazing city with hundreds of intricate details. Even if that's not enough, there's a church where you can get married in game (I guess, if you're into that). Still not enough? Their government is one of the best and Nyasaland is one of the most trustworthy nations, and they actively support trans rights. If you're not an idiot, Nyasaland is a unique country that deserves a great look at. I don't have more to say, if you want more reasons to join this awesome nation, just look at the photo album. Read more...
Fast Facts National Assessment Description
Leaders u/BennyZ, u/cat_alunya Industrialiation High
Playstyle Focus on, well everything in the description Market Moderate
Nation theme Weebs & more Population Mid
Pictures Album, Postcard Activity Stable, moderate amount online
Rails from Appomattox, Annwyn, Gensokyo, Varkonia, Verda Militarization Moderate
Discord Stability High stability, low drama
Alliance Entente Government Structure Federalist Socialist Democratic Republic
Hopefully all of this information helped you which nation to look at. I strongly urge you not to just join the first one that just sounds good. Visit them, try them out before picking one. Some of these are quite close to each other and most are fun people to hang out in.
If you want to see more of those postcards from other world wonders on this list, here's the album. Thanks to u/Neo355 for all his amazing renders.
Additionally if you have any questions, don't hesitate to put any questions you have about anything below! I'll try and answer as much as I can! I'll be putting a copy of this on the wiki with more pictures (hopefully) soon, so stay tuned for that.
Thank you all for reading, and happy playing!
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1/25 - Thursday Pre-Market Stock Movers & News

Good morning traders of the stocks sub! Welcome to Thursday! Here are your pre-market stock movers & news this morning-

Frontrunning: January 25




























  • CAT
  • DIA
  • CELG
  • FCX
  • MU
  • SPY
  • CLF
  • LRCX
  • QQQ
  • BIIB
  • MMM
  • STM
  • AMZN
  • NTNX
  • RTN
  • AAL
  • SBUX
  • ADS
  • CTL
  • KR
  • VAR
  • UNP
  • TAL
  • BLUE
  • DGAZ
  • OCLR
  • FCAU
  • SMMT
  • JBLU
  • FPRX


Caterpillar – The heavy equipment maker earned an adjusted $2.16 per share for the fourth quarter, well above estimates of $1.79 a share. Revenue also beat forecasts and the company issued an upbeat 2018 outlook based in part on growth in its construction business.


3M – The consumer products maker beat estimates by 9 cents a share, with adjusted quarterly profit of $2.10 per share. Revenue beat estimates, as well. 3M also announced a 16 percent increase in its quarterly dividend.


Celgene – The biotech firm came in 3 cents a share above estimates, with adjusted quarterly profit of $2 per share. Revenue beat estimates, as well. Celgene also gave a better-than-expected earnings outlook for 2018.


Southwest Airlines – The airline earned an adjusted 77 cents per share for its latest quarter, 1 cent a share above forecasts. Revenue also topped the Street's outlook. The results were driven by an increase in passenger volume.


Northrop Grumman – The defense contractor reported adjusted quarterly profit of $2.82 per share, 8 cents a share above estimates. Revenue exceeded forecasts, as well. The company also raised its quarterly dividend by 10 percent to $1.10 per share.


Ford Motor – Ford reported adjusted quarterly profit of 39 cents per share, falling 3 cents a share short of estimates. Revenue also beat forecasts. Ford said North America was its only profitable region last quarter, with overall results hurt by rising commodity costs and unfavorable currency exchange rates.


Las Vegas Sands – Las Vegas Sands beat estimates by 11 cents a share, with adjusted quarterly profit of 88 cents per share. The casino operator's revenue came in above estimates, as well. Its performance was helped by the continuing recovery in the Macau market.


Whirlpool – Whirlpool earned an adjusted $4.10 per share for its latest quarter, compared to consensus estimates of $3.99 a share. The appliance maker's revenue did miss, however, as did its full-year forecast despite higher washing machine prices resulting from recently imposed tariffs on foreign washing machine makers.


STMicroelectronics – The company reported better-than-expected profit and revenue for its latest quarter, helped by auto and industrial demand for its chips, as well as a boost helped by the release of Apple's iPhone X. The quarter's performance concluded STMicro's best year since 2010.


Qualcomm – Qualcomm signed memorandums of understanding to sell at least $2 billion in electronic components to Chinese firms Lenovo, Guangdong, Vivo, and Xiaomi.


Alphabet – Alphabet launched a new unit known as Chronicle, which will sell cybersecurity software to Fortune 500 companies. The unit will be run by Stephen Gillett, a former executive at cybersecurity firm Symantec.


Snap – Snap Vice President of Product Tom Conrad is leaving the Snapchat parent in March. Snap director of growth Jacob Andreou will replace Conrad.


Foot Locker – The athletic apparel and footwear retailer was rated "buy" in new coverage at Pivotal Research, based on valuation, upcoming easier comparable store comparisons, and new product in the athletic footwear pipeline.


Domino's, Grubhub – The stocks were both rated "buy" in new coverage at Mizuho Securities, based on an expected surge in online food delivery and that fact that the pizza chain and the food delivery service represent about 40 percent of the online food delivery market.




Best Buy – Best Buy was downgraded to "market perform" from "outperform" at Telsey Advisory Group. Telsey said the electronics retailer has pulled off one of the few successful retail transformations in recent history but notes a full stock valuation, more difficult comps, and pressures on profit margin growth as reasons for the downgrade.




What is on everyone's radar for today's trading day ahead here at stocks?

