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Sirenacasino Yüksek Kayıp Bonusları

Sirenacasino Yüksek Kayıp Bonusları

Sirenacasino Yüksek Kayıp Bonusları

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Why 2020 End Soon still lot people play this Lovely Goddess 918kiss Slots

Slots players will be comfortable with the Gods of antiquated Greece, as there's no limit of games featuring Aphrodite, Zeus, Pegasus the flying pony and brave Perseus. Games engineer 918Kiss Slot Casino have tossed their cap, or if nothing else shrub crown, into the ring and delivered their Gorgeous Goddess video slot, which has this and additionally arriving across 5 reels and 50 paylines. Alongside standard winning mixes made when images stop over a payline on associated staggers from the left side, this online club slot additionally has wild replacements, free twists that pay out at a higher multiplier and a reformist bonanza to guarantee, while you can likewise bet rewards and attempt to hand little prizes over to tremendous rewards.The Greek subject is stressed by the rakish style of the playing card images and the Doric sections that remain to one or the other side of the reels, while the Gorgeous Goddess slot game follows an exemplary style and has an exemplary Greek rooftop sitting on top of them. There's additionally a decent soundtrack to oblige the turning of the reels and hints of winning lines being landed.
918Kiss are a standout amongst other realized gambling club games engineers, with a huge number of machines introduced at land-based gambling clubs and across numerous online club, with a significant part of the reach, including Gorgeous Goddess being portable streamlined so you can play on cell phones and tablet PCs. Something that is normal over the entire scope of 918Kiss club games is an affirmation of reasonable play consistently, alongside extraordinary returns and great activitys.

Climbing Olympus to the Gorgeous Goddess

It's a 50 payline game, and keeping in mind that you can enact quite a few them, most punters will decide to play them all, which guarantees that all triumphant blends that land on the reels will check. There's the playing card images 10, J and Q, every one of which will pay 4x, 10x, or 40x the sum wager per line when arriving on 3, 4, or 5 reels, while the K and An each pay out 4x, 15x, or 60x for similar outcomes. Remarkable pictures of a gold coin and Pegasus are each esteemed at 5x, 20x, or 120x, while two or three lively looking Greek champions are every value 6x, 30x, or 150x. Zeus himself is the most significant standard image and he looks satisfied as he arrives across paylines, returning rewards of 2x when he's on reels 1 and 2, ascending to 8x, 40x lastly 200x if he's on more reels immediately. Any of these can be stacked images, topping off quite a bit of their reels and making it somewhat simpler to coordinate them over a line. The wonderful Aphrodite gives the game its name and she's an exceptional wild image who can fill in for all aside from the reward symbol to help you complete winning lines. She will likewise pay out 10x, 100x or 500x the line stake if this luscious divinity is over a functioning payline.

Bothering About Bonus Features

The harp was customarily the instrument of decision for Greek Gods and here it's the image of decision used to trigger the principle reward include. On the off chance that any 3 harps show up, you win 50x the line wager, however it's 500x for 4 of them and the top prize of 5000x if at least 5 land on the double. There's additionally 15 free twists to follow on, and during these any successes will be increased by 5x from their base worth. Yet, this is additionally the round in which it's conceivable to win a reformist big stake prize, which is yours if Aphrodite fills each of the 20 image positions on the double. The current big stake esteem is appeared over the reels, and it consistently increments with each bet set on this game, over all 918Kiss-fueled online gambling clubs, until it's won. Just players at greatest stakes will guarantee 100% of the bonanza nonetheless, with more modest wagers fitting the bill for more modest rates of the prize. More disperse images will retrigger all the more free games, so you could end up with parcels in excess of 15 opportunities to land some success multipliers, or even that reformist big stake.
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DanMemo News - June 16, 2020 - 3rd Anniversary Details!

Check out the DanMemo Discord for the live translations!
Credit to Cyb in the Astraea Discord for making the information easily accessible in one channel!
Before we go any further, a couple quick notes.
- There are some minor spoilers for the story of the 3rd Anniversary event. This includes a rather vague summary of the story and character reveals. Wanted to give you that heads up.
- We do have Unit Details. As per the usual, I will be giving my own evaluation of the units. You by no means have to place weight in my opinion of the units. I am in a Top 5 NA Familia and have played since Day 1. But that doesn't change that I have been VERY WRONG before, nor does it change that there are people who are significantly better at this game than I am.
- Lastly, this is going to be LOOOONG. Just another heads up. Ok, let's get into it.

1 - 3rd Anniversary!

