Sturgeons Casino -

When you walk into a Las Vegas bar and this is hanging on the wall, you saddle up and get the best damn scalas beef sammich this side of the Mississippi!

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River Boat Casino

So I really like poker as a game itself and the pokers alright in this game (a little cheap at times)buy I also know theres black jack in the single player.
In the single player you eventually play a heist esq mission on a River Boat Casino fit with Black Jack,higher stakes poker,and I think one other game?
You can actually see the river boat in game way out in the harbor in Saint Denis but if you try to get to it via boat it will just respwan you back to Saint Denjs Harbor once you get close enough to it.
Point being. GTAV has a casino. Where in tarnation is our river gambling boat?Besides why even have the damn thing sitting out there if you're not gonna utilize it.
They could add a couple more games in as well as black jack,regular poker, high stakes poker. They could have it to where you actually sit down and see and interact with other players and see their names instead of being sent to a private session and bam. Get drunk fall off the boat and drown. Fish off the side,have your drunk friend push you and your 19lb sturgeon overboard. Just another fun little idea for entertainments sake.
I'm almost certain they will do this at some point but it wont be till later down the line. That's how you keep a games pulse rate.
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The Sea Tsar (Part 1)

Last night I dreamt I was in the palace under the sea again. Wearing the golden coat and the shiny beautiful crown, I felt like I belonged here. Then, the school of fish and frogs swam up and bowed down to me one by one, specie by specie, then swam back. I was so happy I laughed out terribly loud with the Russian accent, "Kha Kha Kha Kha Kha Kha!!!"
"Beep Beep Beep!" I was then awakened by the alarm clock. It was seven o'clock in the morning, and I had to go to the cruise ship pier to travel to Kaliningrad, Russia, where my parents met each other.
On the ship, it was beautiful. There were swimming pools, shuffleboards, casino, department stores, and more! And I almost forgot to tell you about the food. The chef showed us how to cook caviar with the fresh-caught sturgeon. I tasted just once and I felt it was great! This reminded me back when my mom tasted it on the similar cruise to Kaliningrad. And that was two days before she was pregnant. I believed I had liked it since I was in her womb. I ordered more and more caviar until I felt something strange inside me... I felt thirsty and dry all the time after ate a lot of caviar. I felt like I must drink huge amount of water, my body forced me to drink water as much as I could. But the drinking water on the boat is tooooo lowwwww...
My body forced me to jump! Down to the sea. My body forced me to drink a lot of sea water, and it forced me to yell back at the people on the ship, in Russian, "Get away from me, or DIE!" Everyone quickly got back in the cruise ship, some of them was shocked as they saw me walked down under the ocean like walking down the stairs. And when I reached the bottom, I fainted.
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[Spoiler] Witcher 3 - Quest Story Order

Hi, I've spent the past few days constructing a quest order for the entire of the Witcher 3 (including Hearts of Stone, but NOT Blood and Wine).
I am sure many of you will be wondering as to the point of it all, but for me I really enjoy creating the "best" narrative in my games. I especially hate going back and forth across an area. This guide is designed to help ensure that you never feel like you are skipping or ignoring quests.
It isn't perfect, and if you have any suggestions please say so.
I have also missed some quests on purpose, as they are quite out of the way, and I think it would be unnecessary to add quests which are very much found via exploration. The quests included account for 90% of the game, and are ones found along the main routes of the game.
EDIT: Updated Skellige.
EDIT 2: More Quests added. Racing/Fighting/Gwent Quests added. Unmarked Quests added.
EDIT 3: Added Completion check boxes for those who may wish to print this etc...
NOTES: This Quest guide advises as to when Quests should be begun, not to when they should be completed. This is due to some Quest objectives being spread over a large geographic area.
Furthermore, the order is chosen based on my own preferences for the most logical story. As such, some quests require previous quests to be completed before they will become available.
*Quest is connected to the one above.
**Quest continuation marker.
Quest KEY:
M = Main Quest [Also in BOLD]
S = Secondary Quest
C = Witcher Contract
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Kaer Morhen Kaer Morhen M(-) [__]
Lilac and Gooseberries White Orchard M(-) [__]
Twisted Firestarter White Orchard S(-) [__]
A Frying Pan, Spick and Span White Orchard S(-) [__]
The Beast of White Orchard White Orchard M(3) [__]
Precious Cargo White Orchard S(-) [__]
Contract: Devil by the Well White Orchard C(2) [__]
Missing in Action White Orchard S(-) [__]
The Incident at White Orchard White Orchard M(2) [__]
Imperial Audience Vizima M(2) [__]
Act I
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Funeral Pyres Murbydale S(3) [__]
Bitter Harvest Pontar Border Post S(9) [__]
Man's Best Friend Northeast of Inn at the Crossroads S(-) [__]
At the Mercy of Strangers Greyrocks S(-) [__]
The Nilfgaardian Connection Heatherton M(5) [__]
Wild at Heart Blackbough S(7) [__]
Defender of the Faith South of Blackbough S(10) [__]
Bloody Baron Crow's Perch M(6) [__]
Family Matters Crow's Perch M(6) [__]
* Ciri's Room Crow's Perch S(5) [__]
* Princess in Distress Blackbough M(5) [__]
Master Armorers Crow's Perch S(24) [__]
Contract: Shrieker Crow's Perch C(8) [__]
Face Me if You Dare! South of Crow's Perch S(25) [__]
The Volunteer White Eagle Fort S(13) [__]
Death by Fire NorthWest of Codger's Quarry S(10) [__]
Lynch Mob Hangman's Alley S(7) [__]
Hunting a Witch Midcopse M(5) [__]
Wandering in the Dark The Mire M(6) [__]
* Magic Lamp The Mire S(6) [__]
Love Cruel Snares? Condyle S(10) [__]
Last Rites Blackbough S(9) [__]
Contract: Jenny O' the Woods Midcopse C(10) [__]
An Invitation of Keira Metz Midcopse S(6) [__]
