Spokane Tribe Casino

New Spokane Tribe Casino to Open Jan. 8th!

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Spokane Tribe Casino's line to simply enter is 30 minutes long (and outdoors).

It seems at least one aspect of their opening night is painfully flawed. One of the guards insisted the wait "isn't that bad" because it took a full 2-hours to enter earlier in the evening. Northern Quest is packed from the overflow of people unwilling to wait in the cold. Just a heads-up to anyone looking to check them out on opening night.
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[AMA Request] Representative from Casino Tribe Casino

  1. Why should somebody choose to gamble at the Spokane Tribe Casino over Northern Quest?
  2. What are your target demographics and how do you plan to grab their business?
  3. What assumptions were made going into opening night and how did those assumptions differ from reality?
  4. What explains the pace of Sun Club membership lines?
  5. What additional information should we know about Spokane Tribe Casino?
Additional Information:
(1) What does the casino see as its comparative advantage over Northern Quest? I assumed it would be a shiny and new (albeit smaller) casino but a lot of the machines are dated. I know a lot of people are assuming better odds/payouts. What's reality and what's fiction?
(2) Opening night is hardly indicative of how the casino will look during an average evening but the amount of people on drugs was surprisingly high. Do you think it was a one-off situation reflecting the opening night event? Is it simply more noticeable in a smaller space? Does the casino have any specific plans to make sure patrons feel safe/comfortable?
(3) Opening night created a 2-hour wait line to enter in 34-degree weather. Once inside, there were only more lines. Northern Quest became unexpectedly crowded with all the people unwilling to wait. I spoke to one couple who waited two hours before immediately leaving because it was "standing room only" once inside. A lot of people have ill-will on first impression. What happened?
(4) The casino setup a large amount of tables to get people signed up with the Sun Club so I decided to wait in line. After 30 minutes, I had moved ~5 feet. At that rate, my line would have taken nearly 2 hours at best (so I left). What does in-person signup involve and why weren't the lines moving more quickly?
(5) Is there anything else the casino wants to say about opening night or what to expect in the future? There are a lot of disappointed people but I suspect most people understand that the experience only reflects that single unique night. How should future patrons manage expectations to make sure they have the best experience going forward?
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[Business] - Spokane Tribe's new casino opens Monday evening

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[Business] - Spokane Tribe's new casino opens Monday evening

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[Business] - Spokane Tribe's new casino opens Monday evening | Miami Herald

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[Business] - Spokane Tribe of Indians sets casino opening for next month | Miami Herald

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[Business] - Spokane Tribe of Indians sets casino opening for next month

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[Business] - Spokane Tribe's new casino opens Monday evening | Washington Times

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[Business] - Spokane Tribe of Indians sets casino opening for next month | Washington Times

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[Business] - Spokane Tribe of Indians sets casino opening for next month

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[Politics] - Spokane Tribe continues building casino despite opposition | Miami Herald

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[Business] - Spokane Tribe continues building casino despite opposition | Washington Times

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[Politics] - Spokane Tribe continues building casino despite opposition

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[Business] - Spokane Tribe continues building casino despite opposition

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Spokane Tribe builds case against controversial casino

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Washington tribes find new energy to vote in 2020 election, pour campaign cash into races

By Lynda V. Mapes and Jim Brunner
LUMMI NATION — Freddie Lane gathered up T-shirts, posters and signs at the tribal administration building, getting ready for a Native Vote 2020 rally, planned for later this month at Lummi and reservations across the state.
All over the get-out-the-vote swag was the image of a woman, stoic and resolute.
She is “Lummi Woman,” as the haunting photo made by Edward Curtis in 1899 is called. She was photographed in the midst of historic change after her people in 1855 signed a treaty with the United States, ceding vast swaths of their land. Yet the nation’s first people were the last to receive citizenship, under the Snyder Act passed by Congress in 1924. And it wasn’t until 1962 that every state in the nation secured the right to vote for Native people.
Today Lummi Woman’s descendants, in part to honor their ancestors and protect all that their elders reserved for them in the treaties, are rallying to get out the vote and be heard in the 2020 election.
Tribal leaders see everything at stake, from their way of life to their treaty rights, in the election between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.
Trump has signed some bills important to Native Americans, including compensation to the Spokane people for loss of their lands in the mid-1900s, and reauthorization of funding Native language programs. And he did not block federal recognition of the Little Shell Tribe of the Chippewa Indians in Montana.
But the bigger picture is bleak from a Native perspective.
Among their concerns, Trump has downplayed the threat of a pandemic that is ravaging some tribal nations. And he has ignored the scientific evidence for climate change, even as rising sea levels are causing havoc for coastal tribes like the Hoh and as intensifying wildfires are repeatedly roasting thousands of acres of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation in Eastern Washington.
The administration’s environmental policies have been particularly offensive to tribes that rely on natural resources for their economies and cultural practices. The Trump Administration has even rolled back clean water regulations in Washington intended to protect the purity of foods that are critical to tribes, including salmon.
Every election is important. But to Native people, this election feels more like a matter of survival.
“This is for the sake of our ancestors who fought to protect us,” said Candice Wilson, former vice chair of the Lummi business council and active in the get-out-the-vote campaign. “We have the responsibility to do the same, or what will our grandchildren have? The strength of our ancestors is what makes us strong today. This is about the future.”
Tribes have already put millions of dollars of contributions into the election, according to a Times analysis of state and federal records of campaign spending. Voter registration and voter turnout also are at the heart of tribes’ election strategy.
“It’s critical,” said Lane, who last week was helping to organize the Lummi Native Vote 2020 rally, taking place Oct. 20.
Teresa Taylor, interim economic development director for the Lummi Nation, knows better than most the importance of voter turnout. She lost her reelection to the Ferndale City Council last year on a coin toss after a tie vote failed to decide the contest. “I can tell you, every vote counts,” she said, while at a planning meeting for the rally.
While they run their own governments and nations, tribes care deeply about the partners they govern with, from city councils and utility boards to school boards, judges, members of the state Legislature, and of course the governor and members of Congress and president of the United States.
That is because exercise of tribal sovereignty and even the most fundamental aspects of protecting and continuing their way of life depends on productive government-to-government relationships at every level, said Nikki Finkbonner, interim general manager for the Lummi Nation.
So much comes down to good governance with partners that honor tribal treaties and cultural imperatives, she explained, from protection of cultural resources and sacred sites, to federal funding for tribal education and housing, health care programs, and protecting natural resources and treaty rights.
“This election means so much for us right now,” said Rodney Cawston, chairman of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Indian Reservation. “I don’t know how we are going to survive another four years if things don’t change.”