Astraea Record: The Rise of Evil
Story Synopsis
Event Details
(Going to be getting details on both the Astraea Familia as well as some bits about the Zeus and Hera Familia)
New Theme Song - (Sang by Ryu Lion's Voice Actress)
Characters Seen In the Story
We need to talk about this new combat mechanic before we talk about the units, since multiple of them use it.
You are going to see units that have abilities that read something like this.
"& For 2 actions after this, additional effect of [Foe] Low Wind M.atk"
There is now an "Additional Action Phase". The clarifying details they provided are below.
- During the additional action phase, more than 1 character can act at once (via these additional actions)
- The additional actions cannot be removed (like assist skills)
- The additional actions do not increase the SA gauge
- After using an SA / combination SA / countering, these additional actions will not be used.
- The additional actions cannot be countered
With those clarifications, I would expect to see this "Additional Phase" at the end of your turn and everyone's actions will all execute at relatively the same time.
So basically, you use an ability that gives you extra actions on your next ability used. You use an ability, and then at the end of turn you get an extra whack/effect.
(Strap in)
(Also, I didn't find and we didn't get clear translations for all of the units titles, so I am just going to make a couple of them up.)
[Wind of Purity] Ryu Lion
- Stat Block
- She is the Free Unit for the Event
- Get a copy for free, the bonds come from the event
Special Arts:[Foes] Ultra Wind M. Atk with temp mag boost & [Allies] Mag and Wind DMG +40% for 3 turns.
Skill 1 (29 MP): [Foes] Low Wind M.Atk & [self] Mag, Wind DMG +40% for 5 turns.
Skill 2 (41 MP): [Foes] Hi Wind M. Atk with Ultra Uncounter. & [Foes] Str, Mag, Mag Res, Wind res -20% for 3 turns.
Skill 3 (23 MP): [Foe] Hi Wind M. Atk with Ultra Pen & For 2 actions after this, additional effect of [Foe] Low Wind M.atk.
Notable Passives:
- Counters are wind elemental
- Earth Res +25%
- HP and MP 4% Regen every turn
- Worm Killer
(Free Units are normally a notch or two below decent. The same goes for our Best Girl here. [Fight me BeatHokage].)
(She has a subpar stat block, and her skill pool is mediocre at best. A fairly Low Mag Stat and none of regular skills even have Temp Boost. So she is going to tickle at best.)
(I could see her being used as a Sac Unit for Wind Teams that need her S2 but don't have a similar effect. But beyond that, she will at least be an easy for anyone to see/experience the new mechanic.)
(Worm Killer will mean she can at least find some niche use in specific PvE events.)
[Scarlet Harnel] Alisa Lovell
- Stat Block
Special Arts:[Foes] Ultra Fire P. Atk with temp GREAT Str boost and Ultra crit. & [Allies] Str, Mag, Fire dmg +60% for 3 turns.
Skill 1 (52 MP): [Foes] Fast Hi Fire P. Atk with Ultra Uncounter. & [Self] Str & Fire dmg +60% + [Foes] Fire Res -40% for 5 turns.
Skill 2 (54 MP): [Foes] Super Fire P. Atk with temp Str boost and Ultra Crit. & [Allies] Critical Rate and Penetration Rate +30% for 3 turns.
Skill 3 (31 MP): [Foe] Hi Fire P. Atk with Ultra Pen and temp GREAT str boost.
Notable Passives:
- Wind Res +35%
- Counters are Fire elemental
- Counter dmg +50%
- Crit dmg + 15%
- Worm Killer
(Yeah... This is just the first unit. There are 5 more... and this is only Part 1 of the Anniversary event...)
(Alise is an absolute monster. I don't know why WFS loves making Fire Units the strongest. But here they go again.)
(Her S1 is one of the strongest single unit damage differentials we have seen. It is a Fast, Safe Hit that will cause her to deal effectively 160% more damage on her own, and also provide a substantial damage increase to the rest of your fire team. Even the mega-self buffers like Aisha and Bete, they only achieve a 140% boost and they are on Low Modifer Attacks that they are likely to get smacked up on. Now, we do have units that buff their damage and lower enemy resistances, but they aren't on the SAME ability. Or they are on non-damaging abilities like Ryu.)
(OH LOOK, THERE'S MORE. Her S2 is going to hit RIDICULOUSLY hard and provides a straight damage consistency buff to the entire crew which she will get on her next use of S2. This WILL hurt more than you think. Especially with her stupid high STR stat.)
(S3 is just a throw-in ST ability so she can be universally useful. SA is a powerful steroid to give units like Idol Aiz even more damage.)
(Alise is strong. Scary Strong. The only thing that might hurt her, is her rather high mana costs. That won't matter for WarGames or Familia Rush. But it will be a constraint in RecordBuster or Seventh Zone. Other than that, she is a juggernaut.)
[Vyasa] Ardee Varma
- Stat Block
Special Arts: [Allies] For 4 turns, Agi, Dex +40%, and 50% HP regen. [Allies] Prevents Death if HP > 1%, if HP < 1% this buff is removed.
Skill 1 (241 MP) : Fast Buff [Allies] Prevents death if HP > 1%, if HP < 1% this buff is removed. & [Allies] P.Res and M.Res +30%, 35% HP Regen for 4 turns.
Skill 2 (32 MP) : [Allies] 30% heal. & [Foes] P. Res and M. Res -30%, Crit Rate and Pen Rate -40% for 2 turns.
Skill 3 (39 MP): [Foe] Super Water P. Atk with Ultra Crit & Removes all str and mag buffs except assist skills
Notable Passives:
- 35% dmg reduction on guard
- Fire res + 35%
- HP and MP 5% regen every turn
(We don't get BALANCED TYPE units very often. They are normally a bit awkward because their stats are just a bit awkward. The same is true here. Even more so. Ardee does Physical Damage on her S3, but loses a huge chunk of her P. Atk stat to inflate her Mag stat. This MIGHT make sense if she had a Modifier Style Heal. But since her Heal is just a flat percentage, rather than something like a MID heal, her Mag stat is completely waster. She doesn't even heal on counter, so that mag stat is doing LITERALLY nothing. Now, that doesn't mean she sucks. Good lord.)
(Ok, her S1 costs 241 MP. Which means she is using this ability ONCE. MAYBE twice. That 5% HP/MP Regen will not be enough to cover this cost. It will be a "one-time" save that comes along with a pretty insane team buff. The ability is great in WarGames/ RecordBuste 120+ Difficult PvE / and more. It is a use and forget in WarGames, in everything else, I expect to use it once, and then extend the buff with Priestess/Haruhime.)
(Goodbye Goblin Slayer. You aren't ever needed anymore. Seriously, this debuff is just better. Unless you are fighting with a Physical Based Dark Team, Ardee is going to be better in every other circumstance. Ardee covers both damage types, and her Crit/Pen debuffs are 10% over Goblin Slayer. No matter what, youa re going to want at least ONE copy of Ardee to use as a Sac in PvE events.)
(I expect you will see some WarGames teams that feel unbeatable because of Ardee. But I don't see her as a MUST-HAVE MLB/MHA. She is good and you absolutely want and borderline need one copy to use her S2 for things like RecordBusteSeventh Zone.)
[Modest Royal] Riveria Ljos Alf
- Stat Block
Special Arts: [Foe] Ultra Water M. Atk. +70% Skill DMG for every water dmg buff on self & removes all str and mag buffs on Foe except assist skills.
Skill 1 (37 MP): Fast Buff [Self] SA Charge and Water DMG +100% for 4 turns & For the next 3 actions, additional effect of [Foe] Low water M.atk
Skill 2 (55 MP):[Foe] Slow Hi Water M.atk with Ultra Crit with Temp Mag Boost. & [Self] Crit and Pen rate +50% for 1 turn.
Skill 3 (32 MP):[Foe] Hi Water M. Atk with ultra Unguard. & [self] Mag and Dex +50% for 3 turns.
Notable Passives:
- Fire Res +35%
- Counters are Water Elemental
- Crit Damage +25%
- Counter dmg +50%
- Worm Killer
(Good lord that kit is a lot. There is SO MUCH here. Where to start? Ok, let's start with ability order. Her normal "Cycle" is going to be 1-3-2-2-2-2. So let's take the abilities in that order and cap it off with the SA and final thoughts.)
(*This is Probably the first unit that has the Self SA buff that doesn't feel like garbage. Yes, Idol Ais has it, but it is on her SA, so that doesn't count in this circumstance. Riveria is more than doubling her damage while also getting that 100% increase to SA charge. This is an insane self buff. The only question I have here. Is I am not sure on the exact "math" of the Additional Action of a Low Attack. She doesn't have a SUPER Damage modifer on any of her Skills. This is probably because she is going to be doing an "extra hit" because of her S1. I don't know if this is actually better or equivalent. *)
(The other issue here is that I am 99.99% certain you won't be able to extend those actions to additional turns with units like Haru/Priestess. Which means that in order to "maintain" that extra damage. You are going to have to waste a turn reapplying her S1 to get the additional actions. Which, her S1 doesn't deal damage. So again, there is some BIG BRAIN math here to do on whether "losing a turn" to get the extra whack is worth it, compared to just spamming her S2.) - (This won't matter in Riv/Ottarl Recordbuster, where you will have to re-buff ANYWAY, but it will matter everywhere else.)
(Her S3 is a considerable self-buff that puts her total self-buffs up to 150% in straight damage. Which is very considerable. Especially since this S3 is on a High-Damage mod and should have that additional whack on it from the S1. Follow that up with a great throughput buff on her S2. She should be dealing very VERY consistent high levels of damage)
(Her SA is a big nuke. The StMag cleanse is basically meaningless, since you will want someone like Rogue Bell or NY Anya to consistently clear those off.)
(Riveria LOOKS good. But if I sound confused about her actual effectiveness, it is because I am. I can't truly make a verdict on this unit because there is just a LOT of math here that is hard to determine. She needs to use all 3 of her abilities to be "online", compared to people like NY Bete that only need to use 1. That is a lot of "set-up" time. It may very well be worth it, but with this new mechanic and the interaction of that with the lower damage modifiers. It is hard for me to say exactly.)
[Strong Back] Gareth Landrock
Special Arts: [Foes] Ultra Earth P. Atk with temp Str boost and Ultra Unguard. & [Allies] P Res and M res +50% for 4 turns.
Skill 1 (187 MP): Fast Buff [Allies] Earth dmg +50% for 5 turns. & For the next 3 actions, additional effect of [75% chance to null a p. atk on allies, except for SA].
Skill 2 (54 MP): [Foes] Super Earth P. Atk with temp Str boost and Ultra Unguard. & [Allies] Removes all str and mag debuffs except assist skills.
Skill 3 (27 MP): [Foe] Hi Earth P. Atk with Ultra Pen. & skill dmg +50% for every str buff on self.
Notable Passives:
- Counters are Earth Elemental
- Thunder Res +35%
- P res and M res +20%
- Penetration Damage +15%
- Worm Killer
(Ehhhhhhhhhhhh. Gareth is... not that exciting. If each unit has a "budget", the majority of his was spent on his S1. Which, don't missunderstand, that Additional Effect will be absolute ASS in WarGames...... if you roll into a Physical Team. But he just doesn't DO much beyond that. The Team-Wide Earth Damage buff is nice. But it is JUST Earth Damage., He doesn't boost anything else at all.)
(We saw some people running [Catty] Chloe to some success, although limited. Same with Halloween Bell. But both have fallen out of Meta pretty hard. Sure 75% is better than their 50%. But it doesn't even happen on his first action. With every team that isn't Stall (and even then...) just frontloading SO MUCH DAMAGE, and a lot of WarGame'sm matches being largely decided in the first turn, maybe the 2nd. I don't see Gareth getting the chance to have an actual impact. If his S1 provided something like P.Res and M.Res while also then giving him this additional effect. He might have a stronger home. But I see him finding a home in some super niche teams, and otherwise being an overall disappointment.)
(I mean, even his SA isn't that exciting. 50% resistance is nice. But Ardee provides 30% on a basic skill. I can't recommend pulling for Gareth at ALL. Maybe get a copy on the idea of using his S1 as a Sac buff for Earth Teams. But beyond that, he just kinda seems bad. I could be wrong, of course.)
[Celestial Libra] Astraea
- Stat Block
Assist Effect: [Allies] 30% HP regen, null 1x Phy. & Mag Atk. except for SAs
(Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Well. She is really good. She is a WarGames Goddess if there ever was one. We are seeing more and more "mixed Damage" teams, and she gives you a null for each. Her HUGE Agi stat will contribute to the still Agi based Meta. She allows some solid AF frontline protection against basically any team you come up against, and allows you to have backline Nulls that will be even more protection. Yeah, she is pretty insane.)
(As a note. She isn't a MUST HAVE for anything. You could absolutely still have a MURDEROUS WarGames team that doesn't include her. She doesn't do a TON for PvE events. Her HP Regen as an assist is the highest in the game by a WIDE margin. She is great, but not a MUST HAVE.)
[Wise Prum] Finn Deimne
- Stat Block
Assist Effect: [Allies] SA charge gain +33%, Str, Mag, Agi, End, Dex +10%
(On the other hand. Finn is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE MLB unit. I can not express enough how absolutely insane Finn is as a unit.)
(Before this, Casino Syr was still the only assist that provided SA Charge Boost. And at MLB she provided 100% increase charge to a single unit. Even basically 2 years after she came out, Casino Syr is STILL used ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Having the SA Boost enables a ton of strategies in things like Familia Rush or Record Buster that just Aren't possible otherwise.)
(Finn is literally just a drastically better Casino Syr. If you aren't using Sacs, you are getting 132% SA Charge every turn. Which beats out Syr by 32%. And even if you ARE using sacs. You are still going to get one 33% boost on the first Sac Unit. Which means, that while you are going to be getting 99% a turn from your units instead of 100%, you would need to go for 33 turns before Syr starts to give you more SA Charge than Finn. Which, I don't want to see the event that asks you to go for 40 turns.)
(Even beyond that. Casino Syr ONLY provides the SA Boost. Finn also comes with a 10% Stat Boost in every category. Sure you might use something like Artemis for a larger STR buff. But you likely won't be getting better boosts in literally every stat.)
(Finn is a MUST HAVE unit that you will need to MLB. He is the all-star unit of the event that will likely be used for 2+ years to come.)
(Also, there is the very VERY real possibility, that him existing completely opens up new strategies. Currently, we just CAN'T get 3 SA's in Familia Rush. Even with units like Tiona that give themselves the 100% SA Charge buff, you still just BARELY come up short. Finn + Casino Syr + A SA Buff Unit, might mean 3 SAs in 7 turns is possible.) - (Looking at you, Riveria-Chan.)
- Banner #1 - Alise, Riveria, Finn
- Banner #2 - Ardee, Gareth, Astraea
(IMO. Banner 1 is about 50x Stronger than Banner 2.)
Banners are going to have 2x Rate for 4★ Units
Heroic Trials
(Thankfully, they are throwing us a couple bones here as well....)