* A Towerful of Mice Fyke Isle S(6) [__]
Forefathers' Eve Fyke Isle S(7) [__]
A Favor for a Friend Midcopse S(6) [__]
* For the Advancement of Learning Fyke Isle S(8) [__]
A Greedy God Wastrel Manor S(7) [__]
Highwayman's Cache East of Boatmakers' Hut S(-) [__]
A Dog's Life South of Boatmakers' Hut S(5) [__]
Contract: The Merry Widow Lidenvale C(10) [__]
The Fall of the House of Reardon Lidenvale S(6) [__]
* Ghosts of the Past Reardon Manor S(6) [__]
Hazardous Goods East of Lidenvale S(-) [__]
Fools' Gold Lurtch S(6) [__]
Ladies of the Wood Crookback Bog M(6) [__]
The Whispering Hillock Crossroads M(5) [__]
** Forefathers' Eve Crookback Bog S(7) [__]
Contract: Swamp Thing Crookback Bog C(12) [__]
Return to Crookback Bog Downwarren S(9) [__]
Witcher Wannabe Lidenvale S(10) [__]
Contract: Woodland Beast Pontar Border Post C(6) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Contract: The White Lady Drahim Castle C(16) [__]
Pyres of Novigrad Novigrad M(10) [__]
Novigrad Dreaming Novigrad M(7) [__]
* Haunted House Novigrad S(7) [__]
Broken Flowers Novigrad M(11) [__]
Message from an Old Driend Hierarch Square (Book Store) S(-) [__]
Contract: An Elusive Thief Tretogor Gate C(13) [__]
** Face Me if You Dare! (Contd) South of Tretogor Gate S(25) [__]
Following the Thread Novigrad S(11) [__]
Contract: Deadly Delights Canal Bridge C(15) [__]
Black Pearl Harborside S(13) [__]
Get Junior Novigrad M(12) [__]
* Honor Among Thieves Whoreson Junior's Casino S(9) [__]
* The Gangs of Novigrad Novigrad S(9) [__]
Empty Coop East of Honeyfill Meadworks S(-) [__]
A Barnful of Trouble Carsten S(11) [__]
** Get Junior (Contd) Temerian Hideout M(12) [__]
** Get Junior (Contd) Oxenfurt M(12) [__]
A Favor for Radovid Oxenfurt M(9) [__]
Redania's Most Wanted Est Tayiar S(12) [__]
An Eye for an Eye Temerian Hideout S(12) [__]
Novigrad Hospitality Novigrad-Oxenfurt Road S(12) [__]
Spooked Mare Novigrad-Oxenfurt Road S(12) [__]
Fencing Lessons Var Attre Villa S(12) [__]
The Flame of Hatred Novigrad S(10) [__]
A Feast for Crows The Bits S(20) [__]
Count Reuven's Treasure Novigrad M(12) [__]
Drunken Rabble The Golden Sturgeon S(8) [__]
A Walk on the Waterfront Harborside S(12) [__]
The Play's the Thing Novigrad M(11) [__]
A Poet Under Pressure Novigrad M(13) [__]
Little Red Yantra S(15) [__]
Contract: The Apiarian Phantom Honeyfill Meadworks C(14) [__]
A Dangerous Game Rosemary and Thyme S(12) [__]
Cabaret Rosemary and Thyme S(14) [__]
** Face Me if You Dare! (Contd) Harborside S(25) [__]
Carnal Sins Vilmerius Hospital S(16) [__]
The Nobleman Statuette Novigrad S(14) [__]
The Soldier Statuette Novigrad S(14) [__]
A Matter of Life and Death The Bits S(12) [__]
Of Dairy and Darkness Abandoned Manor S(9) [__]
Novigrad, Closed City I/II Novigrad S(11) [__]
A Tome Entombed Novigrad Sewers S(13) [__]
The Dwarven Document Dilemma Farcorners S(2) [__]
Now or Never Novigrad S(14) [__]
A Deadly Plot Passiflora S(14) [__]
Out On Your Arse! Harborside S(14) [__]
Warhouse of Woe Harborside S(13) [__]
Destination: Skellige Harborside M(16) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
The King is Dead - Long Live the King Kaer Trolde M(16) [__]
Worthy of Trust Kaer Trolde Harbor S(-) [__]
Contract: Muire D'Yaeblen Kaer Trolde C(18) [__]
The Family Blade Kaer Trolde S(15) [__]
Hard Times North of Blandare S(21) [__]
The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers Blandare S(26) [__]
Echoes of the Past Druid's Camp M(17) [__]
Missing Persons Lofoten M(15) [__]
Nameless Freya's Garden M(14) [__]
* In Wolf's Clothing Freya's Garden S(15) [__]
Taken as a Lass Freya's Temple S(25) [__]
For Fame and Glory Larvik S(15) [__]
Contract: Strange Beast Larvik C(16) [__]
The Last Wish Larvik S(15) [__]
** Hard Times (Contd) Kaer Trolde S(21) [__]
Armed Assault SouthEast of Rannvaig S(15) [__]
The Nithing Rannvaig S(14) [__]
Contract: Missing Son Rannvaig C(29) [__]
Possession Spikeroog S(17) [__]
Contract: Here Comes the Groom Spikeroog C(19) [__]
Master of the Arena Spikeroog S(14) [__]
The Path of Warriors An Skellig S(16) [__]
The Tower Outta Nowheres An Skellig S(30) [__]
Finders Keepers Giant's Toe S(24) [__]
Yustianna Disturbed Yustianna's Grotto S(25) [__]
Crime and Punishment North East of Kaer Trolde S(18) [__]
Contract: Missing Miners Blandare C(27) [__]
Contract: In the Heart of the Woods Fayrlund C(22) [__]
Call of the Wild SouthEast of Arinbjorn S(17) [__]
Siren's Call Northwest of Sund S(13) [__]
Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg Arinbjorn C(17) [__]
** Black Pearl (Contd) Arinbjorn S(13) [__]
A Hallowed Horn North of Arinbjorn S(12) [__]
Stranger in a Strange Land Kaer Muire S(14) [__]
The Cave of Dreams Southeast of Kaer Muire S(14) [__]
** A Hallowed Horn (Contd) Kaer Muire S(12) [__]
Farting Trolls Northwest of Kaer Muire S(16) [__]
The Lord of Undvik Undvik S(17) [__]
** Master Armorers (Contd) Undvik S(24) [__]
Iron Maiden Harviken S(19) [__]
The Price of Honor Harviken S(14) [__]
** Following the Thread (Contd) Faroe Isle S(11) [__]
** The Family Blade (Contd) West of Fyresdal S(15) [__]
Contract: Dragon Fyresdal C(28) [__]
Contract: Skellige's Most Wanted Fyresdal C(29) [__]
** The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers (Contd) East of Fyresdal S(26) [__]
Brave Fools Die Young Grymmdjarr Monument S(-) [__]
Woe is Me Palisade S(13) [__]
A Bard's Beloved SouthEast of Druid's Camp S(15) [__]
Peace Disturbed SouthEast of Kaer Trolde S(25) [__]
An Unpaid Debt Kaer Trolde S(15) [__]
King's Gambit Kaer Trolde S(18) [__]
Practicum in Advanced Alchemy Gedyneith S(24) [__]
Shock Therapy Gedyneith S(24) [__]
** The Family Blade (Contd) Whale Graveyard S(15) [__] ****
Adandoned Sawmill SouthWest of Gedyneith S(24) [__]
Armed Assault SouthEast of Rannvaig S(15) [__]
Coronation Gedyneith S(18) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
** Black Pearl (Contd) Harborside S(13) [__]
** Following the Thread (Contd) Novigrad S(11) [__]
Of Swords and Dumplings Glory Lane S(24) [__]
Contract: Doors Slamming Shut Kingfisher Inn C(24) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Contract: Missing Brother Inn at the Crossroads C(33) [__]
** Master Armorers (Contd) Crow's Perch S(24) [__]
Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands Crow's Perch C(24) [__]
Act II
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Ugly Baby Crow's Perch M(19) [__]
Disturbance Kaer Morhen M(-) [__]