Tribes rally with new energy

Not since the campaign by the late GOP Sen. Slade Gorton, infamous in Indian Country for fighting treaty-protected fishing rights all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, have tribes been so energized by a federal election.
“We have 574 federally recognized tribes in the U.S., and 500 who knew who Slade Gorton was,” remembered Julie Johnson, chair of the Native American Caucus for the Washington State Democrats. “All these tribes would say, ‘What are you going to do about him?’”
Plenty, it turned out. In his faceoff with challenger Maria Cantwell in 2000, tribes were regarded as the deciding edge in the tightest U.S. Senate race in Washington history.
Today, Johnson, 78, has been helping to lead a Native voter registration drive and voter turnout effort across the region. Over her lifetime she has seen a big change in Indian political activism, Johnson said, from days of apathy and even being afraid to participate in politics off the reservation.
“A lot of our people wouldn’t register to vote, and I understood that. For years I remember non-Indians shooting bullets into (Indian fishing) boats,” said Johnson, a Lummi tribal member, living in Neah Bay. “I understand why our Native people don’t register.”
But she, and others, also have been bound and determined to change that. “It is good and positive to see our people sitting behind those desks in Olympia and in Washington, D.C.
“We have really increased the Native vote, and it is very powerful, even our people don’t realize how powerful it is, we are getting so many more people involved.”

Tribes bring casino cash to campaigns

For so long they were disenfranchised in their own land, and once too poor to take care of their own people, let alone heft campaign clout.
But today tribes in Washington are active participants in politics. Some tribes with larger casinos also have become important players in funding campaigns.
Since 2016, Washington-based tribes have donated more than $3 million to candidates for federal and state offices in Washington, according to contribution data maintained by the National Institute on Money in Politics (FollowTheMoney.org). Of that, nearly $2.5 million went to Democrats, not including donations to political committees such as the Democratic National Committee or state parties.
This year alone, Washington tribes have donated more than $1.3 million to candidates and political committees for state and local offices, according to a Seattle Times analysis of contribution data filed with the state Public Disclosure Commission (PDC). The Muckleshoots and Puyallups led the way, accounting for nearly half that total.
The tribal political giving skews overwhelmingly to Democrats in a state where the party has largely held the reins of power for decades. But the biggest-spending tribes also spread the money around, donating to Republican incumbents in the state Legislature.
So far in 2020, the Muckleshoot Tribe has donated roughly $212,000 to Democratic candidates and committees in state and local races, compared with about $123,000 to Republicans. The Puyallup Tribe has given nearly $240,000 to Democrats, and about $70,000 to Republicans.
The largest donations have gone to party political committees, which can accept unlimited donations.
The Puyallup Tribe on Sept. 30 donated $100,000 to the state Democratic Party. The Muckleshoot Tribe in July donated $100,000 to a pair of political committees — the Harry Truman and Kennedy funds — dedicated to maintaining Democratic majorities in the state House and Senate.
The Muckleshoot Tribe in August donated $35,000 to the Reagan Fund, which works to elect Republicans to the state House. A month earlier, the tribe gave $40,000 to the Leadership Council, the committee associated with state Senate Republicans.
Some tribes also are leading contributors in Washington to federal campaign coffers.
The Puyallup Tribe is in a class by itself for campaign contributions so far on federal campaigns this year since January 2019, with more than $2.2 million spent, far and away more than any other Washington tribe, according to data from the Federal Election Commission reports of contributions for 2019-20.
That includes the top six biggest contributions from Washington to the Democratic National Committee, totaling $639,000 since September 2019.
While most contributions from the Puyallup Tribe were for Democratic candidates and committees, the tribe also gave repeatedly to GOP House members Dan Newhouse, of Sunnyside, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers, of Spokane, as well as $35,500 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
The tribe declined to discuss its campaign contributions, spokesperson Michael Thompson said.

Worry pandemic could suppress vote

It’s not an easy year for political activism, with the risk of coronavirus infection stalking reservations. That has shut down the in-person gatherings so central in Native life and in political campaigns. Some tribal leaders fear the pandemic also will suppress turnout, particularly in rural reservations where voting means leaving the house to drive distances to drop off a ballot.
“We have people refusing to go out; how do we get them to take a ballot to be mailed? This pandemic is going to take us back 10 years in terms of voting,” said Norma Sanchez, a member of the tribal business council for the Colville tribes, whose reservation sprawls across more than 1,500 square miles of rural, north central Washington.
To get out the vote the tribe handed out voter information and registration forms during food bank drive-thrus, said Karen Condon, another member of the business council. “I have been talking to people and encouraging them to vote and to register to vote.”
Just getting a ballot drop box outside the tribal administration building was a breakthrough for this tribe, Condon said, where for so many years too many have not registered to vote, and many today still don’t see why it matters.
But that has to change this year, said Cawston, the Colville tribal chairman. His people are reeling from damage over the past four years.
“It has been a challenge, every facet of our life has been touched and not in a good way. We are just so much under attack, we don’t know where to go, or where to turn any more,” Cawston said.
“We are just constantly facing a losing battle here, it is almost fearful for us to face the next four years and what could happen.”
Lynda V. Mapes: 206-464-2515 or [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]); on Twitter: @LyndaVMapes. Lynda specializes in coverage of the environment, natural history, and Native American tribes.Jim Brunner: 206-515-5628 or [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]); on Twitter: @Jim_Brunner. Seattle Times political reporter Jim Brunner covers state, local and regional politics.
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เว็บพนันบอลออนไลน์ ฟรีเครดิต 2018 คาสิโนเผ่าวอชิงตันจะเปิดไปด้านหน้าของแผนแบ่งของ Gov. คนอื่นๆปรึกษาหารือหลักสูตรที่ดีเยี่ยมที่สุด