I hope you all have an excellent trading day ahead today on this Thursday, January 25th, 2018! :)

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Ideas for, Entertainment, Sports, Industry, and Education in Orion

Orion has lots of things, grey towers, greifed homes, non-griefed homes, newfriends, and a giant floating bowl of water. But even with a giant bowl of water Orion is still missing some things.
Orion as it is now has many things that a city needs shopping, roads, skyscrapers, but it is missing things to do that aren't just wandering building, or a load of other things that I won't mention. It needs art, (and gambling)
A Theater
By art I mean theatre. Currently there is only a few theatres in Civcraft and none of which are in Orion.
Art Gallery
a place where painting can be annoyingly mixed up after being taken off the wall
Sports in Minecraft are kind of limited but there are a few that can be played (Spleef, Ultimate Spleef, Mega Spleef)
Olympic District
Even though the olympics haven't been in Orion for a while now, the Olympic District could still be repaired for events outside of the olympics
*Currently Haven is the only city that hosts spleef games, which brings in both tourism and profit Orion could also host games by building an arena to host them (there was already one being built but now it's just a giant floating bowl of water) *Other games could also be played here (but I don't know of any)
an industrial district is very important to any city It could just be an expansion of the south west area of the central peninsula Various Buildings that could be here are:
Orion is currently lacking in educational facilities, which could be used to brainwash teach newfriends
Almost all major cities have a library, except Orion. There was a giant one being built but it was recently demolished and the Library of History still hasn't opened. A library doesn't need to be huge all it just needs to have enough room for many books.
Ever since Aurora went full ancap there was no longer a government to underfund the university, and I think Orion should take on the responsibility to build a new one (in Orion)
This wasn't in the title but I added it anyway.
No city in civcraft (that I know of) has a hospital so if Orion has one it could be a real newfriend attractor
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Colección de localizaciones de MJ por el mundo...