The Final Trial Kaer Morhen M(19) [__]
To Bait a Forktail Kaer Morhen M(19) [__]
The Bastion Kaer Morhen S(23) [__]
Monster Slayer Kaer Morhen S(26) [__]
Greenhouse Effect Kaer Morhen S(27) [__]
Berengar's Blade Kaer Morhen S(27) [__]
The Witchers' Forge Kaer Morhen S(30) [__]
No Place Like Home Kaer Morhen M(19) [__]
Va Fail, Elaine Kaer Morhen M(19) [__]
Brothers in Arms: Nilfgaard Vizima M(22) [__]
Blood Ties Nilfgaardian Camp S(12) [__]
Contract: Patrol Gone Missing Nilfgaardian Camp C(7) [__]
The Truth is in the Stars Benek S(-) [__]
Contract: Phantom of the Trade Route Benek C(23) [__]
Contract: Mysterious Tracks Lidenvale C(20) [__]
Contract: The Mystery of the Byways Oreton C(22) [__]
Contract: The Beast of Honorton Oreton C(25) [__]
* Where the Cat and Wolf Play Honorton S(25) [__]
* Take What You Want Honorton S(25) [__]
Contract: The Oxfenfurt Drunk Oxenfurt C(26) [__]
Rough Neighborhood Oxenfurt S(10) [__]
Without a Trace Oxenfurt HoS-S(32) [__]
Contract: The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest Oxenfurt C(35) [__]
Brothers in Arms: Novigrad Temerian Hideout M(22) [__]
Contract: Lord of the Wood Cunny of the Goose C(25) [__]
Brothers in Arms: Novigrad Novigrad M(22) [__]
Brothers in Arms: Skellige Skellige M(22) [__]
The Isle of Mists Undvik M(22) [__]
The Battle of Kaer Morhen Kaer Morhen M(24) [__]
Blood on the Battlefield Kaer Morhen M(20) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Bald Mountain Bald Mountain M(26) [__]
Final Preparations Novigrad M(-) [__]
Blindingly Obvious Novigrad M(28) [__]
Reason of State Novigrad S(30) [__]
Evil's Soft First Touches The Seven Cats HoS-M(32) [__]
Rose on a Red Field Garin Estate HoS-S(33) [__]
Open Sesame! Auction House HoS-M(34) [__]
Avid Collector Auction House HoS-S(34) [__]
Dead Man's Party Brunwich HoS-M(33) [__]
* A Midnight Clear Brunwich HoS-S(33) [__]
Scenes from a Marriage Von Everec Estate HoS-M(35) [__]
Whatsoever a Man Soweth... The Alchemy HoS-M(36) [__]
The Great Escape Novigrad M(28) [__]
Payback Novigrad M(28) [__]
Through Time and Space Novigrad M(26) [__]
Battle Preparations Novigrad M(28) [__]
The Sunstone Skellige M(28) [__]
Child of the Elder Blood Skellige M(31) [__]
Skjall's Grave Hindarsfjall M(28) [__]
Veni Vidi Vigo Skellige M(28) [__]
On Thin Ice Undvik M(30) [__]
Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age Undvik M(30) [__]
Something Ends, Something Begins White Orchard M(30) [__]
Faithful Friend White Orchard S(30) [__]
Exploratory and Unmarked Quests
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Deadly Crossing Troll Bridge S(-) [__]
Highway Robbery Velen S(-) [__]
Harassing a Troll West of Inn at the Crossroads S(-) [__]
Looters I East of Heatherton S(-) [__]
Looters II Codger's Quarry S(-) [__]
Looters III Toderas S(-) [__]
Caravan Attack Northwest of Marauders' Bridge S(-) [__]
Fake Papers Pontar Border Post S(-) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Witch Hunter Raids Farcorners S(16) [__]
Racists of Novigrad Northeast of Tretogor Gate S(7) [__]
Suspicious Shakedown West of Tretogor Gate S(-) [__]
Karmic Justice NorthEast of Tretogor Gate S(8) [__]
Strumpet in Distress Harborside S(-) [__]
Strangers in the Night West of Vegelbud Residence S(-) [__]
A Warm Welcome Southwest of Wheat Fields S(-) [__]
The Price of Passage Oxenfurt S(-) [__]
The Most Truest of Basilisks Northeast of Oxenfurt S(10) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
The Four Faces of Hemdall Northwest of Trottheim S(17) [__]
Farting Trolls Northwest of Kaer Muire S(16) [__]
Misc Quests
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Collect 'Em All World S(-) [__]
Gwent: Playing Innkeeps World S(-) [__]
Gwent: Velen Players Velen S(-) [__]
Gwent: Big City Players Novigrad S(-) [__]
Gwent: Old Pals Novigrad S(-) [__]
High Stakes Passiflore (Novigrad) S(26) [__]
Gwent: Playing Thaler Pontar Border Post/Seven Cats Inn S(-) [__]
Gwent: Skellige Style Skellige S(-) [__]
Horse Races
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Crow's Perch West of Crow's Perch S(-) [__]
The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby Vegelbud Residence S(-) [__]
The Heroes' Pursuits: Fyresdal Fyresdal S(-) [__]
The Heroes' Pursuits: Kaer Trolde Kaer Trolde S(-) [__]
The Heroes' Pursuits: For the Goddess' Glory Larvik S(-) [__]
The Heroes' Pursuits: Fayrlund Fayrlund S(-) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Fists of Fury: Velen Velen S(11) [__]
Fists of Fury: Novigrad Novigrad S(23) [__]
Fists of Fury: Skellige Skellige S(30) [__]
Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions Spikeroog S(11) [__]
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August 6th, 2018: Verastahl Interview

Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm a guy that loves stories, whether I'm doing the listening or the telling, and regardless of the medium. I love animals and intentionally bad jokes among many other things. :)
When did you first become interested in horror?
Pretty much since I could read. I grew up reading horror stories, watching horror movies, etc. My mother would read me Stephen King books and skip the rough parts. I love a lot of different genres, but most days I'll take mediocre horror over good something else.
Was there a specific moment you knew you wanted to write in that genre?
To some extent, I think we tend to write what we read. Because I always read a lot of horror, it was natural that I would gravitate toward it as a writing genre. I started writing stories when I was probably 8 or 9, and I know I was writing more fleshed out horror stories starting at about 13. I've written horror ever since (with some other genres here and there as well).
That's a long time! Do you recall what any of those early stories were about?
Some of them were pretty rough, but one early one I liked was about the spirit of an old alien who died on Earth and wound up trapped in the house built on the spot where it crashed. It was told from the ghost's perspective and was weird but kind of neat.
What is the most terrifying thing you have personally experienced?
I think for me the scariest things have always been related to someone I care about being in danger. I don't want to personally be hurt or die of course, but I deal with being in danger personally much better than it being someone else, especially if I'm not in a position to help.