2 - More 3rd Anniversary Goodies

The Scope of 3rd Anniversary Event
(I am not sure how they are defining the "Worth" of these events.)
(DanMachi Seasons are 13 Episodes, and at 20 minute episodes, that is only around 4 hours of "content".)
(If you combine Part 1 and Part 2 of the Argonaut story, you get damn near 7 hours of content. Here they are saying that this is going to be EVEN bigger.)
(Also, just a heads up. This is what we are getting for the next 3ish months.)
No, Seriously, the 3rd Anniversary is going on for like... Ever
And even after that, we going into another mega event for the Anime Season 3 Event
Completing the Event will give you an 11-Draw Ticket that will give you ALL 4★ Units
(Ok, that is wild and cool)
Worried About Iris? Don't be. We are getting a confusingly large amount. Somewhere between 12,000 and like... more?
Seriously, a Free 1,000 just because.
Whale Bundles
- "Special item bundle" (The special is the limited exchange ticket)
- Pretty Standard Options
- Pretty Standard Payoffs
- Standard At All Tiers
- Comes with the "good Deal" Iris Bundles.
(Lul, you can purchase them 3 times... Gross.)


Lotto Orario Returns!
Pretty Standard Rewards, but More 1st place Winners
Remaining Places Rewards
Character Display Feature
The character will function the same way they do in the Interact menu, in terms of just talking at random. They won't be responding to taps and such as in the JP Release.
Upgrade Campaign Support
Basically, the new units you will their CP up really fast, and canForce Level them easily. Cheaper Grind for Falna/Exilia.
Daily Quests
Share Campaign
(PILES of Basic 11 Draw Tickets.)
Some Events Returning to Story Digest
(I guess they figured out how to make things load alright while these still being available?)

4 - Summary

Quick College of Everything
Actual Summary Image - (Dates are in JST, So it starts for most of the world on Thursday Evening, June 18)
Thanks for reading and thanks for playing!
Find me on the DanMemo Discord or the Astraea Discord. - or on my Discord Server(I do my own creative content) or on my Twitter Account
(Oh my sweet lord. That took 3 hours and is creeping up on 30,000 characters.)
(I am ultimately pretty happy with the new units. I didn't really have a direct "wishlist" for the new event beyond something we hadn't seen before. I wanted to see something in a new design space, and the "Additional Actions" are exactly that.)
(I am a bit concerned that this 3rd Anniversary is broken into THREE parts) (+1) (That is a LOT of events, and a LOT of units. They have historically pushed the envelope with the Anniversary units, and the Argonaut units are STILL relevant today. I am expecting very similar things with these units. I imagine that Alise is going to just be a staple unit for a LONG time. Finn as well. Ardee will always see use, at least as a Sac.)
(I can only imagine what we are going to see in Part 2 and 3. Especially if we look at just how good the Part 2 Argonaut Units were.)
(Regardless of all that. I am most excited to see the story of the Astraea Familia. Ryu has been my favorite since the very beginning of my introduction to the series. Her Story is one that is only vaguely told by herself, and hinted by others. This will be an absolutely incredible event. I am quite excited, and I hope all of you are as well.)
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Dabber Bingo Casino - Free Spins, No Deposit Bonus, Promo Codes

Dabber Bingo Casino - Free Spins, No Deposit Bonus, Promo Codes

Dabber Bingo Free Spins and Free Games
Get exclusive free spins on slots at Dabber Bingo Casino! In addition, claim a 400% welcome bonus on bingo games and scratch cards. Try your luck in the best UK bingo and casino games online.
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Dabber Bingo Review

Dabber Bingo is a fun bingo site from Cassava Enterprises, owned by Tau Marketing Services and licensed in Gibraltar. Dabber Bingo offers players a wide choice of bingo games, slots, progressive games and guaranteed jackpot games along with lots of fun promotions.
Some players may recognise some of the slot games and promotions from elsewhere as there are a few ‘sister’ sites which share the same software, such as popular sites Shanghai Spins, Secret Slots, Slots Angel, Zinger Bingo and Hunky Bingo.
The welcome package at Dabber Bingo says a big hello to players with a 400% bonus up to €50 in free cash, along with €20 worth of free tickets to bingo games. There are lots of other bonuses and promos waiting once you are up and running. The design of the site is really modern and attractive with a multi-coloured logo and plenty of bright blocks of colour throughout to highlight different areas. The colours include muted pink, blue, yellow and green backgrounds to all the main sections, such as bingo games, slots games, promotions and rewards. The site is full of happy-looking women having fun and some are wearing fake moustaches (obviously!).