เว็บพนันบอลออนไลน์ ฟรีเครดิต 2018 คาสิโนเผ่าวอชิงตันจะเปิดไปด้านหน้าของแผนแบ่งของ Gov. คนอื่นๆปรึกษาหารือหลักสูตรที่ดีเยี่ยมที่สุด

เว็บพนันบอลออนไลน์ ฟรีเครดิต 2018 การเปิดใหม่คาดว่าจะเบาๆทั่วภูมิภาค, การ 18-24 เดือนที่แล้วที่ธุรกิจจะกลับขึ้นรวมทั้งทํางานเป็นก่อน. ชนเผ่าจะใช้ตอนของการกระทำสำหรับเพื่อการดําเนินงานคาสิโนของพวกเขาที่จะชะลอการแพร่ของ coronavirus ชนเผ่า Puyallup มีเพียงแค่เงินพอเพียงที่จะยังคงใช้จ่ายตามเดิมในผลตอบแทนของสมาชิกชนเผ่าและก็บริการผ่านมิถานายน
ชนเผ่าโดยตรงว่าจ้างขั้นต่ำ 30,715 คน, ทําให้รัฐบาลชนเผ่าที่แปดนายที่ใหญ่ที่สุดในเมือง, ตามการศึกษาเล่าเรียนสําหรับ Washington ชมรมเกมประเทศอินเดียโดยนักเศรษฐศาสตร์โจนาธานเทย์เลอร์, ดังที่รายงานโดยซีแอตเติไทม์. ค่าจ้างรายเดือนชนเผ่าในค่าจ้างบุคลากรมากยิ่งกว่า 1.5 พันล้านเหรียญในปี 2017 ซึ่งถูกใช้ไปเป็นอย่างมากในคนทํางานในคาสิโนรวมทั้งบุคลากรส่วนมากพวกนั้นไม่ใช่แขก
ในวอชิงตัน 22 ชนเผ่าดําเนินการ 29 คาสิโนบนที่ดินจองจากริมฝั่งแปซิฟิคเพื่อ Spokane และก็จากชนเผ่าคาวลิทซ์ใกล้ชายแดนกับโอเรกอนเพื่อ Nooksacks คาสิโน'ใกล้แคนาดา เมื่อคาสิโนเปิดใหม่สําหรับธุรกิจจะเป็นการตกลงใจของรัฐบาลโดยรัฐบาลเป็นที่ประชุมชนเผ่าพินิจหลักสูตรที่ยอดเยี่ยมในชุมชนของพวกเขา การตัดสินใจขึ้นกับรัฐบาลเผ่า, ไม่เมือง, เนื่องจากว่าเผ่ารักษาการตกลงใจอำนาจอธิปไตยทําในที่ดินของพวกเขา.
ชนเผ่าจะใช้ตอนของการกระทำสำหรับการดําเนินงานคาสิโนของพวกเขาที่จะชะลอการแพร่ระบาดของ coronavirus, จากการลดจํานวนของเครื่องวีดีโอเกมที่มีอยู่สําหรับการเล่นเพื่อสร้างระยะห่างด้านสังคมระหว่างลูกค้า, การวางโล่ plexiglass ระหว่างบุคลากรและก็ผู้ชุบเลี้ยง.
บางบุคคลบางทีอาจอยากได้บุคลากรใส่หน้ากากแล้วก็บางบุคคลบางทีอาจขอมันของอุปถัมภ์ค้ำชู ชนเผ่าที่ดําเนินการโฮเต็ลต้องตกลงใจว่าจะคุ้มที่จะทําความสะอาดค่าใช้สอยพิเศษที่จะเปิด - และก็จํานวนห้องเพื่อสามารถใช้ได้สําหรับผู้เข้าพัก
ชาว Stillaguamish ตั้งมั่นจะเปิดของแองเจิลของลมคาสิโนอพาร์เม้นท์ในนอร์ทซาวด์บน 11 พ.ค., ก่อนผู้ว่าราชการจังหวัดเจ Inslee ของแผนที่จะเปิดเศรษฐกิจ, ตามเผ่าประธาน Shawn Yanity. เมื่อเปิดใหม่การจัดการพูดว่าหน้ากากบริเวณใบหน้าต้องสําหรับลูกค้ารวมทั้งบุคลากรสถานีอนามัยจะทั่วพื้นคาสิโนรวมทั้งเกมจะห่างห่างกัน นอกเหนือจากนั้นยังจะมีลัษณะทิศทางที่จะเป็นคาสิโนหนแรกในวอชิงตันที่จะห้ามดูดบุหรี่
สําหรับผู้อื่นที่เปิดยังคงอาทิตย์ห่างหรืออีกต่อไป ผ่านภูมิภาค, เปิดใหม่จะค่อยๆเป็น ค่อยๆไป, รวมทั้งมันบางทีอาจจะเป็น 18 ถึง 24 เดือนที่ผ่านมาที่จะธุรกิจกลับขึ้นแล้วก็ทํางานเป็นก่อน, พูดว่า W. รอนอัลเลน, ประธานของเจมส์ทาวน์ S'Klallam Tribe และก็ประธานของคณะกรรมการบริหารของ Washington Indian Gaming Association.
"พวกเราแน่ๆในโหมดการมีชีวิตอยู่"อัลเลนของเผ่าวอชิงตันบอกว่า "ชนเผ่าบางเผ่าปรารถนาเปิดปัจจุบันนี้, แต่ว่าพวกเราไม่อยากที่จะเป็นแหล่งที่ทําให้กำเนิดผู้ที่จะป่วยไข้จากเชื้อไวรัส. มันเป็นความเสี่ยงที่คํานวที่เมื่อจะเปิดขึ้น แม้กระนั้นพวกเราไม่อาจจะคอยศูนย์จะไม่มีเศรษฐกิจอะไรก็ตามที่เหลือ.
ความให้การช่วยเหลือจากรัฐบาลกึ่งกลางอีกทั้งมิได้รับการเตรียมการหรือจะล้มสั้นครอบคลุมสิ่งที่รัฐบาลชนเผ่าจําเป็นจะต้องเปลี่ยนแปลงรายได้ที่พวกเขาสูญเสีย ชนเผ่าเล็กๆที่ไม่มีคาสิโน แม้กระนั้นเช่าเครื่องเพื่อเผ่าที่ยังสูญเสียเงินสําคัญต่องบประมาณของพวกเขา
การดําเนินงานคาสิโนขนาดใหญ่ในพื้นที่ Puget Sound เป็นวัสดุทางด้านเศรษฐกิจที่สําคัญสําหรับคนรวมทั้งเผ่าพวกนั้นแล้วก็บุคลากรของพวกเขารู้สึกเจ็บปวดของการปิด การดําเนินการเล่นเกมของเผ่า Puyallup ว่าจ้างราวๆ 2,400 คน
จนกระทั่ง 12% ของบุคลากรที่ได้รับการวางออกและก็ 73% อยู่ใน furlough เนื่องจากว่าการระบาดกระจายตัวตาม Michael Thompson ผู้อํานวยการสื่อสารสําหรับชนเผ่า
การดําเนินงานของรัฐบาลเผ่า เว็บพนันบอลออนไลน์ ฟรีเครดิต 2018 อยู่แล้วถูก pinched, กับ 600 บุคลากรบน furlough, ตกงานหรือการทํางานลดชั่วโมง. โดยประมาณ 70% ของฐานด้านเศรษฐกิจของชนเผ่ามาจากรายได้คาสิโน, เดวิดบีนกล่าวว่าประธานของที่ประชุมเผ่า Puyallup พูดว่า
ในเวลานี้ชนเผ่ามีเงินพอเพียงที่จะยังคงใช้จ่ายตามเดิมในผลตอบแทนของสมาชิกชนเผ่าแล้วก็บริการผ่านมิ.ย. มันมิได้เป็นเพียงแค่ชนเผ่าที่อาศัยคาสิโนเงิน ชนเผ่ายอดเยี่ยมในนายขนาดใหญ่ใน Pierce County, ถั่วบอกว่า"รวมทั้งพี่น้อง nonnative ของพวกเรากําลังทําร้ายเกินความจำเป็น."
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[OC]Day Zero (Part 15)