As far as more horror-themed stuff, I lived in a house that was haunted once. Saw several things there, but it was more mildly creepy and cool than it was terrifying. I've had the chance to see a lot of interesting things over the years, but most of the time I think any scariness gets outweighed by positives, and there's a lot of times that the scariness is a positive.
Whoa, living in a haunted house is definitely spooky. Have any of your real life experiences ever made their way into your work?
I think a lot of my life experiences have impacted my work, though I think frequently ideas and emotions are the things that bleed through more than specific events. You always hear write what you know, but I think that if you can write from a place of empathy, it becomes easier to apply real feelings to very alien situations, and that can make bizarre stories and characters feel much more alive and genuine.
What are some of your biggest influences from media?
There are a ton, and there's so much that influences you that seeps down into the crevices of your brain. It's still there, but you can't see or recall it anymore. That being said, I'll try to give some highlights by category.
Authors: Lovecraft, King, Gaiman and Barker are all big. Though not a horror writer, I think that Frank Herbert is one of the best writers I've ever read, particularly when it comes to discussing complex ideas and philosophies in a clear and engaging way. Three of my favorite books are IT, American Gods, and Dune, and my favorite short story is "The Professor's Teddy Bear" by Theodore Sturgeon.
Horror Movies: Hellraiser generally, In the Mouth of Madness, Event Horizon, It Follows, and so many more. The new IT movie and Hereditary are very good. I really didn't like A Quiet Place for a variety of reasons. As for horror directors, some of my favorites are Takashi Miike, David Lynch, John Carpenter, and Rob Zombie.
Music: I also love music of various genres, and sometimes listen to it when I write, though I tend to use stuff without lyrics for writing so I'm not distracted. But listening to music while driving or doing whatever can be a good source of inspiration too.
How did you discover NoSleep? What prompted you to begin writing for it?
I had heard of NoSleep for awhile, and had glanced at it once or twice in the past, but I had never really taken the time to look at it closely and start reading stories until this past Spring. Right away I was struck by several things. First, there are a lot of talented writers on there. Second, there are a lot of smart and passionate readers on there. And third, everyone on there loves horror like I do. After that it was an easy decision to start reading and writing there regularly.
What NoSleep stories and/or authors have had the strongest impact on you?
This is a hard one because there are a lot of great stories and authors I've found on here. Definitely some of them include u/Dopabeane, u/ByfelsDisciple, u/BlairDaniels, and u/Mr_Outlaw_ among many others. Storywise, the Left/Right Game, A 911 call where nothing made sense, and I clean crime scenes are all some of my favorites.
Other than writing, what are some of your hobbies? What other creative mediums do you enjoy?
I enjoy movies and video games quite a bit, playing with our animals and generally hanging out with loved ones. I tend to be pretty laid back though I always have a rough plan or schedule for what I'm doing in the back of my mind. As far as other creative mediums, while I enjoy drawing/painting and music, I'm terrible at both. I'm much better at appreciating other forms of art than I am creating them.
Do you ever explore writing other genres besides horror? If so, what other styles of writing? Which do you prefer?
I do sometimes write things that are closer to fantasy, science fiction, or drama, but even then they typically have some horror or otherworldly element to them. I feel like there are so many subjects that can benefit from at least a little something weird or terrible that it is hard not to incorporate it into most of my writing.
We've noticed that! Many of your stories have almost a futuristic thriller feel to them, with a focus on sci-fi elements, or alternate worlds. What do you find most compelling about intertwining those concepts with horror? Do you ever struggle to stay within the realm of horror?
It's kind of like the old Arthur C. Clarke quote that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. So much of horror is also fantasy or science fiction and vice versa. If I ask you what genre Terminator 2 is, you might say scifi or even "action". If I asked young John Connor or Sarah Connor that, I bet they'd say horror.
I think that one of the things that makes horror so wonderful is that most horror stories are deeply personal. They play on our fears, but also our senses of wonder and morality. They are ways of talking about spiritual and philosophical ideas in more concrete terms than some genres easily allow. I think scifi and fantasy do the same thing, but they are all heading for the same part of town from different streets.
Part of it being personal is that it's also fairly subjective. I try not to worry too much about if I'm telling horror stories or scary stories, but just if I'm telling the stories I feel passionate about sharing with others. To me they are almost always horror, but a given reader might disagree, and I think their opinion is just as valid as mine.
Have any of your stories ever involved research? If so, what was involved?
Yes, I do research for quite a few of my stories. For instance, the "I think my grandfather might be a serial killer" series and the "Outsider" stories tend to involve things that require some level of medical knowledge due to one of the main characters being a skilled surgeon. I've been asked before by readers if I'm actually a doctor, and I'm not, but I do want to make sure I get details like that right, so I read up on things I want to include that I don't already know about. Another example is in "Come live in the ashes of my heart", a book written in 1909 describes a specific type of Waterman pen. I researched pens and found that that particular pen was first sold via catalog to the public in October of 1908, so it made sense that he could get one as a gift the following year and not have seen one ever before given his...predicament.
Let's talk about those Outsider stories. You've crafted a fully fleshed out universe that's home to several intricately connected series. Did you always intend to create such an expansive world? Has your initial vision changed over time?
I always knew it was going to be a large world, and I wouldn't say my overall vision has changed over time, but it has certainly expanded as I write. The best way to explain is by explaining how I typically write by way of a terrible analogy.
Imagine you are walking up to a large, strange house in the middle of a moonless night with only a flashlight to help you. As you shine your light and walk closer, you see new parts and take in new details. That's writing for me. The house is always there, but it just takes time to see it all, and I write what I see.
See? I suck at analogies. And poetry.
How far in advance have you mapped out the world involved in those stories? Without giving away spoilers, can you give us any info on what's in the future for the characters?
It's all in my head, and the world is very large. Or going back to the bad house analogy, it's a very large house. I am still exploring it, but I can say there are a lot more stories I plan on telling in that world and I already see the major plot points as well as the broader cosmology of the universe, much of which hasn't been revealed yet.
As for what's coming, here's a bit of info without giving away too much.
The Nightlands are very important, particularly to two people we've already met, and they will be explored in some detail over time. Like, physically explored, not just talked around like some neverending tease mystery box.
Several people are going to seek revenge for different reasons. Several important people are going to die. At least one person may not be who you think they are. Things are even more connected than it may appear.
The inner chambers of Mystery Cave are in the Nightlands, and we haven't seen the last of her.
You've previously published two novellas and short story anthologies, and recently announced two forthcoming compilations. Can you tell us a little about your prior published works, and what we can look forward to in the upcoming releases?
Sure. "Mystery" and the two short story compilations, "On the Hill" (which includes Mystery) and "Whimsical Leprosy" are stories I wrote over a period of time, so they vary some in mood and style, especially the older stories in "On the Hill". The novel, "Darkness", tells a single story, but with many parts, so it's almost like a short story collection itself.
As for the new books, I currently have two in the works that should be out within the next two months.