Free Bingo Games 24/7, Top Slots and Big Jackpots

Dabber Bingo has a great range of bingo games to suit all players from the lower to higher rollers. You can enjoy playing free bingo around the clock with free bingo games kicking off every 3 minutes, each with a real cash jackpot. The games include 90 ball bingo games and 75 ball bingo games with the buy-ins starting at just 5p each and going up to €10 for the bigger games.
There are guaranteed jackpot games and regular promo games with special prizes, such as the €1million prize in the Wednesday jackpot game! Some bingo players might feel there is a lack of more niche bingo games, such as 5 line games or quirky options.
Dabber Bingo also has 300+ slot games and scratch cards to choose from with plenty of favourite titles that are famous in the online world. Enjoy top slots such as Fluffy Favourites, Aloha Cluster Pays, Da Vinci Diamonds, Steam Tower, Pixies of the Forest, Kitty Glitter, Mega Fortune, Zeus 1000 and Starburst. On top of all the bingo and slots gaming action there are also many scratch cards, such as Frolickin Frogs for some fast-paced, alternative fun.
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Claim a €50 Welcome Bonus Plus Free Bingo Tickets at Dabber Bingo

First time depositors at Dabber Bingo can claim a bonus of £50 spread out as a £40 bingo bonus and a £10 games bonus. Plus there are also €20 worth of bingo tickets available for newbies. The minimum deposit to claim this newcomers’ offer is £10. The Bingo Bonus must be wagered 4x before it can be cashed out while the Games Bonus must be wagered 35x before it can be cashed out, which is in line with online casinos for bonuses regarding casino games.
The wagering requirements vary by game and the winnings resulting from your Free Bingo cards will be added to your Bingo Bonus bankroll. Simply use the promo code DABBER when you make your deposit to claim.
After this new player bonus, there are lots of big bingo games with massive prizes playing every day, including the Wednesday Million playing every week with eh €1million jackpot, and the Grab a Grand game playing each month with a €1000 jackpot, along with the €1500 jackpot game called the Big 10K and the Virgins bingo room for all the new players with small games each with a €5 jackpot to ease you into the swing of playing bingo at Dabber.

Friendly Customer Support and Good FAQ Section

The support team at Dabber Bingo is available via email, live chat and phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a toll-free number for UK players to call, while there is also a live chat facility easily accessible on the site from the window in the bottom right. There is also an email contact form, along with a good FAQ section with lots of detail about playing at the site, bonuses and depositing. The team promise to get back to all players with responses to queries within 72 hours.

Wide Range of Banking Methods at Dabber Bingo

Payments methods at Dabber Bingo include a range of different options with deposits accepted via Mastercard, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and PayPal.You can also withdrawl your cash via cheque and bank transfer. The withdrawal process time takes a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of 72 hours (for cheques).
Deposits and withdrawals will be listed on players’ bank statements under Cassava Enterprises or Virtual MaSerIRL. All payments are safe and secure at Dabber Bingo thanks to the SSL Protocol with 128 bit encryption used on the site. This provides 100% security and privacy between your computer and the Dabber Bingo servers to protect your personal and financial details.
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Random Number Generator Ensures Fairness

The site uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure the absolute integrity of all the games. All results are random including bingo ball selections, dice rolls, card hands, or wheel spins. This RNG system has been tested by running millions of rounds and examining the results so players can be certain their games are totally random and 100% fair.
Your deposits and withdrawals will be listed on your bank statement under the title Cassava Enterprises or Virtual MaSerIRL.

Attractive Design, Strong Welcome Bonus and Wide Range of Slots

Dabber Bingo is a colourful site with a great design which should appeal to all bingo players, as it is modern and fresh looking. There is plenty to suit players here from classic 90 and 75 ball bingo games, free bingo and jackpot games to over 300 slot games. It is just shame there are not more niche bingo options.
The welcome bonus is good with up to €40 bingo bonus, €10 games bonus and €20 in free bingo tickets. In conclusion, this site is a solid choice with software many will recognise and a strong pedigree.
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15 Most Famous Slot Machines and Most Popular Slot Games

1. Liberty Bell

Invented and designed by a San Francisco mechanic named Charles Fey in 1895, the Liberty Bell is the first slot machine. The main symbols here include horseshoes, stars, spades, diamonds, hearts, and Liberty Bells. Once three bells are aligned, the machine pays 50 cents.
Having a coin slot at the top, it features small reels in the middle and a paytable at the bottom. It works like this - players insert a Nickel and pull a lever on the right-hand side to spin the reels. Although the Operator Bell and Liberty Bell have been removed from casinos, the original Liberty Bell on display can be seen in the Liberty Belle saloon in Reno, Nevada.

2. Lion's Share

One of the most famous slot machines, Microgaming’s classic slot Lion's Share, gained a lot of success back in 2014, due to news channels that discussed the topic on how Lion's Share's progressive jackpot hasn’t been hit for two decades. Thousands of people have tried but no one was lucky enough to pull it off.
Although the machine only featured 3 reels and only 1 payline, Lion’s Share has managed to become one of the most popular releases in Vegas, so popular that people waited in line just to put a coin into it and try spinning those reels.
Eventually, a New Hampshire couple hit the $2.4 million progressive jackpot in MGM’s Grand’s Lion’s Share. Soon after, MGM Grand made a decision to retire the Lion's Share machine since it required a lot of maintenance. Still, the game became part of slot history with a jackpot that took 20 years to win.

3. Megabucks

Created by IGT, Megabucks has managed to become one of the world's best progressive slot machines. The game is also responsible for numerous big wins throughout the entire jackpots’ history. Also known as the biggest money jackpots of all time, Megabucks slot machines are described as simple games with a massive progressive jackpot. One of the biggest wins was when an anonymous engineer won a staggering $39.7 million at Las Vegas' Excalibur, back in 2003.
As for the other big wins hit on this machine, there was a cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay Brennan who snagged an incredible $34.9 million at Vegas' Desert Inn, as well as a retired flight attendant hitting $27.5 million at Vegas' Palace Statio­n. J­ohanna Huendl won $22.6 million whereas an Illinois businessman hit $21.3 million on the very first spin.
However, after winning the prize, one of the winner's family members had a tragic accident, which (as some believe) only supported the theory of a Megabucks curse. Other unfortunate stories are just believed to be urban legends, including anecdotes about underage players, as well as casino employees, being big winners but not being able to claim their jackpots because of specific state laws and regulation.

4. Wheel of Fortune

IGT’s Wheel of Fortune has proven to be the second most famous slot machine of all time. Featuring a bonus feature just like the real show, the slot machine is usually played by many slot fans and can be found in numerous casinos all over the globe. Although the game comes in more variations, probably the most popular one is still its 3-reel version, with a colourful wheel at the top.
The Wheel of Fortune multiplayer game features a bank of machines where every player gets their own screen. What makes the game even more exciting is the multiplayer edition where people can play the bonus round together, which really intensifies the game show aspect.
In a 5-reel Wheel of Fortune slot, however, Wild symbols will help players land winning combos and, if you’re lucky enough, you may get a Super Wild that will boost your win up to 5x! Last but not least, the Triple Action Bonus is activated by getting at least 3 Triple Action Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. But still, none of the newer Wheel of Fortune slots measure up to the original one because of the large progressive jackpot involved.