En este tema quiero recopilar todas las localizaciones que hemos ido averiguando y así si alguien tiene la suerte de hacer un viaje a Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Londres, Paris... le sea mas sencillo encontrar esos lugares donde MJ dejo su huella.
Eso si, a Los Angeles le he dejado un espacio por separado debido a la gran cantidad de localizaciones que hay...
-Casa de Thriller: 1345 Carrol V. Echo Park
-Calle de Thriller: 3701 E. Union Pacific Av. & Los Palos St.
-Palace Theatre (Cine de Thriller): 615 S. Broadway
-Rialto Theatre (Interior del Cine de Thriller): 1023 S. Fair Oaks Av., S. Pasadena
-Set de grabacion del Cementerio ye interior de la Casa de Thriller: 4300 Maywood Av, Vernon (Cerca de Union Pacific)
-Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio (Estudio de Baile donde se realizaron los ensayos de las coreografias de Thriller): 6514 Lankershim Boulevard
-Green Apple Market (Billares de Beat It): 300 E. 5th St.
-Cafeteria de Beat It: 416 East 5th Street (Actualmente demolido)
-Almacenes de Beat It: 5th St. Alameda, Los Angeles
-Pantage Theatre (Teatro de You Are Not Alone y Hollywood Tonight): 6233 Hollywood Blvd.
-Griffith Park (Bosque de Thriller): 2800 Observatory Rd. (entre la arboleda)
-Decorados de Smooth Criminal y Moonwalker: Universal Studios, 100 Universal City Plaza
-Union Hotel (Saloon de Say,Say,Say): 362 Bell St., Los Alamos
-Antiques Depot (Lugar del Show de variedades de Say,Say,Say): 515 Bell St., Los Alamos
-The Chimney Sweep Inn (Actualmente " The Wine Valley Inn". Hotel donde se hospedaba MJ durante las grabaciones del video Say,Say,Say): 1564 Copenhagen Way, Solvang
-Vasquez Rocks Natural Park (Escena de Black or White de Indios y Vaqueros): 10700 Escondido Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, CA
-Shilpark Mann Brothers (Lugar donde se realizaban las audiciones para TWYMMF. En este lugar MJ eligio a Tatiana para el video): 758 N La Brea, Hollywood
-Harbor Star Stage "Terminal Island" (Hangar donde fueron filmados los videoclips de Dirty Diana y The Way You Make Me Feel. Lamentablemente el hangar fue demolido en 1990): Term Island Cg Base, San Pedro, Long Beach CA 90731 (Direccion mas aproximada: US Coast Guard, 1001 S Seaside Ave # 20, San Pedro, CA)
-Salton Sea Recreation Area State Park (Lugar de filmacion del videoclip "In The Closet": Salton Sea State Recreation Area, 100-225 State Park Road, North Shore, CA (Cerca de Palm Spring)
-Calle por la que pasea MJ en "Stranger In Moscow": 4th St. con N. Main & Spring
-Set de grabación de Billie Jean: Ren-Mar Studios, Studio 7, 846 N. Cahuenga, Hollywood
-Set de grabación de Who Is It: Ren-Mar Studios, Studio 8, 846 N. Cahuenga, Hollywood
-Escenas de Moonwalker donde juegan en el prado y sobre el puente: Disney Golden Oak Ranch, 19802 Placerita Canyon RoadNewhall, Santa Clarita, CA 91321
-Jim Henson Studios (Estudio de We Are The World y Liberian Girl): 1416 N. La Brea Av.
-Carretera donde MJ baila con india en Black or White entre coches: 11779 Sheldon Street, Sun Valley
-Vídeo "Why" de 3T y MJ: Ennis House en Los Feliz, Los Ángeles, California, al sur de Griffith Park
-Neverland Ranch (Rancho de MJ): 5200 Figueroa Mountain Rd., Los Olivos
-Casa de Encino (Casa de los padres de MJ donde vivio durante la epoca Thriller): 4641 Hayvenfiurst Av., Encino
-Primera Casa de "The Jacksons": 1601 N. Queens Rd. / 1600 N. Queens Rd. & 8600 W. Hollywood Blvd.
-The Lindbrook (Primer apartamento en el que vivio MJ en 1981 antes de mudarse a la mansion de Encino): 5420 Lindley Avenue, Encino (Unit#9)
-Holmby Hills (Ultima casa de Michael): 100 N. Carolwood Dr., Bel-Air
-Casa de Diana Ross (Casa en la que vivó durante un tiempo MJ en su infancia): 701 N Maple Dr, Beverly Hills, CA
-The Hideout (El "Escondite" o "Piso Franco" de MJ): 2247 Century City
-The Lindbrook (Sesion de fotos de 1981 de Chris Walter en el apartamento de Encino comprado por MJ, lugar donde vivia con Janet mientras hacia reformas en la casa de Hayvenhurst): The Lindbrook, 5420 Lindley Ave, Encino
-Casa de la familia Jackson entre mayo de 1970 y mayo de 1971: 2430 Bowmont Drive, Beverly Hills
-Westlake Recording Studios (Estudio de Grabacion de Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous y HIStory): 7265 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood
-Ocean Way Recording Studios (Estudio de Grabacion de Thriller, Dangerous y HIStory): 6050 Sunset Blvd.
-Larrabee Sound Studios (Estudio de Grabacion de Dangerous y HIStory):4162 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood
-Record Plant Studios (Estudio de Grabacion de Invincible y Dangerous): 1032 North Sycamore Av.
-Capitol Studios & Mastering (Estudio de Grabacion de Invincible): 1750 North Vine St., Hollywood
-Flyte Tyme Records (Estudio de Grabacion de Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis utilizados para grabaciones de HIStory): 8750 Wilshire Blvd.
-Jim Henson Studios (Estudio de We Are The World): 1416 N. La Brea Av.
-MJJ Productions, Inc (Discografica de MJ): 10960 Wilshire Blvd, Westwood
-"Marvin's Room" Marvin Gaye Recording Studio (Estudio de grabacion de las demos de Invincible): 6553 W Sunset Blvd.
-Allen Zentz Recording Studios (Estudios de grabacion de los Vocals de Off The Wall y Remasterizacion de Thriller, Billie Jean y Beat It): 1020 N Sycamore Ave, Hollywood