The first is "The Outsiders: Book One". It takes the core Outsider stories I've posted on NoSleep so far and puts them into a consolidated book formatted in such a way they can be read as discrete stories or together as a novel. So the "grandfather" series and "House of the Claw" stories among others, as well as two stories exclusive to the book called "The Hollow City" and "The Nightlands: The Ballad of Joshua the Beggar". That book just came out on August 1st and is available in ebook and print format at Amazon.
The second is "You saw something you shouldn't have". It is a collection of my other NoSleep stories that are either less directly connected to the Outsider universe or completely unrelated. Again, I'll have a couple of exclusive stories in the book so there's some additional value beyond having an easier to read, permanent copy of the stories you may have read before. It should be out in September.
I say this all the time, but I always want to be clear because I do tend to tell long stories. I won't ever make the end of a story or some critical plot point of a larger storyline limited to just exclusive paid book material. I appreciate you reading my stories whether you buy a book or not, and if you start a story of mine for free on NoSleep, you'll be able to finish it there. The extra stories are intended to be deeper dives into certain things for those that want that, not a pay wall to finish a story you've already invested your time in.
The House Spider centers around yokai, figures from Japanese folklore reputed to manifest in multiple forms. What made you choose that specific mythos, and the form of a spider?
The idea sprang from images that came to me of a spider spirit lurking around a house. I knew some about yokai, and researching more, it seemed a good fit. The form of the spider at the end was influenced by a mixture of cute close-ups I've seen of some spiders and my ferret, who is the best yokai I could ever ask for.
You've also invented your own creatures in stories like A thing called Candleheart killed my brother. Do you have a preference for fabricating your own myths and monsters over using commonly known ones, like in I convinced my friend I'm a vampire?
I don't really have a strong preference, it just depends on the story. A lot of my creatures have a basis in some established myth or folklore, though usually only as a jumping off point. If the initial idea for the story is the creature, I usually don't draw from established myths and legends. If the initial idea is a character, situation, or idea, I often do.
How much time do you spend writing in an average day or week? Do you have any rituals that help you focus?
It varies from week to week, but on average I probably spend 10 to 12 hours a week. The only things I really need is a keyboard and limited distractions.
When crafting a piece of fiction, do you generally start with an outline or simply begin writing?
I rarely do outlines or rough drafts outside of my head. A number of my stories come from dreams I have or from a simple phrase or idea that pops into my head randomly. From there I ponder and study it until I have a better grasp on it as a story, and then I start writing. I usually write at a fast pace when I get going, as I'm basically just transcribing what I see in my mind. When I'm done, I reread what I wrote for typos and stylistic tweaking, though I generally don't do any major changes.
Are there any topics you feel are too controversial for you to address or that you prefer not to explore in your writing?
Too controversial? Probably not. But there are some topics that I do find distasteful or that I think would be so polarizing that it would take focus away from the story itself. I'm ultimately trying to tell the best stories I can, and I want the subject matter to enhance that, not detract from it.
What are your feelings toward NoSleep's immersion/believability rule? What impact, if any, do you think the suspension of disbelief format may have when transitioning your work toward a mass audience unfamiliar with NoSleep?
I think that the NoSleep rule is great overall. Over the years, I've only written a handful of stories that would qualify under NoSleep's ruleset. Conforming to it for many of my more recent stories has been a great asset in finding creative ways to tell certain tales. I also think that the limits NoSleep imposes gives it a level of uniqueness and brand-permanence that has helped make it so successful. People know what kind of horror stories they're getting to some extent, and that comfort and familiarity can be a big positive.
In a perfect world, I wish NoSleep had a twin sister without the limitations but with the same audience, writers, and moderators. Having the flexibility of both subreddits while insuring the same level of quality would be great. But until that happens, I can't complain. NoSleep is pretty awesome.
As for transitioning my work toward a mass audience, I don't think that's necessarily a big problem. Some things I write won't be suitable for NoSleep, but anything I write for NoSleep will be suitable for a mass audience. Are some of the rules and stylistic choices different? Sure. Are the trends and popular naming conventions different on NoSleep than in some other forms of horror stories? Absolutely. But I don't see that as a bad thing. For horror to thrive, it has to continue to evolve, and I think there's plenty of room on reddit and bookshelves for more traditional "literary" horror and more contemporary takes that use a more conversational or experimental style.
Do you have any favorite reader reactions to your writing?
I love almost every comment or message I get, but some of my favorites are when you have different readers discussing some aspect of a story. Much of what I write is interconnected in one way or another, so when I see people getting excited over figuring out some clue or reference or debating what X could mean for Y, it makes me very happy and excited too.
Also, I'd like to give special thanks to u/hayclonic, who volunteered and constructed a massive, beautiful map of connections they found between my different stories. It is really wonderful and far better than anything I could have done. If you're fairly caught up on my stuff, you can find it here. If you're not, you may want to wait so you aren't spoiled and things make more sense.
What story or project are you most proud of?
Like so much of this, I have multiple answers. I'm proud of my novel "Darkness" because I think it tells a fairly unique and interesting story. I'm proud of "I think my grandfather might be serial killer" and the Outsider universe overall because I think it has interesting characters that have complexities and deep emotions that drive them. But I'm also like the proud father that loves all his children, regardless of their flaws.
What's the most valuable lesson you've learned since you began posting to NoSleep?
How to format my stories in Word for NoSleep. As you can see, I'm long-winded, and my earlier attempts at formatting my super-long stories were not awesome. But thanks to a NoSleep OOC comment, I have seen the light. Double-entering between paragraphs is my jam, yo.
As a successful author on NoSleep, do you have any advice for new contributors?
Don't psyche yourself out. If you enjoy telling stories, trust yourself to tell them well. Don't stress out about upvotes, but be happy when you have a popular story. You're posting on NoSleep because you want others to read and hopefully enjoy your work. So you're naturally going to want to have popular stories. Pay attention to what kinds of stories people want to read, what kinds of titles get people to click on a story. Read other writers here and elsewhere and figure out what works and what doesn't.
Then decide what that means for you. You can write everything trying to appeal to what you think the largest audience wants and frame it with the clickbaitiest of clickbait titles. Or you can do the polar opposite, adhering purely to what you want to write about without any influence from your readers/potential readers. My suggestion is to stay somewhere in the middle between those extremes. Write what you want to write and are passionate about, but be open to what others want to read as well. If you can find the right balance, you will likely produce things you are proud of. And keep in mind that your best stories and your most popular stories are not necessarily going to be the same thing.
Write frequently and learn/maintain good grammar. Push yourself and what you're comfortable with writing. Always respect your readers and yourself. Remember that telling a story is a gift for the writer and the reader, and as long as you are able to touch and affect one reader with your words, you're both richer for the story having been told.
What are your short-term and long-term writing goals?
To keep telling stories for as long as I live. I plan on writing on NoSleep and other similar places for many years to come, and periodically I will keep turning those stories and other works into books for people that want to read things in that format as well.
Community Questions:
Submitted anonymously: How long have you been writing?
I've been writing stories since I was around 13.
Submitted anonymously: If you were able to spend the day with any figure in the horror community (author, director, actor, etc.), who would you choose and why?