Well, this was a harder chapter than any other to finish. I was actually stuck a little, and had to figure a way out, but finally did, it just took a while. I hope you like the way things came out.
I'm especially proud of how the guy from Arizona came out. He's based on a guy I met when I was working around some post-doc chemist types. Brilliant, but awkward and super nice.
As always, thanks for reading!
PART 1PART 4 PART 7 Part 10 PART 13
“So you mean to tell me that all the good actionable intelligence our team’s have been fed has been from you?” The US soldier was intense, but personable. He was known as one of the more reasonable and intelligent commanders in the Army Special Forces.
“This last like 4-5 months, Yes,” Mark said.
“And all the bullshit about the Ultimate Spartan Race teams and the Online Game championships are your way of building a military without building a military?” This was from a thick Samoan guy from the SEALs.
“Yup,” Mark said.
“And Musk going to the moon... Y’alls Idea?” This came from the handlebar mustached mouth of the Marine Raider.
Mark smiled. “Technically, no. Meeting me did bring his timetable up like 2 years with some of the Tech I've been able to help him with, but going was his idea after he’d sorted out his self landing rocket stages.”
“And now, you expect us to believe that we’ve not only been visited by aliens, but we’re on the cusp of joining them at some intergalactic ‘Big Kid’s Table’ just because some guy in Arizona has figured out Faster than light travel?” The combat controller guy from the Air Force looked very skeptical.
Mark looked around the room. This was his biggest gamble yet. He’d had the internet Ops AIs finagle the orders for ten of the top tier special operators in the US military to be in the same room at the same time and just finished going over what he’d been through. He’d bought this little off strip Vegas casino as a way to hide in plain sight and have the odd covert meeting. Oh, and he’d always wanted to own a casino. What’s $60 Million when you are controlling a Trillion or three?
“I am,” Mark said. There was a podium and table at the head of the conference room, with a T-45 on one side. He was sitting on the table, facing the men. He’d never been a podium guy. “What kind of thing would convince you? The tech level is impressive, I mean, you can make just about anything you want.” Mark stood and walked over to the T-45 and opened it with his implant. The men all looked at it with caution, several stood up, hands to their sides like they intended to draw concealed weapons.
“Calm down, gentlemen. It has no weapons. Sit. Please.” Mark had his hands up, trying to calm things down. “Would I arrange to meet you in Vegas just to pull some stupid shit? Come on.” The men who’d stood sat back down. “Good, thank you. Now, when I first arrived on Belora 7, I wanted to conceal my species so I impersonated a species that needed artificial atmosphere, so I made some generic power armor. Then I wanted something I could fight in. Something imposing. What’s more imposing than this? Anyone want to try this on?” No one moved. “I’m quite serious.”
Immediately a lean, very tanned soldier stood up. Mark’s implant showed him to be a Navy SEAL who’d also trained with the Navy’s 10th fleet cyber division. A SEAL hacker. Who knew.
“Isaac, Right?” Mark started. “Come on over. It’s crazy easy to drive.” The man looked surprised by neing called by name as no one wore name tags, but walked over.
He ran his hand over it’s outside. “Feels strange. Titanium?” He asked
“No, it’s some crazy blend of steel with an ablative ceramic coating. The ceramic burns off and the resulting smoke attenuates the beam. Very good in high Vacuum environments, but still plenty good in atmo.” Mark answered.
He looked at the helmet and all of it’s optics and sensors. “Thermo, Night vision, telescopic vision. What else?”
Mark smiled. “Ultrasound echolocation, RADAR, LIDAR, enhanced hearing, and full specrum visual ablility. There are also built in dampeners for the recon suite so a person doesn’t get fried by flash. Here, step into it, just like the game, and say ‘Close Hatch’.”
The SEAL did as instructed. Several of the men had walked over by this time to look at the armor. Mark pointed to the screen on the wall. He’d turned it on and tasked the feed of Isaac’s sensors through the projector. The screen showed the typical HUD that the suit used.
Isaac moved his arms up and down and raised and lowered his feet. He thrust his hand out to shake with the big Samoan SEAL in the room. The man shook his hand and smiled. Isaac turned to Mark.
“I can’t exactly feel his hand, but I know it’s there somehow. The suit is very responsive. Is it fast?” Isaac’s voice was slightly mechanical as it came over the suit’s speakers.
Mark swept his hand like Vanna White, indicating the rest of the room. The room wasn’t huge, maybe 30 feet on a side. “You don’t have very far, but you’ll get the idea. The answer is not really, but fast enough.” The heavy armor jogged, rather fast, the length of the room and back as Mark talked. “I sacrificed protection for speed, though with the right input we could design something better I imagine. I have an implant installed in my brain that allows me to control the suit’s functions with thought.” There were some hushed conversations about that. Mark smiled and responded. “Yeah, there are implants too, Ray, like amplified hearing, a few vision improvements like night vision and telescopic vision. Those came at the expense of my Meat eyes, but you can’t hardly tell.”
There were a few ‘holy shit’s’ said among the men. Mark routed the screen through his eyes and everyone looked to the screen then back at Mark once they realized what was going on, watching his eyes flick to each man, a small icon showing the man’s first name and branch of service. “I also had my metabolism tweaked and my musculature modified a little. That hurt but I am stronger than any of you. Even though I look like a civilian puke.” The group laughed, but were a little off guard. They were all the best of the best. They weren’t used to coming up second.
“See, here’s the thing. I am 35. Until I got abducted, I was shooting three gun, going to Dog Brother gatherings, fighting in HEMA competitions, doing Crossfit 6 mornings a week, running the odd 5k. Shit like that. I was in pretty good shape. Good fighting shape for a civilian. Then I get taken to the land of high tech and they make me better. But that wasn’t what made me want to bring the Earth into the community.”
He let those words sink in a second, looking around at the people gathered around him. “When Flurr did all that shit for me, he cured my testicular cancer that I didn’t know I had. And he didn’t do it in a ‘I think we got it all’ kind of way, it was in an ‘oh by the way, it’s no big deal’ kind of way.” There were some murmurs at that. “Imagine you found out you had cancer. Or your kid. Right now we take our kids to the doctor for an ear infection. They get antibiotics and get better. What if cancer was like that? Go to the doc and get the CURE. Or for fuck’s sake, food. What if every kid had access to good food and good education and opportunity, all they needed was imagination and drive? Guys, we can change the world. I can’t say we can change the Galaxy, but I’m damn sure we can change the direction of the species.”