-Lion Share Recording Studio "Kenny Roger's Studio" (Lugar de grabacion de Eaten Alive, Goin Back To Alabama y arregos de We Are The World): 8255 Beverly Blvd
-Cherokee Studios (Lugar de grabacion de Off The Wall. Actualmente demolido y realizada una nueva construccion): 751 N Fairfax Ave
-The Wall, La Pared de la portada de "Off The Wall": Trasera de 7771 Beverly Blvd (A dos manzanas de donde eran los Cherokee Studios)
-Calle de la Portada Moving Violation: 101 N. Sycamore Av.
-Motown HitsVille West (Estudios de Grabacion de los Jackson 5): 7317 Romaine St., West Hollywood
-MCA Records "Studio 55" (Estudio en el que MJ grabó con Joe King Carrasco y donde The Jacksons preparaban el album LIVE): 5555 Melrose Av, Hollywood (frente a a Paramount Pictures)
-Todd A.O. Scoring Stage (Utilizado por MJ en HIStory): CBS Radford Studios, Studio City, Hollywood
-Staples Center (This Is It y MJ Memorial): 1111 S. Figueroa St.
-Dodger Stadium (Victory Tour): 1000 Elysian Park Av.
-Los Angeles Memorial Sport Arena (Bar Tour): 3939 S. Figueroa St.
-Pasadena Civic Auditorium (Motown 25th "Nacimiento del MoonWalk", actuacion de Dangerous para el 50th Aniversario American Bandstand): 300 E. Green St., Pasadena
-The LA Forum (This Is It Rehearsals, Triumph Tour, J5 Tour): 3900 W. Manchester Blvd, Inglewood
-Shrine Auditorium (26th Grammy Awards 1984: MJ gana 8 Premios Grammy, Accidente del Spot de Pepsi, Interpretacion de "You Were There" en el Tributo a Sammy Davis Jr, Entrega del Grammy por "We Are The World", Aparicion con Madonna en los Oscars 1991): 665 West Jefferson Boulevard, Los Angeles
-Rose Bowl Stadium (Estadio donde tuvo lugar la mitica actuacion de MJ en la NFL SuperBowl XXVII): 1001 Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena
-Avalon Hollywood Palace (Lugar de la primera actuacion en directo en TV de los J5 "Diana Ross Presents..."): 1735 Vine St, Los Angeles
-The Palladium (Conferencia de prensa de "LA Gear": 6215 Sunset Blvd.
-Orpheum Theater ("A Celebration Of Love" Fiesta del 45 cumpleaños de MJ): 842 S. Broadway, Los Angeles
-Crest Theatre (Cine en el que fue presentada la Premier del video "Thriller"): 1262 Westwood Boulevard
-Golden Apple Comics (Tienda de Comics Favorita de Michael): 7018 Melrose Av.
-Moist Wear Men (Tienda de moda frecuentada por Michael): 7518 Melrose Av.
-The Collectors Paradise Gallery (actualmente una tienda de muebles) donde MJ compro el libro "The Art Of Walt Disney" y banco al que se subio para ver una mejor perspectiva de cómo quedaria colocada la gente en el evento "Hands Across America" que pasaria por esa calle: 12260-12262 Ventura Blvd
-Villa Sorriso Ristorante (Lugar donde la familia Jackson celebro el “Celebration of Life” tras el funeral de MJ): 168 West Colorado Boulevard, Old Town Pasadena
-Madeo Restaurant (Restaurante Italiano frecuentado por Michael y la familia Jackson): 8897 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles
-Akasha Restaurant (Restaurante de la que fuera Chef personal en los Tours de MJ durante años): 9543 Culver Boulevard, Culver City
-TiGeorges' Chicken (Restaurante en el que Prince Michael participo como voluntario en una obra de caridad para Perú): 307 Glendale Boulevard, Los Angeles
-Alter Ego (Tienda de Cosmetica visitada por MJ): 427 N Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills
-Lladró (Tienda de Porcelana visitada por MJ): 408 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
-Book Soup (Libreria frecuentada por MJ): 8818 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood
-Chasen's Restaurant "1980 AMA After Party" (Michael acudio a esta fiesta y se fotografio en su fachada. Actualmente es una tienda de ultramrinos): 9039 Beverly Boulevard, Beverly Hills
-Melrose Avenue (Calle preferida de MJ para hacer sus compras en los Angeles situada entre Beverly Hills y West Hollywood)
-The Record Collector (Tienda de discos frecuentada por MJ): 7809 Melrose Ave
-Ed Hardy Store (Boutique frecuentada por MJ y sus hijos): 7817 Melrose Ave
-Unica Melrose (Tienda de Moda frecuentada por MJ): 7524 Melrose Ave
-Off The Wall Antiques (Tienda de Antiguedades frecuentada por MJ): 7325 Melrose Ave
-Pink's Hot Dogs (Puesto de perritos calientes del descanso de la famosa sesion de fotos de los '70): 709 N La Brea Ave
-Golden Temple of Conscious Cookery (Actualemente "Rama Restaurant". Restaurante frecuentado por MJ en los '80): W 3rd St (Cerca de Fairfax)
-Inn Of The Seventh Ray Restaurant (Restaurante de Malibu donde MJ ceno con Brooke Shields y frecuentado por la familia Jackson): 128 Old Topanga Rd, Topanga
-Sherman Oaks Bookstore (Libreria frecuentada por MJ): 13351 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks
-Casa de Pets (Tienda de animales donde MJ compraba todo para us mascotas): 13323 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks
-Mo-C Antiques (Tienda de antigüedades frecuentada por MJ. La ultima vez fue en Abril de 2009): 239 South Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Hills
-DioDolce & Gabbana (Boutiques de moda visitadas por MJ acompañado de Christian Audigier en 2009): 315 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
-Christofle Silver (Joyeria de articulos de plata visitada por MJ en 2009. Unas manzanas mas atras se encuentra la oficina del Dr. Klein): 9515 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills
-Le Dome Restaurant (Resturante cenaba a menudo MJ en los '80 con Liz Taylor, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie... Actualmente el restaurante se ha convertido en un asador): 8720 W. Sunset Blvd.
-Chakra's Indian Cuisine (Lugar donde cenaron juntos y se reunieron por ultima vez MJ y la familia Jackson en Mayo de 2009): 151 S. Doheny, Beverly Hills
-Towers Records (Antigua tienda de discos donde MJ se hizo algunas fotos para la campaña de Suzuki): 8801 W Sunset Blvd
-Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles (Restaurante visitado por MJ durante los ensayos del video "Remember The Time". El estudio donde ensayaba esta cerca del restaurante: (A espera de confirmacion)
-The Beverly Hills Hotel (Hotel frecuentado por MJ y sus hijos asi como por la familia Jackson): 9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills
-L'Ermitage Beverly Hills Hotel (Hotel utilizado por MJ como Post-Operatorio tras sus intervenciones quirurjicas): 9291 Burton Way, Beverly Hills
-Hotel Bel-Air (Hotel frecuentado por MJ. Estuvo durante un tiempo viviendo en él en 2008. Meses antes del 25J asistio a un concierto de piano de Antonio Castillo de la Gala en el Salon del hotel "Champagne Bar"): 701 Stone Canyon Road, Los Angeles
-The Beverly Hilton Hotel "Jesse Jackson's 66th Birthday Bash" (Fiesta de Cumpleaños del Reverendo Jesse Jackson a la cual MJ asisitio): 9876 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills
-Estrella de Michael en Walk Of Fame: 6927 Hollywood Blvd.
-Estrella de The Jacksons en Walk of Fame: 1500 N. Vine St.
-Grammy Museum: 800 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. A245
-Disneyland Park Anaheim (Ubicacion del especial Disneyland 25th Anniversary): 1313 South Disneyland Drive, Anaheim
-Museo Madame Tussauds Hollywood (Figura de MJ): 6933 Hollywood Blvd.
-Wax Museum (Figura de MJ): 6767 Hollywood Blvd.
-Guinness World Records Museum (Figura de MJ y Articulos de Memorabilia): 6764 Hollywood Blvd.
-Mural por el pintor Levi Ponce: 4900 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood
-Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Cementerio donde descansa Michael): Holly Terrace, 1712 South Glendale Avenue, Glendale
-Griffith Observatory (Lugar de la imagen descartada que iva a ser la portada de Off The Wall): 2800 Observatory Rd. (En la parte alta del edificio)
-Gardner St. Elementary School (MJ Auditorium y Escuela de MJ de 6º Grado): 7450 Hawthorn Av.
-Montclair College Prep (Instituto donde estudiaron Michael, Marlon y La Toya): 8071 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys
-Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center (Hospital donde transladaron a MJ el dia de su muerte): 757 Westwood Plaza
-Sesion de Fotos de la Campaña Suzuki: 6656 W. Sunset Blvd.
-Motown Billboard (Esquina Billboard): 8782 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood (Sunset Blvd & Holloway Dr.)
-Leo Carrillo Beach (Sesion de fotos de The Jacksons con los deportivos): 35000 W. Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu
-Corte de Santa Maria (Lugar del Juicio de MJ): 312-C E. Cook St., Santa Maria
-USA for AFRICA (Asociacion Benefica en la que participo MJ con We Are The World): 5670 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles
-Ziffren Et Al: Branca John G (Despacho del abogado de MJ, John Branca): 1801 Century Park W # 7, Los Angeles
-The Buckley School (Escuela en la que estudian Prince Michael y Paris): 3900 Stansbury Avenue, Sherman Oaks
-Knotts Berry Farm (Parque de Atracciones visitado por MJ en los '80. Lugar de la famosa foto con Snoopy): 8039 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park
-Hollywood Park Horse Track (MJ y Elizabeth Taylor asisten a la inauguracion de la nueva temporada de carreras de caballos en 1986): 1050 South Prairie Av, Inglewood
-Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) (Sesion de fotos de los J5 baja la escultura roja): 5905 Wilshire Blvd
-Empire West Condo Building (Sesion de fotos de los J5. La clasica imagen de los 5 en el cesped con el edificio al fondo): 1100 Alta Loma, West Hollywood.
-Noe Restaurant (Fiesta del 46th cumpleaños de MJ con la familia Jackson): 251 S. Olive Ave
-Womphoppers Restaurant (Actualmente "Saddle Ranch Universal". Afterparty celebrada en 1983 tras un concierto de Liza Minelli. MJ estuvo presente junto a Quincy Jones y Liza Minelli entre otros...): Universal Citywalk, 1000 Universal Hollywood Dr., Universal City
-The L.A. ZOO (Visitado por MJ y Emmanuel Lewis en 1984 una semana despues del accidente de Pepsi): LA ZOO 5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles
-Campaña Suzuki en Fisherman Village (MJ de blanco junto a la Suzuki en el muelle de FV): Fisherman's Village, 13755 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey
-The Park Beverly Hills (Sesion de fotos de Jim Britt en 1973 donde MJ posa tras una fuente en el parque. Algunas de estas fotos aparecen en el MJ Opus): The Park Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Blvd. (cerca de Carmelita)
-Will Rogers Memorial Park (Otro de los parques de la sesion de fotos de Jim Britt en 1973 donde MJ posa. Algunas de estas fotos aparecen en el MJ Opus): 9650 Sunset Blvd (Entre Canon y Beverly).
*Gracias a Moonwalking Around Los Angeles por muchas de las direcciones facilitadas *
-Estacion de Metro del video BAD: Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station (Linea G con AC), Brooklyn, NYC