Dead: H.P. Lovecraft, because his stories and ideas on writing have always meant so much to me. Living: Either Clive Barker or Neil Gaiman because they both seem like very nice British people that are wonderful writers and love the worlds they create. Honorable mention: Shirley Jackson, because she was awesome.
From FoolishWhim: Everyone has a process they go through when writing a story, what is yours?
I typically start by discovering a small part of an overall story and looking at it for awhile. As I see more of it, I start writing what I see, and when I'm done, I go back and review for typos and stylistic tweaks.
What is your favorite fairy tale?
The King of the Cats or The Monkey's Paw. "Cats" because it does such a good job of marrying the mundane world with the secret world beneath (above?) it. "Paw" because it uses both supernatural rules and consequences, as well as the power of emotion and loss, to such wonderful effect. And before you say I cheated and these aren't fairy tales, Wikipedia says they are, and as we all know, Wikipedia is the great loom upon which all truth is woven.
How do I get my hands on one of those memoriam dolls?
Uncle Teddy still makes them, but you better have something valuable to offer. I'd think twice before dealing with such a dangerous character though, especially now that he's a free agent!
From Colourblindness: As a newer author do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the pressure or the hype that readers expect you to meet?
While I've written stories and books for years, I'm still pretty new to nosleep, and it is a very different experience in some ways. The immediate feedback is wonderful, and getting a sense of a reader's enjoyment or excitement just after they finished a story or in the middle of a longer series is something I really treasure. That definitely drives me to always do my best and hope that people enjoy how a story is told and ends, but I don't feel like it's pressure at all. My stories are what they are for the most part, and my job is to see them and tell them as clearly as I can manage. And I care about my stories deeply, so when my readers care about them too, sharing that with them is the biggest reward and source of encouragement I could ask for.
Submitted anonymously: If you had to live in the established universe of any of your stories, which would you choose and why?
The Outsiders universe. In part because it is a complex place that is filled with heroes and monsters and everything in between, and while it is full of a lot of pain and evil, there's a lot of hope and wonder there too. And out of all of my favorite characters, so many of them live in that world.
Submitted anonymously: What is the greatest album of all time and why is it Metropolis Part II: Scenes from a Memory?
I think you spelled Lateralus by TOOL wrong. And if you really need a wonderful discussion of Metropolis, Dopabeane's response is already perfect. But seriously. TOOL is the best.
From poppy_moonray: If you had one time round trip access to a time machine, where would you visit and what would you do?
I would go to late 1944 Germany, kidnap Hitler and brainwash him. I would bring him back with me to the future and turn over the time machine to him with his new brainwashed purpose. He is to go back to a year before I arrived, kidnap his past self, brainwash him, and then have the past Hitler kill him, the first Hitler I kidnapped. The past Hitler will then take the time machine to go back another year to his past Hitler and do the same thing, on and on, until they get to 22 year old Hitler, who, after killing 23 year old Hitler, will journey to Southhampton, England for a nice ship ride on the RMS Titanic.
Or I'd go see some dinosaurs.
What fruit do you empathize with most strongly? What fruit fills you with an unbridled fury?
Blackberries. They are interesting looking and delicious, and I bet they would help you out in a jam. Get it? A jam?!?....oookay. Mangos, on the other hand, are not meant to be seen by God nor Man. They are the unfruit, and their inclusion in salsa or chutney signals the tolling of the bells of doom.
If you were to torture a person (just assume this is, like, a very bad dude who totally has it comin'), how would you do it?
I would make them love things other than themselves very much. Depend upon them. And then I would slowly tear those things apart in front of them. And when they got through the anger and the despair and the numbness of defeat, I would show them that it was all their fault, but that they could do better next time if they just tried harder. And then I'd start again.
Who's your favorite character you've ever created? Least favorite?
I love a lot of my characters, but Dr. Patrick Barron is one of my favorites to be sure. The main villain in my first book, which isn't even in circulation any more, is probably one of my least favorites. He wasn't a bad villain, but was just a giant asshole without a ton of depth. I like my protagonists and antagonists to be more complex and hard to fully like or dislike. I had a comment on the YouTube narration of the "grandfather" series that was like "Gramps is an asshole!" and I loved that! Just don't let Dr. Barron hear you say it.
Please write a haiku about NoSleep and/or horror, thank you very much.
you find no slumber
when itching eggs are hatching
just under the skin
From iwantabear: If you had to write entirely in one genre that isn't horror what would you pick and what would be the title of your first book? also who is your favorite James Bond?
Fantasy. It would be called "Dragon and Star: Book One", though that's cheating a bit, both because it's a mixture of fantasy, scifi and horror, and it's a trilogy I may actually write some day.:) And Pierce Brosnan is James Bond. And if he cannot fulfill his Bond duties, Idris Elba is James Bond. The rest are just keeping the seat warm.
Submitted anonymously: Are you a Brennan or a Dale?
Based on the internet test I just took, I'm a Brennan. I also now know a secret method casinos hate but they can't do anything about.
Submitted anonymously: What book made you cry hardest?
The Dark Tower series at several points towards the end. If you've read it, you know the parts.
From ByfelsDisciple: What do you think is your most underrated story? Your most overrated?
Underrated? Maybe "FM Rider"? Just because I like it a lot personally and it connects to certain other things in interesting ways. Overrated? I think that's harder to say, not because I don't have my favorites, but because I don't think I'm in a position to judge what other people like about my stories, and saying one of my stories is overrated feels too close to criticizing my readers just because they got different things out of them than I did. It's a cop-out answer, but it's a detailed cop-out answer. And that's how you pass an essay exam.
Submitted anonymously: Which of your stories has been the most difficult to write, and why?
I think the ones where I really like or at least sympathize with a character and they have really bad things happen to them. An old story of mine involved a messed-up little boy who killed his mother because he thought she was going to kill him. Everett getting drug into Mystery Cave. Poor Mike in Coventry as a more recent example. I love my characters and they have terrible things happen to them sometimes, but it's more tragic when the character is driven by love or loneliness or betrayal into the jaws of something terrible with their eyes open. They know what's coming and all they can do is lower their head and wait.
Submitted anonymously: What question did you want to be asked that didn’t get asked?
Why is Babylon 5 the best science fiction show ever made? The answer is because if you watch the entire series, and you're asked afterward who's the best character on the show, no matter who you say, you'd be right.
On a voyage for more Verastahl? Don't become vexed!
Check out his
You can also purchase his fantastic brand new book, The Outsiders: Book One!
NoSleepInterviews would like to extend an entire galaxy worth of sparkly thank you stars to the glittering Verastahl for granting us this fascinating and insightful interview! Your incredible writing talent impresses us almost as much as your plans to set forth a sea of increasingly younger Hitlers to murder each other, and we can't wait to see what new marvels you create in the future!
We'll see you back here in two weeks on Monday, August 20th when we crack into the chaos behind the mind of the cool cat known as Colourblindness! Until then, why not repeatedly point at different objects and ask him what color they are? Colorblind people love that, right?