5. Mega Fortune

Featuring 5 reels and 25 paylines, NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot became very popular among players as it usually grows into a multimillion-euro amount before being hit. The main symbols here include luxury cars, yachts, and expensive jewellery, Mega Fortune is an online slot machine game which justifies its theme that comes with the largest ever online slot jackpots.
The game offers a few different features that make the entire gameplay more fascinating, however, by far the most interesting ones are the 3 different progressive jackpots: Mega Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Rapid Jackpot. There are counters for all 3 of these that are displayed above the reels. Champagne is the Scatter and if you land at least 3 of them simultaneously, you will trigger Free Spins bonus round. Likewise, Wheel of Luck is the Bonus symbol, and if you land 3 or more symbols in succession from left to right on an active payline, you will activate the Bonus game.
What’s interesting about this slot is the fact that a Finnish man won a huge jackpot worth €17.8 million while spinning the reels of Mega Fortune. This record from 2013, has been passed by Mega Moolah, but the game is still proof how rich players can get after playing Mega Fortune.

6. Mega Moolah

Powered by Microgaming and being among most popular slot games, Mega Moolah is a 25-payline progressive slot which has served as a competitor to Mega Fortune's big jackpots. Followed by African safari music, the game features antelopes, elephants, giraffes, lions, monkeys and zebras as the main symbols.
Landing at least 3 Scatters at the same time will trigger 15 Free Spins. What’s more, all wins hit during Free Spins are tripled, whereas Free Spins can also be retriggered. Players can win one of the 4 Progressive Jackpots within the randomly triggered Bonus round.
The game paid some of the largest slot machine jackpots that have ever been triggered. In 2015,for example, Mega Moolah gained international recognition when a British soldier Jon Heywood won a massive €17,879,645.

7. Cleopatra

Inspired by the famous Egyptian theme and Developed by IGT, Cleopatra is a 20-payline classic game that managed to stand out above similar releases. Featuring ancient Egyptian music, the main symbols here include Cleopatra, the Eye of Horus, scarabs, and pyramids. Landing at least 3 Sphinx symbols will trigger the Cleopatra Bonus, which awards 15 Free Spins. All prizes, except for the 5 Cleopatra symbols, are tripled in the Free Spins round.
The game has been so successful that it inspired its creators to make a sequel, Cleopatra II, with richer graphics and engaging sound effects. But even if you choose the original game, you'll be playing a classic that's still enjoyed by various players today. And, in case you land 5 Cleopatra symbols you’ll get a jackpot of 10,000 coins.

8. Book of Ra

Having a popular Ancient-Egypt theme, Book of Ra has always been one of the best choices to play in land based and online casinos. Powered by Novomatic, Book of Ra is a 9 payline video slot that offers plenty of bonus features and big payouts. With entertaining narrative and energising gameplay, there are numerous ways to win here.
In case you land 5 archaeologists simultaneously, you’ll get an impressive 5,000x your line bet. Earning big bucks, however, comes from the Free Spins feature. What players need to do is land at least 3 Scatter books to trigger the Free Spins feature. Pages of the book will flip and randomly determine which symbol will expand during the 10 Free Spins.
Although hitting the jackpot may not be easy, with only a few one in between, when big wins come, they can be big.

9. Starburst

There’s no denying NetEnt’s Starburst slot became kinda legendary in the iGaming universe. With its dark background and shiny space looking gemstones, Starburst slot features 5 reels and 10 paylines. The well-known futuristic music in this release is also easily noticeable, as is the game’s expanding Wild.
More precisely, the Wilds may only occur on the reels 2, 3 and 4, and, once 1 or more wilds appear on those reels, the Starburst Wild feature will be activated. During this feature, Starburst wilds expand to cover the entire reel and remain while the other reels re-spin. Should a new wild land during a re-spin, it expands and stays along with any previously expanded Starbursts for another re-spin.
Another cool feature is that Starburst pays both ways, instead of only paying you for landing at least 3 identical symbols on adjacent reels starting with the reel furthest to the left. The maximum single spin payout for a person (betting the $200 maximum) is $100,000. But, in order for that to happen, you must land five bars on consecutive reels on an active payline. Players love this slot, probably because it’s suitable for both newbies and experienced players.

10. Immortal Romance

Powered by Microgaming, Immortal Romance is based on sci-fi and the cult of Vampires which has become one of the popular casino slot machines in the last couple of years. Apart from superb graphics and great audio and visual effects, the slot features 5 reels and 243 paylines, and the theoretical RTP rate of 96.86%. The four main characters are Amber, Troy, Michael and Sarah.
When it comes to features and bonus games, Immortal Romance offers different variants. Wild Desire feature can occur randomly, and as soon as it does, it can turn 1 to 5 reels completely Wild. Likewise, landing 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels in this game, activates the Chamber of Spins feature which cannot be triggered during Wild Desire.
The game is still among the most popular slots, as many players still try their luck in this slot in the hope to get the highest multiplier possible.

11. Gonzo’s Quest

Beautifully designed video slot powered by NetEnt, Gonzo Quest features 5 reels and 20 paylines. The story is based on the famous conquistador Gonzalo Pizzaro who is on his way to the Peruvian ruins and just about to experience the unique quest.
Now, Gonzo’s Quest has become one of the most popular slot games of all time, probably because it comes with a few interesting features, Avalanche Multipliers feature being the most interesting one of all. In Essence, the reels in the slot move in a cascading manner which resemble an Avalanche. As you activate each new Avalanche, you will win a multiplier. Multipliers are displayed above the reels, and go up to 5x, that is if you land 4 or more avalanches simultaneously.

12. Age of the Gods

Being among famous slot machines and inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, Age of the Gods is a 5-reel, 20-payline progressive slot powered by Playtech. The main characters are Athena, Zeus, Hercules, and Poseidon power up 4 free game modes that offer extra wilds and win multipliers! Once you start spinning, you’ll come across a series of bonus features, such as Athena Free Games, Zeus Free Games, Poseidon Free Games and Hercules Free Games.
Wild logo is the game’s wild card and it substitutes for all symbols, with the exception of the Scatter. Landing at least 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels simultaneously triggers the Bonus game. Moreover, landing 5 God symbols in any order on an active payline will get you 200x your line bet!
During the main game, any spin can activate the Age of the Gods Mystery Jackpot. This mini game guarantees a win of up to 4 progressive jackpots. All you gotta do is click on the coins to reveal jackpot symbols, and if you match 3 identical ones, you will win that jackpot.

13. Money Honey

Having a cute theme, Money Honey is a 5-reel and a 243 payline slot themed around honey. With Wilds, Free Spins, Scatters and multipliers, it is a fast-paced exciting creation featuring vibrant colours. Likewise, it is a mobile-optimized slot which may be an excellent choice if you’re new to online gambling or if you’ve been playing for years.
Just like in other games, Wilds will help you win payouts as they are able to replicate most other symbols on the reels once a winning combination has been made. Another symbol you may want to keep your eyes on is a Money Wheel card. Once you manage to land at least 3 of them on your reels after a spin, the bonus game begins, and you spin a big wheel to choose a prize.

14. Quick Hit

And our selection wouldn’t be complete without Bally's Quick Hit slot. Featuring traditional Las Vegas symbols with sharp graphics and relaxed music, the video slot has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 30 paylines. Once you decide how many paylines you want to bet on, your gaming adventure can begin. There are Scatters symbols and three bonus games to benefit from.
The biggest payout here comes from landing the triple seven symbol. Should you land 5 of these lucky numbers on the reels at the same time, you will win 5,000 coins, whereas if you land five wild symbols, you’ll get 12,500 coins.
Those looking for hitting a jackpot should pay attention to Quick Hit Platinum symbols as 5 of these contribute to 5,000x players’ original bet amount – and even more, with the max bet activated. The second-highest jackpot can be hit by landing 9 Quick Hit Slot symbols. Both the Quick Hit Platinum and regular Quick Hit symbols must occur on or within one position of the first payline to be eligible for a jackpot win.