-The Masters School (Universidad de MJ en el video BAD): 49 Clinton Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
-New York State Pavillion (Exteriores de la pelicula "The Wiz" Munchkinland): Flushing Meadows Corona Park, 11101 Corona Ave, Corona, NY
-Hogar Natal de la familia Jackson: 2300 Jackson St. & 23rd St., Gary, Indiana
-Lugar de naciemiento de Michael Jackson: St. Mary's Mercy Hospital: 555 Polk St. Gary, Indiana
-Apartamento de Bobby Taylor. Lugar donde durmieron los J5 en el suelo antes de su audición con Motown: 1300 E Lafayette St Detroit, MI 48207
-SteelTown Records (Estudio de las primeras grabaciones de los J5): 4544 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL
-Kaufman Astoria Studios (Estudio de Grabacion de la pelicula "The Wiz"): 34-12 36th Street, Astoria, NY 11106
-Sony Music Studios (Grabaciones para sesiones de HIStory e Invincible): 460 W. 54th St., at 10th Avenue, Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, NY
-Future Records Studios (Antiguos Estudios de Grabacion de Teddy Riley donde se grabaron vocals y demos para Dangerous, Invincible y el tema "Shout)": 4338 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, Virginia
-The Hit Factory Studios (Antiguos Estudios en los que se grabaron sesiones para HIStory e Invincible): 421 West 54th Street, New York
-The Hit Factory Criteria Studios (Estudios utilizados para completar el album "Invincible"): 1755 NE 149th St. Miami, Florida
-Teatro Apollo (Lugar de la Consagracion de "The Jackson 5"): 253 West 125th Street, Harlem, NYC
-The Madison Square Garden (Lugar de actuaciones como el 30th Anniversary 2001 y el Bad Tour '88): 2 Pennsylvania Plaza New York, NY
-Radio City Music Hall (MTV VMA donde se besaron MJ y Lisa Marie): 1260 Avenue of the Americas, New York
-Carnegie Hall (Conferencia de "Heal The Kids"): 881 7th Ave, New York
-RFK "Robert F. Kennedy" Memorial Stadium (Gala United We Stand. MJ junto con varios cantantes interpreto "What More Can I Give"): D.C. Armony, Independence Ave and 22nd St in Southeast, Washington D.C
-Virgin MegaStore (Actualmente Disney Store)(Firma de Discos de Invincible): 52 East 14th Street, New York
-Modern Times Beer: Mural MJ&Bubbles de Post-It de 6.5 metros.
-The Mirage Hotel & Casino (Hotel frecuentado por MJ, lugar donde se vendia el CD de Siegfried & Roy con el tema "Mind Is The Magic" y ubicacion del Michael Jackson: The Immortal Cirque Do Soleil): 3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
-MGM Grand Hotel and Casino (Hotel en el que se reencontraron Michael y Lisa Marie meses antes de comenzar su relacion sentimental): 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas
-Hotel Royal Plaza in the Walt Disney World Resort (Uno de los hoteles preferidos de MJ en Walt Disney World): 1905 Hotel Plaza Boulevard, Orlando, FL
-Hotel Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort (Otro de los hoteles preferidos de MJ en Walt Disney World): 1751 Hotel Plaza Boulevard, Orlando, FL
-Madame Tussauds Las Vegas (Figura de Cera de MJ): 3377 Las Vegas Blvd. South Suite 2001
-Motown Historical Museum "HitsVille U.S.A." (Antigua y clasica Sede de Motown Records): 2648 W Grand Blvd, Detroit, Michigan
-Addenbrooke Park (Replica de la escultura de Neverland "Snapshot"): 600 S. Kipling Pkwy, Lakewood, Colorado
-Replica de la escultura de Guangzhou: Overland Park Arboretum Botanical Garden 8909 W 179th St, Overland Park, Kansas
-Banco en memoria de MJ en el Brooklyn Botanical Gardens: 150 Eastern Parkway 990 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225
-EMP Museum: Hay una zona dedicada a John Landis con una pantalla en la que se habla de su trabajo y, como no, aparecen imágenes del making Thriller. Junto a ella, un traje de zombie del vídeo donado por Mick y Cinthia Garris. 325 5th Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109, USA.
-Banco en memoria de MJ en el Brooklyn Botanical Gardens : 150 Eastern Parkway, 990 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225
-Modern Times Beer: La cervecería Modern Times en tiene un mosaico de 6.5 metros de altura creado con más de 10.000 notas de Post-It.: 3725 Greenwood St., San Diego, CALIFORNIA 92110
-La Casa Blanca (MJ visitó a los presidentes de EEUU en varias ocasiones): 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington
-Hotel Presidente InterContinental (Hotel donde se hospedo durante el Dangerous Tour): Avenida Campos Eliseos 218, Polanco, Mexico
-Estadio Azteca (Lugar de Dangerous Tour): Calzada de Tlalpan, 3465, Col. Santa Ursula Coapa, Delegación Tlalpan, Mexico
-Hard Rock Cafe Mexico City (Visita de MJ): Campos Eliseos #290, Col. Polanco 11560 Mexico D.F., Mexico
-New Westminster Museum (Anvil Centre): Allí tienen las gafas que MJ regaló a uno de los policías que le acompañaron en la visita al City Hall en 1984, la chaqueta del policía y un ejemplar de Moonwalk con la foto de MJ y los agentes. 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC V3M 1B6, Canadá.
-Escalinata de la imagen de MJ con el Cuerpo de Policía de Vancouver: New Westminster City Hall 511 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3L 1H9, Canadá.
-Hard Rock Vancouver: Tienen uno de los spikey tops de Scream y varias vitrinas alrededor llenas de memorabilia de MJ. 2080 United Blvd, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6W3, Canadá.