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Futurology AI Bracket beating every CBS Expert and 99% of all ESPN brackets heading in to round two CBS
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science Spiders top the global predator charts - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL Subway has a "sandwich artist" apprenticeship in the U.K. as an excuse to pay £3.50 an hour. Subway
television Will there be a Cosmos Season 2? Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the current state of the show Tyson
Futurology China must woo top tech talent turned off by Trump, says Baidu chief Baidu
worldnews Russian agent hired alleged Yahoo hacker, Canadian Karim Baratov Yahoo
Showerthoughts Thanks to Google Maps if I was coming from space in a spaceship, I'd know exactly how to get home. Google
Jokes What do you say to Uber Eats when your food takes hours? Uber
mildlyinteresting A 70 Day Exposure of the Suns Path Across the Sky OC Sky
mildlyinteresting My steel American Airlines fork from before 9/11 American Airlines
mildlyinteresting This Costco has a self-checkout Costco
movies Train to Busan only $0.99 on Google Play Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5 How is it that things like Microsoft Word have been around for a while but printer technology is still incredibly frustrating? Microsoft
Showerthoughts If your Google Chrome history is empty then you've masturbated recently. Google
Documentaries Secret Government: The Constitution In Crisis 1987 - Scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch of the United States Government to carry out operations which are clearly contrary to the wishes and values of the American people. United
videos Ski Jumping New World Record - Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters 831.69 feet Kraft
sports Stefan Kraft 253,5 m New World Record Vikersund Kraft
worldnews Refusal by Britain's prime minister to discuss an independence referendum would "shatter beyond repair" the United Kingdom's constitutional structure, Nicola Sturgeon told her Scottish National Party on Saturday United
gifs Ski Jumping New World Record - Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters 831.69 feet Kraft
movies The SECRET Behind FAST & FURIOUS Chase Scenes! - Frame by Frame Chase
Showerthoughts Even if I know I'm looking for a Wikipedia page, I still search on Google and not Wikipedia. Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How does Google & Youtube backup my files, videos, pictures and not deal with hard drives failing all the time? Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How does Google & Youtube backup my files, videos, pictures and not deal with hard drives failing all the time? Youtube
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Kid from BBC Interview Blooper during a press conference BBC
Showerthoughts Uber users should get a percentage discount based on their Uber rating Uber
gifs New ski jumping world record - Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters 831.69 feet Kraft
sports Stefan Kraft sets new world record in ski jumping. 253.5 meters Kraft
gaming [Watch Dogs 2 Low End PC Test
gaming Evolve Ultimate Edition is free with Xbox live Gold Xbox
UpliftingNews 7-year-old boy paralyzed in car accident dances thanks to harness therapy Source: ABC News ABC
funny Dang eBay seller. All I wanted to know was if the camera was new or used. eBay
worldnews Financial leaders of the world's biggest economies dropped a pledge to keep global trade free and open, acquiescing to an increasingly protectionist United States after a two-day meeting failed to yield a compromise United
Documentaries Controlled Impact Demonstration 1984 When NASA Intentionally Crashed A Remote Controlled Boeing 720 to Study Anti-Misting Systems for Aviation Fuel Boeing
videos Stefan Kraft 253.5m NEW WORLD RECORD ski jumping Kraft
gaming I Think the Artists for Mass Effect: Andromeda Took Inspiration From Total Recall... Total
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does a global corporation like KFC have have take away outlets in North America than in countries like China where they have vast multistory restaurants? KFC
funny This has to be the best eBay ad of all time... eBay
funny REVEALED: The secret KFC herbs and spices KFC
videos Pop.Up modular autonomous car / drone hybrid concept by Airbus and Italdesign Airbus
funny That's messed up Adobe Illustrator. Adobe
mildlyinteresting This BMW employee is actually wearing BMW brand shoes. BMW
explainlikeimfive ELI5:From a purely economic perspective, would a major war be beneficial to the United States? United
mildlyinteresting My Walmart receipt has a typo Walmart
videos Attenborough: Beaver Lodge Construction Squad - BBC Earth BBC
mildlyinteresting This Burger King that has plastic cushions that mess with your head and make you think they're actually cushions Burger King
todayilearned TIL masturbation, even in private, is forbidden in United States prisons. United
gaming As a Xbox gamer being able to play PS4 games with my Elite controller feels amazing Xbox
mildlyinteresting My Taco Bell sauce doesn't have flavor text. Bell
AskReddit People who admitted to having intercourse with someone's mother over Xbox Live, what was their reaction? Xbox
WritingPrompts WP A zombie outbreak has occurred on the west coast of the United States but was controlled in a matter of weeks. A rogue group of zombies has evaded the military and started to travel across the northern states taking out town and building their army United
funny I knew that little BBC interview girl looked familiar BBC
gaming Found this scrolling through FB today. As an Xbox owner I can confirm. Xbox
funny Man Google is good Google
mildlyinteresting I found the Sky King at Burger King. Sky
pics Visiting Target and I found this Target
mildlyinteresting This Burger King serves beer Burger King
sports Villanova broke CBS sports CBS
todayilearned TIL that Leonardo da Vinci invented the Miter Lock in 1497, which is still in use today including in the Panama and Suez Canals. Vinci
OldSchoolCool Prince Nelson Rogers playing the f☆☆k out of it circa 1985 Rogers
pics Excellent Sky to Ground Contrast Sky
AskReddit Californians of Reddit: What do you think California's future with the United States will look like? United
space United Launch Alliance Delta IV WGS-9 launch today at KSC at 7:24 PM EST Delta
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[TOMT] A long time ago there was a person named "Ghostylinks" who made mixtapes with different "versions" based on the different Pokemon games. Does anyone have a link to the tracks on them?

Hey there! Thanks for clicking this. As the title says, I'm looking for a place I can download the mixtape from. I know the tracklist and I know the versions, I just need the songs themselves. I've tried looking online but some of them are just too rare to be found. Here is the full tracklist.
Dude Whatever it's Summer 2010- Team Teamwork
White Girl Missing You Now- Team Teamwork Remix
Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever- The Four Tops
Rappcats pt 3Quasimoto
Everlasting Light- The Black Keys
Can't Stop Now- Major Lazer ft. Jovi Rockwell & Mr. Vegas
Excuse me- Memory Tapes remix- Gucci Mane
The Final Frontier- RJD2 & Blueprint Should Have Taken Acid With You- Neon Indian
Lowdown- Boz Scaggs
Stick Up Kids- Bad Rabbits
Signs- J Dilla
Big Bad Mean Motherfucker Girls
Gossip Folks Tell' Em (Team Teamwork Remix)
Inni Mer Syngur Vitleysingur- Sigur Ros
Dude Whatever it's Summer 2k9- Team Teamwork
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs- Casey and His Brother
I Poke Her Face - Kid Cudi, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga
Possible- Vyle
We Were Sick- The Thermals
Love- J Dilla and Pharoahe Monch
Little Secrets- PAssion Pit
Pillz (Team Teamwork Remix)- Gucci Mane
Nasy Boy- Notorious BIG
Michael Jackson- PYT
My Love (Diplo Remix)- Justin Timberlake
Summertime Clothes (Dam Funk Remix)
Quiet Dog Bite Hard- Mos Def
The Last Lie I Ever Told- Saves the Day
Flow Gold Version
Old School- Dangerdoom
The Food- Common/Kanye (Live)
C'mon- Atmosphere
Never (Chiddy Bang)
Exhibit C- Jay Electronica
Hold the Line- Major Lazer fear. Mr. Lexx & Santigold
We Don't Care (Kanye West)
No Hook (Meeting the Owl)
La Di Da- Asher Roth
Monster- Kanye West
Flow Silver Version
Go!- Common
Champion- Kanye
Purexed- P.O.S.