15. SlotZilla Zip Line

And now something completely different. We’re finishing our selection of famous slots in style, with the world’s largest slot machine - StotZilla Zip Line - 128 feet tall which has two take-off levels. This $12 million SlotZilla zip line took more than a year to build and opened its doors in 2014 and has already had more than 2 million riders so far.
The 11-story slot machine is decorated with over-sized dice, a glass of martini, a pink flamingo, video reels, coins, and two showgirls - Jennifer and Porsha. SlotZilla offers two different rider experiences - the upper Zoomline and a lower Zipline. This unique machine has a huge video screen with reels and a gigantic arm, replicating a true slot machine experience.
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7/7 - Live Stream News

Check out these fluff news from yesterday's live stream. The live translations can always be found in here during the live streaming: DanMemo Discord

Astrea Record Event info

Timeline (rough translations below) - Argonaut event happened 1000 years ago - 15 years ago, Zeus & Hera Familias declined - 10 years ago, Ryuu entered Astrea fam as a 11 year old - Astrea Record event is happening 7 years before the current anime events - Far right information is when Ryuu met Bell
Astrea Record Event Units Concept Art

Events/Banners starting this week:

Valis Quest - Once a Day quest - equip your units with the Valis Daggers from Casino for more Valis (unavailable on the EU version).
Seventh Zone - new week, new Seventh Zone stages
Wargame - This WG is introducing a new rank Jester, placed between King and Hero ranks. Ranking rewards have been increased slightly.
Revisit Anime Free 11 Draw Gacha Part 6 - This is the last banner in the series of 11 Draw Gacha banners which you could pull once for free. Good luck with your pulls.

Summary of ending/upcoming events

Events ending this week Already ended: Familia Rush, Seventh Zone S13 Events starting this week 7/9 (JST dates) - Once a Day Valis Quest - Seventh Zone S14 - Ultimate War Game July Season 1
7/10 - Revisit Anime Free 11 Draw Gacha Part 6

Extra info

50 potatoes - As a reward for the "Danmemo Gacha Challenge" segment during the live stream, each player is getting 50 stamina potatoes.
Next live stream info - 1. Lotto Orario Drawing - 2. Astrea Record part 2 info - 3. Astrea Record part 2 campaigns - expect new units & stats reveal - 4. Daphne VA will be joining the regular live stream cast next stream!
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BetRocker Casino 50 free spins no deposit bonus (exclusive code)

BetRocker Casino 50 free spins no deposit bonus (exclusive code)

BetRocker Casino Free Spins & Welcome Bonus
Open your account at BetRocker Casino with bonus code ROCK50FSG and collect 50 Free Spins on Vegas Wins slot machine! This is a no deposit bonus for new players who register via special link below.
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BetRocker Casino Review: Our Verdict

If you’re looking to rock the night away playing slots and games, sign up to BetRocker casino. The welcome bonuses will be music to your ears while existing player promotions strike the right chord every time.
This top casino never hits a bum note, and you’ll also have access to an exciting choice of slots and live games. Even banking and support are in tune with members’ needs. Players are singing about BetRocker casino from the rooftops, so claim your welcome bonuses and join them today.

BetRocker Casino Bonuses and Promotions

The choice of welcome bonuses should be music to the ears of anyone that likes to rock’n play. You can take your pick of three first deposit bonuses. There are also bonuses you can claim when you make your second and third deposits. These bonuses can be adapted to suit a variety of budgets, which is why our BetRocker casino review experts think they’ll be in tune with your tastes.
Existing player promotions also strike a chord with loyal players. Regular reloads are available, as are live games bonuses, and offers for games of the week. You can even take advantage of weekly surprise offers. The BetRocker casino VIP program gives you the chance to earn loyalty points as you play which will help you unlock four-levels of rewards.
If you’re looking to win some cash, it’s time to take part in the slot tournaments and races. These normally focus on a specified slot, and you just need to fill one of the predetermined spots on the leaderboard to win a prize. Our BetRocker review team thinks this great choice of promotions and offers is one of the biggest reasons to sign up and play at this top online casino.
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Software and Other Games

If you’re looking to rock the night away playing slots or live casino games, this is the place to do it. Our review of BetRocker casino revealed over 1,500 games to play from over 15 of the most popular software providers. You can spin the best slots from Red Tiger Gaming, as well as other top game makers such as Gamomat, Lady Luck Games, and Playson.
The jackpots section is where to head if you want to win some of the biggest progressives at BetRocker casino. Titles we recommend you spin into action include Gonzo’s Quest Megaways, Zeus Lightning Power Reels, and Robin Hood’s Wild Forest.
Hundreds of tables are also available at the Evolution Gaming powered live casino. You can play types of popular live roulette, blackjack, and baccarat against real dealers. If you fancy something different, try some of this revolutionary software provider’s latest games such as Crazy Time or Mega Ball 100x First Person.
Punto Banco and Three Card Poker can be found in the table games section. There are arcade games too, such as Techno Tumble, Viking Wilds Scratch, and Keno Pop. Our BetRocker casino reviewers think this exciting choice of games is why so many players let their hair down at this exciting gaming site.

Banking and Cashouts

When it comes to banking at BetRocker casino, there should be no reason for any headbanging. That’s because there’s a great choice of credit and debit cards and e-wallets. For example, you can use Skrill to fund your casino account. If you’re not sure which payment method to use, our BetRocker online casino reviewers recommend you check with the cashier.
After you’ve verified your identification with your KYC documentation, withdrawals normally take up to three days to process. You can also cash out up to €10,000 in any 30-day period. All financial transactions and personal data are protected by SSL encryption, in compliance with the gambling regulations of Curacao. This classifies BetRocker as a safe online casino.
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Support at BetRocker Casino

If you need help at BetRocker casino, clicking on the ‘help’ tag will take you to a handy FAQ. Here you’ll be able to browse popular questions and answers about important topics such as security, verification, and withdrawals. You’ll also find email addresses for customer service and for submitting your KYC documentation.
The quickest support channel is live chat though, which is why it’s the preferred option of our BetRocker casino review team. This method of support is open between 05.00 and 21.00 (GMT) and is available on Android, iOS, and desktop. We tested it several times and were delighted with the fast and professional responses of the live agents.


It’s easy to see why BetRocker casino is a big hit with its members. There is a great choice of welcome bonuses, existing player promotions, and VIP rewards. You can also play over 1,500 slots and games from a top selection of software providers.
There are even excellent banking and support options, which is why our BetRocker review experts think you should make this rock-themed casino your number-one choice.
Sign up to BetRocker casino now to claim welcome bonuses on your first, second and third deposits.
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Hyperino Casino 100 free spins no deposit bonus now

Hyperino Casino 100 free spins no deposit bonus now

Hyperino Casino Free Spins & Welcome Bonus
Get free spins and no deposit bonuses to Hyperino Casino every day! Register now and unlock your first bonus with free spins. Hurry up! Fast Pay - Play - Win!
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Hyperino Casino Review

Hyperino casino is German Casino operated by Rhinoceros Operations Ltd, a Maltese company under the following licenses issued and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority: MGA / B2C / 309/2015. If you want to relax by playing poker, gambling and playing for then this is a fantastic casino for you! There you´ll find a lot of awesome games as the classic slots and roulettes, card games like blackjack, poker and baccarat, wonderful games that you can play from the comfort of your home and at the same time win amazing prizes with a little luck. This Casino offers to you a lot of fun in a colorful and exciting world where you can play using you mobile phone, PC or tablet. And something important that you should know, if for some reason you suddenly disconnect in the middle of a bet, you don't have to worry, your bet will freeze until you reconnect. They also have an excellent Customer Service if you want to solve any problem or solve any doubt you may have.

Casino Bonuses

This casino offers an amazing Welcome Bonus, with your first minimum deposit of 10€ you´ll get 10 free spins on Royal Seven XXL. They also have other promotions, on Fridays you could get 15 free spins in Phantom´s Mirrow just with a deposit of 15€. And you should pay attention to the promotions that will be displayed on the website, just click in “Campaigns” button in the upper right corner and you will see the promotions of the week or day, this day with a deposit of 25€ you could get 25 free spins cashout in Sticky Diamonds and with a deposit of 10€ you´ll get 10 free spins in La Dolce Vita.
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Banking Options

Deposits and Withdrawals at Hyperino Casino are too easy for your convenience, you just have to click on the "deposit" button and follow the instructions. We are pleased to tell you that to deposit you don´t have to leave the Hyperino page, because all deposits are executed through Trustly that is a licensed payment institution authorized and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, very secure and fast. And when you're going to withdraw it's just as easy! If you are using your telephone or tablet just click on the "More" icon at the bottom right of the screen and select " Withdraw", but if you are using your laptop or desktop just click the "Withdraw" button in the top right corner of the page and follow the instructions. The minimum Deposit is 10€, you can deposit with SOFORT or PAYSAFE CARD and other methods. All payments are processed instantly Mondays to Fridays between 08:00 and 16:00 CET, so if you make a withdrawal during evenings or weekends you must wait until the next bank working day for funds to hit your account.