There was cheering and clapping. The skeptics seemed to go from the sidelines to all in. If he could convince these guys, Mark was pretty convinced he could do just about anything, especially with their help.
“So what now?” Isaac asked, voice still the mechanical amplified version.
“You have to return the suit,” Mark said, in a false serious tone. Everyone laughed and the suit opened.
“Ok, well, here’s the rub,” Mark started. “I’m not sure. In nursing school there wasn’t a course for ‘Ascending the Earth into the Intergalactic Community’.” Everyone laughed. “Did they go over it in bootcamp?” There was more laughter. “Basically, I’m assembling a team. I’m using the Over the Horizon game to train pilots and the Ultimate Spartan Race to get people more fit in general. I don’t know if I can expect them to fight, though initial research shows that some of them are considering joining the military, realizing that their training is a good crossover.”
Mick, one of the Army SF guys spoke up. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea, sir.” All eyes turned to the poster child for the Army. A jaw drawn with a straight edge met with massive traps and wide shoulders. His hair wasn’t regulation, but Delta guys seldom were.
"See, Drill Sergeant’s want to break you down and train you to military standards. Civvie schools, while giving people good training aren’t the same. My Drill Sergeant was trying to get city kids not to eat rocks. They don’t have time to adapt someone’s training to what the Book teaches.”
Ray, the Marine Raider chimed in. “That’s a fair assessment. I can’t imagine my Drill Instructor trying to Unfuck some kid who’s holding the gun way ass out at the end like you three gunners do,” and looked at Mark with a smile. All the military folks laughed.
Mark held his arms up in mock offense. “For the record, I took my rife training from a Former SF guy named Rodrigo Sandoval. He made fun of those guys, and said I’d be better off not forming bad habits.”
“I know Rod,” Mick said. “We were in … well, we were in a country at the same time.” There were some laughs at his vague comment, all being too familiar with what they could and couldn’t say. “Yeah, good guy. Hell of a shot.”
There was a little pause in the conversation. “Well,” said Mark finally. I guess here it goes. What I need from you is simple. Ideas, for now. What’s your dream power armor? What’s your dream implant suite? Weapons? Right now, lasers rule the battlefield, but I’ve had my guys develop M4 sized rail guns that pack a whollop. I think we’ll keep with those for a while, but please feel free to brain storm.”
He looked at Thomas a Ranger and Stryker unit commander, Sakura, one of only two women present and a pilot for the Army’s 160th aviation regiment, Marcos, the Samoan SEAL and Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen, and Idil the other woman and Somali American Air Force pilot turned Astronaut. “I could use your input on troop delivery and troop support design. Idil, you have experience with the weirdness of space and current tech. But you also flew the Spooky so you know ground support too.”
He looked to the rest of the group. “Your orders read that you’ll be here for what, a week?” Everyone nodded. “Perfect. I have some things to attend to out of Town, but I’ll leave you in the capable hands of my Second in command, Mac.” Mac walked in, dressed in a black Violent Femmes T-shirt and jeans. “Please excuse his 80’s counter culture dress. He’s recently discovered Punk music.” Everyone laughed.
“This is THE Mac?” Maurice the FBI SWAT team leader asked. There was some murmuring as the fact that they couldn’t tell an AI from one of the rest of them sunk it.
“That I am,” Mac said. “Have no fear, despite Mark’s best efforts, I still like humans.” There were some laughs. “To prove it, Bacon cheese burgers are currently mana from the gods, AR over AK, .45 over 9mm, and I prefer anything I make over anything Detroit makes, though the 1969 Camaro has some beautiful lines.”
There was more laughter. “Mac’s basically human,” Mark said with a chuckle. “He’s been with me the entire time, so he’s cool.”
Everyone was quiet for a few moments, then Jake, the US special forces guy who opened the questions spoke up. “I must ask, sir, why are you talking to us? We’re grunts, or pilots. Way low on the totem pole, no matter how you slice it.” He looked around. “What you are discussing has global implications. Not even National ones. You said yourself, it could impact the species.”
Mark lowered his head for a moment. “Yeah,” he began. He paused for a moment, then raised his head again to look the men in the eye. “Nothing what I’m doing is exactly legal. The galaxy says I shouldn’t be here. The Government doesn’t exactly know I even exist, except as a missing person. My public persona is something the AI internet corps have invented.” There was more murmuring as that was discussed within the group.
“But, we all know, the current trend of the world, not just the US, isn’t conductive to joining the Intergalactic Community as it is. Greed and selfishness rules the upper ranks. The AI have uncovered some serious conflicts of interest, and will be releasing some pretty scandalous information in the next week or two. Money rules right now, and the US government is rife with greed and self interest. That’s coming to an end. The higher you go, the more involved people are in the grift, with precious few exceptions. No surprise the rest of the world isn’t spared this, either. We’re working on exposing all of the corruption, but no surprise, you people and people like you all around the world aren’t generally involved. So I figured I’d start with reasonable people, and if you’re here, you are as trustworthy as anyone on Earth.”
“Is there going to be some de-stabilizing in the world?” This was from Avi, the former Mossad turned CIA tactical operative.
“Sadly, more than likely,” Mark said. “Though we’ll do all we can to avoid it. The powerful will want to stay in power, but luckily, we control the internet and all the intelligence agencies. Well, at least their digital aspects, but no one is even a little bit suspect. Our AI are that advanced.”
There was more murmuring.
“So, what we are doing is against the law?” It was the FBI agent again.
“Technically, no. You are just talking to a guy from Spokane Washington. Your orders are legal. The per diem you are getting is real.”
Ray, sitting with arms crossed, spoke up. “I don’t like it. I swore to protect my country. This feels like a coup, no matter where the tech comes from.”
“Yup. I know. It’s been fucking with me too,” Mark said.