Casting Agents- Busdriver
Drake- PAris Morton Music
The Wondersmith and his Sons- Astronautalis
The Vowels pt2- Why?
Pour me Another- Atmosphere
The Story of My Life- AstroNautalis
All caps- Madvillain
Love Blue Version
Coney Island (Acoustic)- Good Old War
Hey Ya- Obadiah PArker
Breaking Away- Ratatat
Ramona (Acoustic)- Beck
Aphex Twin/Bright Eyes Mashup- Jack Conte
Igloo- Karen O and the Kids
The Undeserv'd- Will Sturgeon
Nantes- Beirut
These Days- The Royal Tenenbaums
And it Spread- the Avett Brothers
Your Hand in Mine- Explosions in the Sky
You and I- Ingrid Michaelson
Love Red Version
Bear- The Antlers
At The Bottom of Everything- Bright Eyes
The Girl- City and Colour
Heartilation- Andrew Jackson Jihad
Sleepyhead (Lydverket Soanderer)- Passion Pit
Blacking out the Friction- Death Cab for Cutie
Little Bit- Lykke Li
Lessons Learned- Matt and Kim
The Only Exception- Paramore
Question- Old 97s
Mahalo- Ratatat
Three Seed- Silversun Pickups
Love Yellow Version
I Ni Sogoma- Dinosaur Feathers
Holiday- Vampire Weekend
Lazy Afternoons- Yoko Shimomura
La Vie En Rose- Edith Piaf
Cath Acoustic- Death Cab for Cutie
Until the Day I Die- Slingshot Dakota
Mr. Fox in the Fields- The Fantastic Mr. Fox
Holland, 1945- Madeline Ava
Your English is Good- Tokyo Police Club
Scrapping and Yelling- The Royal Tenenbaums
Jolt Ruby Version
Kiara- Bonobo
Cherry- Ratatat
Broken Promise [Dreams]- Toonami
Ignition- Toonami
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog- Robot Science
Lazar- Dead Pirates
This Place is a Prison- The Postal Service
Party With Children- Ratatat
Sunblocks- Ratatat
Derezzed- Daft Punk
Jolt Sapphire Version
Universal Theme- Scott Pilgrim
Rocket Jump Electro- Mastgrr
Help I'm Alive (The Twelves Remix)- Metric
Awaken (Bunny Majs Redux)- DJ Foxsky
Jerk It- Thunderheist
Fast Turtle- Anamanaguchi
Interlude- I set my Friends on fire
Another Winter- Scott Pilgrim the Game
1991- Crystal Castles
Three in the Morning (RJ's I can Barely Sleep In This Casino Remix)- Homestuck
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How to find hidden cctv camera in hotels - 10 easy ... Sturges Method - YouTube Streamers Catch Rarest Fish in Animal Crossing: New ... The Casino Wanted To ARREST ME After WINNING THIS JACKPOT ... HELLS ANGELS VERY Tactically Looming About - YouTube Papa Oom Mow Mow - YouTube

Related Posts Fantastische Spiele im Swiss CasinoWer auf der Suche nach Spaß und attraktiven Bonusangeboten ist, der wird sicherlich nicht an… Automaten Casinos - Vor und NachteileZwischenzeitlich gibt es nicht nur die klassischen Casinos, in denen verschiedene Spieltische für Black Jack… Bingo bei SuperGaminator - Was ist das?Online Casino ist es eine Vielfalt unterschiedlicher ... Sturgeons Casino #2 1420 CORNELL, Lovelock, NV Columbus Data, Inc. About; More; Address: 1420 CORNELL : Lovelock, NV 89419 : Large Map & Directions : Owner: Columbus Data, Inc. Has access fees (bank-dependent): Unknown : Supports: Operational hours: Open 24x7 : Can get balance: False : Has restricted access (may be inside building or not in the open): False : ATMs stand for automated teller ... sturgeons casino Nevada casino chips - new, old & obsolete house and limited edition casino chips from open and closed Nevada casinosThe Redwood Empire Chapter HOG is a non-profit group of motorcycle enthusiasts. This web site is not owned, maintained or directly affiliated with Harley-Davidson Inc, and is intended to be a public service to our community by promoting our local HOG Chapter and ... Bei Casino Swiss weiß man, was der Kunde und Liebhaber der Casino-Spiele sich wünscht. Das beruht auf der jahrelangen Erfahrung des Anbieters in der Branche. Schon seit 2007 ist das Swiss Casino im Netz und hat bisher schon Tausende von Spielern mit seinem Angebot begeistert. Besonders auf das Detail wird extrem viel Wert gelegt. Dazu gehören natürlich stets Updates der Software, tägliche ... sturgeons casino C Punch Inn & Casino is in Lovelock, Nevada and is open daily 24 hours. The casinos 6,500 square foot gaming space features seventy-five gaming machines. The property has one restaurant and a hotel with seventy-five rooms. BOOK A ROOM NOW.C Punch Inn & Casino, Lovelock C Punch Inn & Casino, Lovelock, current page. C Punch Inn & Casino 3.0 out of 5.0. Cornell Ave, Lovelock, NV ... Hotels in Lovelock, NV Sturgeon's Casino, 1420 Cornell Avenue, 89419, Lovelock - Casino, Spielbank in Amerika, USA Sturgeons Inn Casino in Lovelock, Nevada has a 8,100 square foot casino floor with 150 slot machines, no table games and a hotel. Address Sturgeons Casino 1420 Cornell Avenue Lovelock, Nevada 89419 . Contact Information Tel: 775-273-2971 Tel: 888-234-6835 Website. Casino Map. Gaming Casino size: 8,100 Slot machines: 150 Table games: Not available. Hotel Ramada Inn is connected to the casino ...

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How to find hidden cctv camera in hotels - 10 easy ...

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... How to make hidden camera of all how to videos: to use... Thanks for Watching The Casino Wanted To ARREST ME After WINNING THIS JACKPOT! ! Like the video? Thumbs it up! Love the video? Leave a comment! Can't get eno... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Biker Bros Ride-With HA To Prison...Full 2-Hour Movie via This HyperLink: Don't Forget To 👍🏻 Leave a Like And 👉🏻 Subscribe For more Videos.Streamers Catch Rarest Fish in Animal Crossing Compilation, Animal Crossing: New Horizon...