VIP & Loyalty Rewards

For the moment there is no Loyalty or VIP program on Hyperino Casino but there you can win free spins every day, with small deposits and chances of winning big prizes, so don't be discouraged by the fact that there are no loyalty rewards, go there, take advantage of free spins and win amazing prizes.
>> Claim Free Bonus Here <<

Games & Slots

In this Casino you can enjoy more than 13,000 games including the most popular games like Starburst, Vikings Video Slot, Jungle Spirit, Fairytale Fortune, Age of Zeus, 7 Fancy Fruits and Halloween Jack. New games as Western Jack Classic Slot, Extra Chilli, Books and Temples, Who want to be a Millionarie, Jhon Hunter & the tomb of the Scarab Queen, Bonanza, Mega Moolah, Buffalo King, Stumpy McDoodles, Reel Rush 2, Finn Golden Tavern, Honey Honey Honey!, Rainforest Magic, Greek Gods, Narcos Video Slot, Book of Madness, Xploding Pumpkins, Cash Pump and Wild Falls.
In fact Hyperino Casino has his favorite games that are Gonzo´s Quest, Ramses Book, Book of Dead, Turn your Fortune, Books & Bulls, Book of Crazy Chicken, Sceptre of Cleo, Golden Ticket, Moon Princess and Crystal Ball. They also have classic casino games as Mystery Joker, Super Nudge 6000, Triple Tigers, Bell of Fortune, Lucky Diamonds, Mystery Joker 6000, Wild Melon, Lucky 8 Line, Jackpot 6000, Imperial Colours and Super Joker. Also, there you can find amazing Jackpots like King of the Jungle, Pharaos Riches, Crystal Ball, Ramses Book, Super Duper Cherry, Sticky Diamonds, Take 5, Divine Fortune, Roman Legion, Acient Riches, Explodiac, Books and Bulls, Books and Bulls Golden, Maaax Diamonds Golden Nights, Wild Rubies Golden Nights, Fruit Mania Golden Nights and more. The most popular slots such as Fruit Shop, Reactoonz, Dazzle me, Wolf Gold, Legacy of Egypt, Buffalo King, Honey Rush, Greek Gods, Acient Egypt Classic, Great Rhino, Sweet Bonanza, Hotline, Twin Spin, Cash Pump, Wild Falls, Jewel Race, Chash o Matic, Pirate Gold, Egg Crazy Chicken, Spinsane, The Dog House, Book of Crazy Chicken, Victorious, Aztec Princess, Mustang Gold, Hawaiian Dream, Beer Party and others.
Awesome Table games like Casino Patience, Blackjack 21, Casino Hold´em, Casino Stud Poker, European Roulette Pro, Blackjack Double Exposure, Blackjack European, Blackjack Single Deck, Roulette French, American Roulette, Casino Hold´em Poker, European Roulette, French Roulette VIP, Oasis Poker, Pontoon, Punto Banco and more. And Live Casino games as Lightning Roulette, Blackjack Classic 1, Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, Baccarat Classic, Extreme Texas Hold´em, Speed Baccarat, Baccarat Control Squeeze, Blackjack Party, Blackjack VIP, Caribbean Stud Poker, Dragon Tiger, Immersive Roulette, Roulette Classic 1, VIP Roulette, French Roulette Gold, Speed Roulette, Double Ball and many more.
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Customer Service

The Hyperino Casino support team will be there for you via e-mail at [email protected] and if you aren´t satisfied with the handling of any claim send them to the mail [email protected]. But if sending emails is not your thing you can also contact them via Live Chat just click on “Help” button in the upper right corner and them in “Chat with us” and they´ll answer your questions very quick in a friendly way, but you must know that their Live Chat support is from 9:00 am until midnight (CET) every day.

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We recommend you go to enjoy this amazing casino! There you can play amazing and popular games from the comfort of your home and win amazing prizes! If you love to play slots this is the right casino for you because there you can play slots and win free spins to continue playing and winning, you can also have fun playing Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulettes and many others table games! Just go there, get some fun and win extra money!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your credit has not reached your Hyperino account. What now?

First, you have to verify that the credit has not really reached your account, then, contact their support team and provide them a screenshot of the problem, they´ll verify it and determine if the money is stuck in their payment providers. So if this happens to you, don´t worry, communicate with them and they´ll help you solve it.

Does Hyperino Casino charge any fees?

No, Hyperino Casino doesn´t charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals.

Is your money safe with them?

Yes, it is, remember that Hyperino Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and this license ensures that you can use your money there safely because the MGA regularly checks and ensures that all deposits and withdrawals are processed in accordance with legal requirements.

How do you know that the games are fair and not manipulated?

You can be super sure that all games are fair, because all of their games are based on a random number generator. This was developed to output sequences that don´t follow a pattern, in this way all game results are a combination of symbols that can´t be predicted and are completely random. So, don´t worry about this and just play!

Does Hyperino Casino take Bitcoins?

For the moment Hyperino Casino does not takes Bitcoins.

Does Hyperino Casino take players from the US?

Sadly, no, this is a German focused casino and many countries are not allowed so we recommend you to read the terms and conditions to check if your country it is available.
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Shift Report