-Castillo de Buda (History Teaser, parte del desfile ante el palacio): 1014 Budapest, Úri utca 9, Budapest, Hungary
-Plaza de los Héroes (History Teaser, escena de la estatua): 1146 Budapest, Hősök Tere, Hungría
-Disneyland Resort Paris (Michael estuvo de visita algunas veces en el parque): 77777 Marne-la-Vallée, Paris
-Wembley Stadium (Lugar del mitico concierto del Bad Tour '88. El estadio antiguo fue demolido y eregido el nuevo estadio en el mismo lugar): Wembley, London, HA9 0WS, Reino Unido
-Stadionul National (Lugar del mitico concierto del Dangerous World Tour '92): National Arena 35-37, Bucharest, Rumanía
-Olympic Stadium (Lugar del mitico concierto del HIStory World Tour '97): Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21, 80809 München, Alemania
-The O2 Arena (Conferencia de prensa de This Is It y lugar elegido para la realizacion de los conciertos): Peninsula Square, City of London, London SE10 0DX, Reino Unido
-Hotel "Bayerischer Hof" (MJ se alojó en muchas ocasiones): Promenadeplatz 2-6, Altstadt-Lehel, 80333 Múnich
-The Grand at Oudezijds Voorbugwal (Hotel en el que se alojaba Michael en Amsterdam durante la gira HIStory 1996): Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197, 1012 Ex Amsterdam, Nehterlands
-Hotel Jardin Botanico (Lugar en el que se alojaba MJ durante el Dangerous WT en Tenerife): Avda. Richard J. Yeoward, nº 1,Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, España
-Hotel The Westin Palace (Hotel Preferido de MJ para alojarse en Madrid): Plaza de las Cortes, 7, Madrid, España
-Hotel Le Meridien (Hotel Preferido de MJ para alojarse en Barcelona): Ramblas, 111, Barcelona, España
-The Hempel Hotel (Hotel donde se alojo MJ en 2006): 31 Craven Hill Gardens W2 3, Londres
-Hotel The Lanesborough (Hotel en el que, supuestamente, MJ se desperto de madrugada y deambuló sonambulo por los pasillos): Hyde Park Corner 0, Myfair, Londres
-Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin (Hotel donde MJ asomó a Blanket por la ventana y causo la famosa polemica): Unter den Linden 77 10117, Berlín, Alemania
-Hard Rock Hotel (Estatua de en honor de MJ): PenangBatu Ferringhi Beach, 11100 Penang, Malaysia
-Madame Tussauds London (Figura de cera de MJ): Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LR
-Museo Astrup Fearnley (Figura de Ceramica de MJ & Bubbles): Dronningens Gate 4, 0152 Oslo, Noruega
-Estatua de HIStory: Eindhovenseweg Zuid 595681 Best, Países Bajos
-Estadio de Futbol Fulham (Estatua en honor de MJ por Mohamed Al Fayed): Craven Cottage, Stevenage Rd, Hammersmith, London SW6 6HH, Reino Unido
-Monumento frente al Hotel "Bayerischer Hof" (Decorado por fans de MJ como memorial desde 2009): Estatua de Orlando di Lasso Promenadeplatz, 80333 Munich, Alemania
-Estatua Tributo a MJ: Vainer St.(delante del Greenwich Shopping Mall), Yekaterinburg, Rusia
-Monumento Vittorio Emanuele II (Visita de MJ a Roma 1988): Piazza Venezia, 3, 00187 Roma, Italia
-Sony BMG London "Sony Sulks"(Michael realiza su protesta contra Sony Music subido a un Bus Inglés): 9 Derry St, London W8 5HY, Reino Unido
-Los Musicos de Bremen (MJ se fotografia junto a esta figura en su paso por Alemania en la gira HIStory): Am Markt, 28195 Bremen, Alemania
-Parque de Atracciones de Liseberg (Visita de MJ en la epoca BAD. Hay una estrella en su honor y las hullas de sus manos): Örgrytevägen, 402 22 Göteborg, Suecia
-Yokohama Stadium (Lugar del mitico concierto del Bar Tour '87): 3302-5 Kozukue, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama City, Japon
-Heaven 'n Eggs (Restaurante en el que se ha hecho un menú en honor a MJ): Glorietta 4. Unit 104 G/F, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center. Makati City, Filipinas
-Cafe & Bar MJM (Bar con tematica dedicada a MJ): 1-57-1, Chofu, Tokio
-Heaven 'n Eggs (Restaurante en el que se ha hecho un menú en honor a MJ): Glorietta 4. Unit 104 G/F, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center. Makati City, Filipinas
-Escultura en Honor a MJ: 545号 Xiatang West Road, Baiyunqu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
-Wild Wadi Water Park (Parque Acuatico alquilado por MJ): Bahrain City Centre, Manama Bahrain, Dubai
-Studio Coast (Evento Premium VIP Party 2007. Michael llego vestido con el famoso traje negro con leoncitos amarillos): 2-2-10 Shinkiba, Koutou-Ku, Tokio, Japon
-Fabelas Morro Santa Marta (Lugar donde se rodó "They Don't Care About Us"): Rua Marechal Franciso de Moura, 234, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22260-140, Brasil
-Oficialia del Estado Civil de la Segunda Circunscripción de La Vega (Lugar donde se casaron de manera civil MJ y Lisa Marie): C/Manuel U. Gómez, no. 86, Edif. Juzgado de Paz, La Vega
-Park Hyatt Hotel (ahora llamado "Four Seasons") Mansion "Alzaga Unzue" (anexa al hotel, donde MJ se hospedo durante su estadia en Argentina en el 93): Avenida Alvear, 1661 Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Estatua y Mosaico de MJ (En la misma zona donde fue rodado TDCAU): Espacio Michael Jackson, Morro Dona Marta, Rio de Janeiro
MEMORIALES -Muro Tributo de los Candados de Amor (Tributo a MJ): Parque de la bahía de Sydney, Sydney, Australia
Muchas gracias a la comunidad de MJHIDEOUT por los aportes prestados a esta genial guía.
Si alguien tiene más lugares interesantes sobre los pasos de MJ no dude en compartirlos!
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Things to do this weekend (2/13 - 2/16)