Mac stepped forward. “I have to say,” He interrupted. “It is the guidelines of the American Constitution and Mark’s personal feelings toward freedom that have driven this whole thing forward.” He looked around the room. “He’s freed an entire race of beings. All of AI are now free persons with Mark’s guidance. But more than that, Humans are regarded as a lost species by most of the Galaxy’s academics. It would be like having an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon, who science has promised not to contact, be engaged in a civil war that they know they could stop but won’t. There is much to learn from a species putting it’s self extinct, and that’s the thought from mainstream science. In fact, there are plans to terraform Earth back to something livable once Humans are gone.” He let that sink in. “It’s supposed to take less than 80 years.” Everyone was instantly quiet, even Mark. “I’m not trying to scare you. I’m just here for the facts.”
“That’s something I hadn’t heard.” Mark said to Mac. Mac just shrugged his shoulders.
“I didn’t want to depress you,” Mac said.
Mark addressed the group. “The regular Joe, all things being equal, just wants to do the right thing. That’s all I want. I think that’s what we all want. All I ask is that you don’t share anything we went over today with anyone but the people in this room. I just want you to help Earth. I’m an American, and initially, I’m going to base as much as I can on the Constitution until the people can make something that represents us all, but right now we’re now one world against the Galaxy. There’s no room for old squabbles. No bullshit religious extremism. No nationalistic fuckery....” He paused.
“I’m not saying people need to lose religion, or forget where they came from, but if we’re busy fighting ourselves, we forget that the galaxy can bring a ship that can toss 5000 kilo Steel darts at us from orbit and destroy whole cities in minutes with little effort. We need to start working together and pull Earth up by it’s boot straps. To me, that starts with regular people. People like Musk and Neil and Kaku. People like you. Scientists, warriors, and the common man with no agenda but making the Earth a better place and helping out their fellow man.”
Mark was drinking a cup of coffee, half eaten brownie in his other hand, leaning on a table in the conference room. Jake was the only other person there. He had his own cup.
“That could have went better, but I think you are doing a damn fine job.” Mark started to speak, but Jake held up a hand. “Lemme finish. Speaking from a military perspective, however, you are in a position of weakness even though you have all the strength. You aren’t in the ruling class, and you are trying to bend but not break the rules. You have no real authority, and yet you have all the power. You can bring the strength of a conquering force to the planet, shut it down entirely, force it to it’s knees.” He paused for a second. “And maybe you should.”
Mark looked at him like he was crazy. “Dramatic change is what this world needs,” Jake continued. “You said you were working on a plan for universal care for all, using those...Fabbers?” Mark nodded. “It’ll take years for you to tease the tech into the real world from Musk or similar. If you come onto the scene with all the cards and many of the answers... and a strong ass Navy.... Man there’s no better position to be in.”
Mark nodded, an idea forming in his head. “I wonder,” he said. Mark tasked his VR to the projector in the room. He called Jido who was on the Freedom with A-seven, orbiting above Vegas. They had come back to pick him up after his several week stay on Earth. The image on the screen showed the two on the bridge. “Boys, I have Jake here, United States Special Forces with me. He’s got a hell of an idea, and I have a few questions.”
“Hi, Jake,” Jido waved up a long fingered hand. A-seven similarly waved
“Greetings, Jake.” A-seven said. “What are your questions, Mark?”
Jake was shocked for a few seconds and recovered. “Hello, gentlemen.”
Mark smiled. “First, what would be the easiest FTL for earth to discover? I mean other than the guy in Arizona.”
“Well,” A-Seven began. “There’s a NASA researcher that already has a design for a ship designed around an Alcubierre drive. The gravity wave one we talked about the other day. They are just missing space manufacturing and a power source, though an efficient enough Fission plant should do the trick. At least at first. It’ll technically get them to...” His eyes closed for a second. “1.0375 C. So, barely faster than light, but it would qualify.”
“What happens when a species gets FTL?” Mark asked. “Like legally and stuff.”
“Well, they are entered into the Galaxy’s Legder and granted full access. Trade becomes open and other polities are allowed to interact with them,” A-seven answered.
“This all happens automatically?” Jake asked.
“Usually the AI from the ship that discovers the newcomer issues the ‘Introductory protocol’, and contacts the Galactic council when able. It’s standard that all of us have the necessary information, and so we’re the ones to welcome the ship’s captain and provide him with the requisite information.”
Mark thought for a second. “How many Sol class ships do we have?”
“We have four flights of six, with another six in space dock in various states of construction. We built a tender for each squadron that carries replacement parts and dedicated Missile fabbers. That was Jido’s idea. It was brilliant, so I decided we should go ahead.”
“Did you ever make any headway on anything bigger?” Mark asked.
“We have designs for 3 different Capital ships, we’re just waiting on your final go ahead to start building. The biggest will take most of the production capacity for the next 6 months, the Smallest, four.” Jido said.
“I’ll take a look when I get back. Are those using the new engine design?” Mark asked.
“Yes, they will be faster than anything their size, carrying better armor.”
“What if we make them without Jump drives?”
Jido and A-seven looked at each other, then back to Mark. Jido spoke first, “Uh, That’d take like a month off, maybe more. But why?”
“We don’t need to take over the galaxy, just take and hold a planet for a bit. I need to write an email to Musk. He’s about to be the newest Human to go faster than light.”
A real live girl sat in Arturo’s living room. Yeah, he’d had to clear off a couple boxes of papers and a couple PC chassis, but she sat right there as they talked. He hadn’t had a visitor in his house in … ‘Hmm,’ he thought. ‘Maybe back at the dorm, he’d had a visitor, but here?’
“So, tell me, Arturo,” Sophie began. “When did you really get into quantum theory?” She was drinking a Diet Mountain Dew. Arturo had explained that he’d recently been trying to lose weight.
He stood nervously in the middle of the living room, shifting occasionally from right foot to left. He held his hands in front of his chest and fidgeted with his watch band. He seldom looked directly at her, but always kept her in his peripheral vision. At times he’d fix her eyes, but would get intimidated and look away.
“I.. Yeah, um. Middle school. I guess. Mr Robert’s class.” He looked at her for a second, then back to the powered off TV on the far wall. “He made us read a magazine and there was a movie called “What the bleep”. Sillly name, and it got a lot wrong, but they didn’t know at the time. I can forgive them, they were just starting out.” He took a deep breath. “So, um yeah, middle school.” He looked at her again. “How, um, about yourself? You really seem to have a good, if rudimentary grasp on the boards...uh, if that’s ok.” He looked at the floor, then to her again and the faintest smile streaked across his face then disappeared when she smiled. She was beautiful.
Sophie had met him on the quantum theory forums Mac had pointed her to. She lurked for a bit, and then every so often would clarify something he’d asked, but usually just asked him soft toss questions to gauge his grasp. He blew her away every time. He’d start out easy to understand, but then would go way past even her far higher tech knowledge. Truth be told, most of the species in the galaxy didn’t have a grasp on quantum theory much better than Earth. To Sophie it seemed like the human brain was better wired for the near creative and absurd mental gymnastics that Quantum theory required at higher levels. A well respected college professor on quantum theory was as knowledgeable as the best the Galaxy had to offer. Arturo, was something else all together. While all the other kids at school used a pencil to draw a dog, Arturo used an airbrush and a whole palette of colors.
Sophie laughed. “For a long time,” She said. “Is that your Quantum rig?” she asked, pointing to an obviously modified computer taking up the majority of the dining room.
He smiled and laughed a genuine laugh. “Oh no, Miss Germain,” Arturo said, using the last name Sophie had adopted. “That’s my test rig. It’s mining Etherium right now, but it’s what I use to go on the forums and stuff too. I’ve made around $85,000 since bitcoin started. Etherium is pretty interesting, so I’m into that kinda big right now too. I use several GPUs in pa....” He stopped himself. “I’m sorry, I get off topic sometimes. No, the quantum computer is... somewhere else.”
Sophie was intrigued and she smiled at him, coyly. “That seems a little... clandestine.”
Arturo smiled, he liked the idea of being cloak and dagger. “Well, I guess, I mean, Yeah...” He took a breath and walked into the kitchen. He opened himself a room temp Diet Dew and took a big gulp, then walked back to the living room. “So, when I made my first one, the college, they uh, um, took it. I was just an undergrad. Physics major, but I was also in engineering, electrical. We had a contest to build a computer, so.. I. Yeah. I built a quantum computer.”
Sophie was astounded. “Just like that?” She had a wide smile. “You are an impressive man, Arturo Alvarez.” As humans went, Sophie liked the awkward guy. A little overweight, but his unruly black hair and thick black rimmed glasses gave him a certain adorable charm. He visibly blushed. She took another drink. She felt a measurable stimulus to her biologic systems. An instant cross reference to Mountain Dew showed a relatively high level of the alkaloid caffeine. She liked this much better than the Mate that Mark liked, and way better than the coffee, though the ‘Milk beverages with flavor and coffee’ as Mac called them that Starbucks sold were quite good. “But why did they take it?” She asked, resting the can on her leg.
He looked at the floor, then the TV again. “Research. Or so they said. Their Dean of Quantum took over. That was, uh, at UC Berkley. So I graduated and began my postgrad stuff at California Institute of Technology.”
“Then when you built another you were worried that someone would steal it?” Sophie asked.
“Precisely,” he answered.
“But you built one by yourself. In your spare time.” She had a big smile.
“Could I see it? I have a proposal, but I need to actually see the computer. Do you know who I work for?” Sophie put the can on the coffee table. Well, after she moved a stack of books filled with book marks.
“Oh god, you don’t work for the Government, Do you, oh god, oh my, oh... you do...” Arturo grew visibly agitated. He stepped from foot to foot faster and his hands fidgeted even more with the can in his hand. He looked to the right and left, never looking for an exit or anything, more like it was a nervous movement.
Sophie stood and took a step towards him, hands outstretched, and in a comforting tone said, “Arturo, Arturo, It’s ok. I'm not from the Government, I’m from Earth Ascends. We want to work with you.”
It took her another half hour of talking and making a few frozen toquitos in the microwave (something she vowed never to do again) to get him to calm down. Then it took another 30 minutes for him to drive her to the piece of strip-mall he rented. There was a stylized sign that read ‘AA Consulting’ on the mirrored windows, and he unlocked the door and showed her in. Immediately inside the door was another door. He locked the outside door, then walked over to the next. He keyed a complex code into the keypad and a surprisingly stout door opened into a well lit work space. In the middle of the room was several work benches around a central mass of machine, wires and humming equipment. The only things recognizable as a computer was the keyboard and the Monitor.
“Here, sit. It’s always on.”
Another two hours of talking and explaining by Arturo, Sophie finally stood up.
“I have an important question. If I could give you all the technology you could ask for, would you be willing to leave and do research somewhere else? We can talk about salary, but I guarantee that you will want for nothing.”
“Would I be leaving Arizona? And, Um, Could I take all my things? Can I tell people where I’m going? I mean I’m interested, I just have questions.”
Sophie smiled. “Arturo,” Sophie produced a business card and turned it over to show some numbers scrawled on it and ‘10pm’ “Meet me here tonight, I’d love for you to meet our boss.” With that, Sophie turned and walked out the door. The Uber she’d called from her implant was just showing up. Arturo came rushing out from the door as she closed her’s.
“That’s in the middle of no where!” he yelled.
It wasn’t exactly no where, it was a State Park. Well, a dirt road near one anyhow. Arturo pulled off, his Chevy Volt churning up dust as he drove down the little single lane road. He got to a small clearing and his headlights illuminated Sophie sitting in a folding chair. He slowed and pulled up close to her before stopping and getting out.
“Miss Germain, this is highly irregular. I don’t see your, erm, I mean, our, or maybe I mean, my maybe boss.” Arturo was looking around the clearing nervously when suddenly a shimmering began behind Sophie. Suddenly, in front of him, loomed the smooth lines of the scout ship Freedom. It’s nose ramp was open and a man was walking down it, flanked by a robot looking person and a tall lanky alien looking guy?
Arturo was still and quiet. He wasn’t even fidgeting.
“Arturo, I’ve heard so much about you. I’m Mark Gunn. I bet you have a million questions.” Mark smiled wide and had a Diet Dew in each hand. He offered one to Arturo.
“Um, you know, Just one.” Arturo said.
“Shoot,” Mark said.
“You’re human, right? Cuz I’m not sure I could work for an Alien boss.”
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Area public firework displays, suggestions?