Daily Breeze has the following events listed:
The Vagina Monologues: Two-night only benefit reading of Eve Ensler’s award-winning play, 7 p.m. Feb. 13-14. University Theatre Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, 1000 E. Victoria St., Carson. Proceeds to benefit Women’s Resource Center. $10/$5. 310-243-2486.
International Pen Show: The 27th annual L.A. International Pen Show, featuring more than 200 exhibitors will feature free appraisals, on-site repairmen and a drawing for a Delta/Italia edition fountain pen honoring the Vatican worth $1,500. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Feb. 15. Manhattan Beach Marriott Hotel, 1400 Park View Ave. $7.
Dancing for a Cure: Fundraiser for the prevention and treatment of cancer, featuring Joe Bataan, Rocky Padilla, The Topics, and Low Key Band, 6 p.m. Feb. 14. Alpine Village Restaurant, 833 W. Torrance Blvd., Torrance. $45/$40/$30; dinner available for $14.95 per person. 310-753-7842.
Mardi Gras celebration: Ragin Cajun parking lot festival, crawfish/shrimp boil and beer garden, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Feb. 14-15. 5255 S. Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach. $20. 310-540-7403.
Tidepool Wonders: Explore low tides on the rocky shore with Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Feb. 14 or noon-1:30 p.m. Feb. 15. 3720 Stephen M. White Drive, San Pedro. Free. 310-548-7562.
Valentine’s Day dinner and dance: Sponsored by the VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 2967, the event will also feature music and Karaoke by DJ Danny Red. 1130 W. Anaheim St., Wilmington. 5-11 p.m. Feb. 14. Donation $15. RSVP for dinner at 310-834-8252. Proceeds benefit veterans program.
Punk Night: Special C, Capital Vices LTD and Crash Kills, 9 p.m. Feb. 14. The Lighthouse Cafe, 30 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach. Cover $5 after 9 p.m. 310-372-6911.
Casino Night: Sponsored by the El Segundo Woman’s Club. Tickets are $30 and inlcudes a drink, raffle ticket, food and $100 play money. 541 Standard Ave., El Segundo. 6-10 p.m. Feb. 14. Email [email protected].
President’s Day festival: The USS Iowa will host the dockside festival featuring live jazz and swing music from The Big Butter Jazz Band, swing dancing lessons, impersonators, vintage vehicles, food trucks and more. The ship will also be celebrating its 72nd birthday with cake cutting celebration, featuring elected officials and veterans. 250 S. Harbor Blvd., San Pedro. 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 16.
South Bay by Jackie has the following:
Walk In, Dance Out hosts Swing & Sway at the Joslyn Center in Manhattan Beach the second Friday of every month from 8 to 11 p.m. If you’ve ever dreamed of tripping the light fantastic, this is your chance. The South Bay ballroom dancing community is extraordinarily welcoming and encouraging, so even if you’re a beginner, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice your moves. Walk In Dance Out offers dance instruction at several locations throughout the South Bay. Many of the students and instructors attend this monthly event and are delighted to share their knowledge and expertise. The cost is $10 per person with light refreshments and a no-host bar. The Joslyn Center is located at 1601 Valley Drive in Manhattan Beach. For additional information, visit the website at or call 310-373-8487.
There’s something romantic about a lighthouse….If you’ve ever driven along the coast of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, chances are you’ve caught a glimpse of the Point Vicente Lighthouse. Built in 1926, the 67 foot high tower is perched on a cliff offering breathtaking views of the endless Pacific and its beacon can be seen from twenty miles at sea. The lighthouse is open to the public the second Saturday of each month (the first Saturday in March) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and admission is free. While you’re there, be sure to visit the Point Vicente Interpretive Center. Re-opened in 2006, the 10,000 square foot center focuses on the unique natural features and history of the Palos Verdes Peninsula and houses a museum, theater and changing exhibits. The museum is open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and admission is free. The annual gray whale migration occurs from December through mid-May and the Center’s outdoor amphitheater with seating for over 150 spectators is the premier whale watching site in the South Bay. After climbing the lighthouse tower and touring the Interpretive Center, stroll along the scenic trail or relax at one of the picnic tables dotting the grounds while taking in vistas of Catalina Island and contemplating the deep blue. Pack a picnic basket and prepare for a lovely Valentine’s Day afternoon. For more information, call 310-541-0334 or visit the website at The Interpretive Center is adjacent to the lighthouse. To contact the Interpretive Center, call 310-377-5370. The Point Vicente Lighthouse is located at 31501 Palos Verdes Drive West in Rancho Palos Verdes.
Art Flying Aerial presents a Valentine’s Day Aerial Arts Class on Saturday, February 14 from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Share Valentine’s day with someone special and join the wonderful instructors at Art Flying Aerial for this incredibly romantic class. Guest will be inspired by student performances and learn the art of flying yoga. As always, be sure to bring your energy and be prepared to have a ton of fun. There will be an after-class potluck, so bring a dish to share, or perhaps some wine, and relax after class getting to know each other, the students and instructors of the Art Flying Yoga community. Admission to this event is $25 per person and FREE for members of AFA & AFY. For additional information, visit the Facebook page at Art Flying Aerial is located at 2244 Pacific Coast Highway in Lomita.
The South Coast Botanic Garden presents a Sweetheart’s Stroll in the Garden on Valentine’s Day, Saturday, February 14. Guests are invited to spend a romantic day strolling and picnicking in the intimate setting of the Garden from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Live harp performances will take place from noon to 4 p.m. and the gift shop will be offering complimentary hot chocolate and cookies while supplies last. End your stroll on the Amphitheater Lawn to meet Cuatro Dias Winery for a complimentary wine tasting while The Foil Place custom engraves purchased wine glasses for $10. The engraving is complementary! Be sure to pack a lunch or light snacks for a picnic on the Amphitheater Lawn while Kristina Branes serenades you with live harp performances. Admission to the garden – Adults $9; Seniors 62 and over $6; Students with ID $6; Children (5 – 12) $4; Children (4 and under) FREE, SCBG members FREE. For additional information, visit the website at The South Coast Botanic Garden is located at 23600 Crenshaw Boulevard in Rolling Hills Estates.
Friends of the Parks and Hermosa Arts Foundation present Jazz at Pier Avenue – A Benefit Concert on Saturday, February 14 at the Hermosa Beach Community Center Theater. The event begins at 6 p.m. and will raise funds for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games Host Town, Hermosa Beach. The concert features Northhampton Big Band & Jazz Vocal Group from the United Kingdom; local five-voice vocal group, Storeytime; and high school trio, Cole to the Max. Admission is $20 per person. Tickets can be purchased by calling 888-410-3850. For additional information or to make a donation, visit the website at The Hermosa Beach Community Center Theater is located at 710 Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach.
The 26th annual Valentine Ball, a gala to benefit Palos Verdes Performing Arts, will be held in the Palos Verdes Ballroom at Terranea Resort on Saturday, February 14 from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. Themed ‘Midnight in Manhattan’, the festivities include cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, a gourmet dinner, dancing to a live orchestra, and unique silent and live auction items. The elegant event will honor long-time supporter Sophia Fitzmaurice, who will receive the Kenneth T. Norris Jr. ‘Key to Our Heart’ award during a special presentation. Guests will also be entertained with a special musical tribute to New York. Tickets are $225 per person. To purchase tickets, visit the website at VIP and VIP Platinum tickets are also available. For additional information, contact Judy Getzin at (310) 544-0403, ext. 224. Terranea Resort is located at 100 Terranea Way in Rancho Palos Verdes.
Ragin Cajun Café in South Redondo Beach will host a Mardi Gras Celebration & Parking Lot Festival on Saturday, February 14 and Sunday, February 15. Guest will enjoy Zydeco music, classic Cajun food, a crawfish/shrimp boil, beer garden and drink specials by sponsors, including Abita, The Dudes’ Beer, Captain Morgan, American Born Moonshine, Midnight Moon Moonshine and Ole Smoky Moonshine. All the fun takes place between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. both days and is appropriate for all ages. The crawfish/shrimp boil cost $15 pre-sale, $20 day of the event. The beer garden is sponsored by Ole Smoky and Abita Beer. Call 310-540-7403 for tickets or stop by the restaurant. Laissez les bons temps rouler! That’s Cajun for LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! Ragin’ Cajun is located at 525 South Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach.
The King Harbor Boating Foundation and the Waterfront Education team invite the public to attend the STEM TopSail Open House on February 15 and February 16. Guests are invited to ‘Tour the Tall Ship’, ‘Sample the Tall Ship’ or ‘Sail the Tall Ship’. The tall ship tour is free. There is a one hour discovery excursion ($10 kids, $20 adults) and two hour extended adventure where you can become part of the crew and help sail the tall ship ($20 kids, $40 adults). Space is limited on the sail excursions and reservations are highly recommended. For further information about the Waterfront Education STEM TopSail Program, visit King Harbor Boating Foundation at or Los Angeles Maritime Institute at
As usual, if you know of anything else going down in the South Bay this weekend, post in the comments. Have a fun and safe Valentine's weekend, you sexy south bayers!
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7 Cedars Casino holiday lighting along 101 in WA on ... This Cop Thought They Were Alone In Elevator, Doesn’t Know ... Sorrento, Italy Walking Tour in 4K - YouTube Jamestown S'Klallam Protocol Best Free Campsite In Washington State!🌲🎃🚙🏔⛺ - YouTube TOP 5 BEST POKER TRAPS OF THE DECADE! - YouTube Three of the most EXCITING Poker FLOPS EVER! - YouTube The 10 Best Places To Live In Washington State - YouTube

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7 Cedars Casino holiday lighting along 101 in WA on ...

Garmin Dash Cam 45. Dec. 1 2019. WALKING IN SORRENTO, ITALY: This walk was filmed on May 19th, 2018. Sorrento, also known as the Gateway to the Amalfi Coast, sits high up on the mountainous ... Named for the first president of the United States. Washington is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. With more than 7.4 million pe... Full video : Don't forget to subscribe and share For copyright matters please contact us at: bea... TOP 5 BEST POKER TRAPS OF THE DECADE!Help us to 200K Subscribers - Turn on the '🔔' to get notifications for new uploads!If you are rea... Three of the most EXCITING Poker FLOPS EVER!Help us to 200K Subscribers - Turn on the '🔔' to get notifications for new uploads!If you ... JAMESTOWN S'KLALLAM TRIBE, WA. Olympic Peninsula, 7 Cedars Casino, Olympic Peninsula - Duration: 10:52. Papa & The Bandit RV Life 250 views Our first ever campervan boondocking campsite at Little Twin Lakes Campground in the Colville National Forest. We explore a couple of beautiful lakes, discov...