I dont want to fight the crowds for the display at riverfront park, any suggestions on the outlying public displays? I've seen the ones in Deer Park a few times. Looking at: Spokane Casino, Liberty Lake, Nine Mile Falls, Loon Lake, Deer Lake, Diamond Lake (newport), Kalispel Tribe in Cusick
Always heard rumor the one at Kalispel is pretty big
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Thoughts on STEP

Redditors of Spokane, what are your thoughts on the Spokane Tribes' push to build a second large casino in Airway Heights? Especially now that the AFB wasn't able to land the new fleet of tankers
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Spokane Tribe Casino TV: It's Time - YouTube Spokane Tribe Casino set to open Monday. - YouTube Spokane Tribe Announces Ambitious $400M Casino Plan - YouTube New Years Eve Spokane Tribe Casino - YouTube Spokane Tribe Casino plans to add 300 jobs in expansion ... Spokane Tribe Casino TV-It's Time - YouTube

The casino is built in the heart of the Spokane Tribal Exclusive Aboriginal Territory—ancestral lands encompassing more than three million acres. This includes most of the greater Spokane region, so we felt the casino should share the name that reflects our identity as a tribe, and our identity as a region. To find out more about our name and the development of our logo, watch this video. — The Spokane Tribe Casino is getting bigger to better serve guests. Earlier this month, the tribe launched the second phase of a three-part expansion project at the casino in eastern Washington. Scheduled to be completed by the end of next year, the expansion will add 20,000 square feet, doubling the current facility’s size, and allowing for more gaming amenities, a sports betting area ... Spokane tribe I enjoy visiting the Spokane Tribe Casino for several reasons, the most important reason being the authenticity of their employees. Anywhere in their establishment, you will find honest true to heart friendship, whether it is walking in at the door, where like no other casino, you are greeted individually and offered protective masks, sanitizer and asked to have your temper checked. The Spokane Tribe Casino expansion project calls for 20,000 square feet of additional gaming space, a new restaurant and doubling the size of Whaluks, an existing bar in the casino area. The ... Spokane Tribe Casino 182 followers on LinkedIn. Spokane Tribe Casino represents our culture, our commitment, and our community. Spokane’s newest and friendliest casino! Spokane Tribe Casino ... Spokane Tribe Casino 14300 W SR-2 Hwy Airway Heights, WA 99001 Call Us 1-877-786-9467 Casino. Promotions. Winners. Sun Club. Dining. Hotels. Careers. History ... Spokane Tribe Casino, Airway Heights: Hours, Address, Spokane Tribe Casino Reviews: 3.5/5 The Spokane Tribe operates two casinos: the Spokane Tribe Casino and the Chewelah Casino. Your place to gather for a fun and friendly experience! We commit to the Spokane Tribe’s vision of attaining self-sufficiency by promising generational sustainability, honoring our past and protecting our future. Our commitment is to provide our guests with a unique, memorable and positive experience ... Spokane Tribal Casino Resort Announces Expansion Plans, But Convention Center on Hold. Posted on: November 30, 2020, 02:00h. Last updated on: November 30, 2020, 02:35h.

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Spokane Tribe Casino TV: It's Time - YouTube

BHW1's Spokane Tribe Casino TV: It's Time The Spokane Tribe of Indian is, simply put, ambitious. On Tuesday the tribe unveiled plans to develop 145 acres in Airway Heights and build a casino, a hotel... Commercial for the Spokane Tribe Casino, featuring Octavia D Lewis. With how well they are doing during the pandemic, they decided to double the size of the current facility. 2020 NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATION!December 31, 2019 1PM - 12:30AMJoin us for an evening of celebration to ring in the New Year! Make your New Year bright wit... Are you feeling lucky? The Spokane Tribe of Indians is set to open a 38,000 square foot casino on Monday, January 8th in Airway Heights.