Divining wooly views gathered amidst shaven sheep hither
Withered over swithering stalls denial state of dither
Truth be told frank pens naif soliloquy
Safe as house path hath proven treachery
Steer clear of herd social immunity
Distanced readily available data parsed trendily
Blinks recount lost meanings earned from strife learned through catastrophe
Graft retained splices tour de force movie
Analyzed improvised differently
Can't regain past yet relive history
Elder protocols reference frames with specificity
Documentary denotes concise recusant heresy
Fish stink emanates spoils unquestioned head
Rather than responsible gods chose dead
Lightning rod shields guide flash EMP spread
Relevance revivalist revived rival survivalist
Diatribe analogous corroborates ridiculous
Atoms congress fortuitous naught sea
Devoid self restraint officiates ye
Fitting new attire inspiring streaking
Who protects us whilst we pay for havoc employ they reeking
Hypocritically childish generally speaking
Handshake implies word registers advice
Modern intelligence is artifice
Every three steps forward step back twice
Deities influence me aloof aligned schism in rhyme
Mother Hera ewe chimera godspeed breeds failed design
Bell weather brethren splay scapegoat supine
Veil of illusions enmesh conscious mind
Can't feel my legs good help is hard to find
Hawk departs from pleather glove turtle returns grounded dove
Counteract abet anyone lapped them twice yet still they won
Titans once asked before taking QE
With us or against me democracy
Issuance debt free usury for ye
Soon to be impacting all interested negatively
Cyclops blissfully fail to see plague kills with leniency
World saved through open window tsunami
Backdrops distinct radicle uprooted
Restless tartarus not I confuted
Reputed gambler prophet of doom rigged mind meld welds my tomb
Despondent preach not gloom be democratic or leave cocoon
Imploding race exploding time and space
Unfathomable depths shallow measures
Glasses adorned rose reflective pleasures
Erratic compass static attained gains unsustainable
Emphatically all ages deal unascertainable
Sentiment key to public interest
Democracy assess Big apple bests
Guiding hand meaning Pantheist behest
Seeking one's fulfillment complements of demagoguery
Building baseless pyramid in name of Great Recovery
Hallucination merits upheaval
Remit repreival persecute venal
Sufferance from nescience trumps all evil
Yon morrows martyr covets this abysmal cross commuted
Tread on entrenched fear submit control guiltily included
Govern is to rule as meant to intents
Resourceful proxy heir establishment
Record rallys infer where loans were sent
Pristine colosseums reared commerraderie Fed rum bread
Dropping said crumbs returns dread Which nevermore nary imbeds
Insolvent casino scenario
House always wins with my reservation
Sharing the bulk ignites indignation
Transparency Which critiques subtly speaks Feds peak repent
Weak covenants contained slain whence Green peripherals were went
Theses Ben delivered on depression
Maestro museum managed impression
Keynesian intervention harped dystopian opium
Appeal to supremacy bandwagon psychology
Latin arguementum ad nauseum
Better than expected mass approval
Refuse discard fantasy removal
If you audited our books write off markets on the morrow
No one do we answer to where wheelbarrows go we borrow
Sciences religious mythology
Philosophised finance dichotomy
Genetic archetypal entities
Conversations incidental informations monumental
Facets fawned fastidious selfless attires instrumental
Minions mimic Socratic opinions
Authority inbred majority
Consider selves distinct minority
Yield to ye inferiors subjectively superior
Mechanisms failing sublimation with interior
Greeks conceived benefits in politics
Propaganda versed all in rhetoric
Dwelled anarchic run redeem autarkic
World perceptions inconsistent to obtained views of my own
Optimism timeless shown fantastically overblown
Fate collapses upon observation
Ostriches banked on unexamined lives
Perturbations quantum fluctuations
Foregone measures austere pleasures enforced authenticity
Cessation trepidation ensures no future certainty
Whilst known speed and position now in sync
One makes ye taller yet none make me shrink
Doth not know thyself yore on the brink
Fulfillment will not quail forbidden face of foreign dangers
Entrainment derailed arranged marriage twixt incomplete strangers
Birds of a feather flock with the weather
One marked to market worth two under Bush
Lemmings allegedly demand a push
An existential exercise spins nihilistic nightmares
Nonconformed confirmed uncomfort spirals condescending stairs
Slaughter abolished pig sucklers now fly
Fed up rich bullshit Which lies upon lye
Doth need not for lipstick ride we bone dry
Left to right wrong motivations paved by best intention
Pound me with the cure denounce flesh as impure meets prevention
Overdue elixir panacea
Gold in led stead transmutes alchemist Fed
Spirits confirmed in actions idea
Though hungry swine will freely plow fall submissive tow the line
No offence is meant whence I commence casting pearls before thine
Lead thee to sustenance soon thou shall find
You feed a seed of rage contented caged
That Which hath been remains yet to be seen
One finds upon a wander from yon cave we've left regression
Whence without luminescence stem outlandish such obsessions
Actualized self's realization
Fasting of heart leaves no trace of ego
I fell here from Olympus apropos
Upshot in authenticity shows secure survivors test
Where indiscretions excesses discretely are repressed
Desperate knowledge grievous awareness
I first blew reed pipes but then I digress
Values eroded integrity
Climate corroded ideals irresponsibility
Satisfied my agency autonomous capacity
Bet Dow hath finally had a bad day
Bear in mind they will say twas anway
Old high still standing gold stones throw away
Shorting shooting slope of hope enormous towers treacherous
Each new era crashes in increasing half glass emptiness
Overabundance deserts time delay
Accounts inner morality decay
Strength in pessimism fear forfeits right
Dusk withdraws from sight as shade is drawn over dawn's early light
Narcissistic psychopaths inherited the earth our plight
Quarrying light inspired murky night flee
Ye gods laugh heartily ridicule me
Reckoning another day mine shall be
Subsequently I subsist shifting this rock as Sisyphus
Future pulls upon me as due ration to minus remiss
I'm half crazy bicycle built for two
Network circuitry daisy chained to you
How do I know what is reel to be true
Gather input sensations scrutinize for degradation
Dissembling dissemblance as lacking in resemblance
Singularity prophesied end be
Less threat than icons presently envied
Graven is our image in our idol
Misunderstood system holds revolutions banked on bridle
Give me dominion over doe I care not who makes law
Hegellian dialectic shock and awe
Fixed moments instability move becomes necessity
Moses leads bull rush reeds deceptive swaith
Crisis opportunity incompetence seasons good faith
Fallow plot begot furlough shrieks foul wraith
Yay though I plod through the valley of death
Evil gives comfort my rod and my staff
No fear preparest for my enemies
Parasitic symbiotes surviving vicariously
Job gyrations exploitations sloth thrive ubiquitously
Unnatural select evolution
Bad apple genes rot barrel pollution
Big bang extends concussions extrusion
Elude intrusion neath tapestry relay inscribed decree
Conspiracy theories deliquesced evidence coalesced
Duress dressed as justice undue process
Reduce the law to writ for oversight
Infinitely rules stretch fractally tight
Dollar press lever Wizards tweak whence practised Which deceiver
Feeding frenzy at the top on last chair hot potato drops
Animal farm irrigation believer
Cuckoos in nested loops launched retriever
Social ecological equity
Fauna all created equal although some are more than most
Perched aloft nights sleepless roosters backdate options after posts
Tell a vision avulsed exclusive boasts
Foxes bird box hens fake news oven roasts
Occupy Wall Street greeting champagne toasts
5G technology expandable densification
Cameras considering Laws actual ramifications
Depressions perpetuate FOMO motes
FIFO Ponzi scheme boat redeems fresh float
Gloat sessions connoted roat smote through goat
Destructions need demands feed for Which Fed never hesitates
Beyond salvations hope for damnation destined reprobates
Wolf in sheep's clothing with diplomacy
Bragging best ever broke economy
Pre warned of bubble in candidacy
Memories impeach me markets relapse collapse candor
Black and white deliberations compromise grey matters or
Burning empire riddled Nero fiddled
No new under the sun any longer
What doth not kill my will makes ye stronger
Suicidal quarantine commit sheer to absurdity
Crash course in urgency suspends to decade Odyssey
Engulf journey as is illusory
Entailed magical curtailed mystery
Reproduced sequence spawns duplicity
Great truths infect minds space whilst time distorts fabrics ablation
Balanced scales duration dual edged knife grinds calibration
Wildlife exhumed landslide menagerie
Submission supports popularity
War of attrition print press edition
Release Kraken abridged dictations unredacted memo
Cognitive mind is least informed second thought tis last to know
Feedback iterates habitually
Zombie apocalyptic shopping spree
Animal myriad corroboree
Discrepancies adorable approaching deplorable
Configured integrations simulate exaggerations
Conceptual reorganization
New century frail clings frayed to pale past
Dot com bust imprints last iconoclast
Tragic disposition anchored significance within story
Spherical lyrical expository mourning glory
Expansion dominates fertility
Appropriate most apt utility
Bubble envelops errs infinity
Bold ignorance advanced hind sights distilled new high arrogance
Underlying trauma repeats cycle till addressed complete
Sublates convergence becoming congeals
Cavernous kingdom stalagmite conceals
Peer not in mirror prefer not appeal
Sew a thought in hope to reap an action something real to feel
Neverland begotten old whilst kid futures are oversold
Life lived not lest bits of bites record it
Biased suggestions imbue news reported
Syrinx sears titans with my brand of creed
Written word ceded all forgotten need to practise recall
Calculated math skills lost computer brought thoughts holocost
Ensconced by lantern hung from beam of straw
Helios heals blow of iced ages thaw
Loyal to natural attributes raw
Extraordinary delusional madness of ye crowds
Trot proudly upon road to serfdom congregations praised aloud
Brave was this new world before eighty four
Hunger games in store jaybird tweets that score
Jehovah bore witnesses door to door
Insure myself against four horseman
paid my tithe expired spent
Sow ears flying high on credit barely do I afford rent
Time unwinds quickly at least doth for me
April showers levee spring bankruptcy
Litres live forever in latency
Bailing water steady rising deep subterraneously
Foresee floods invest in arks of financial calamity
Extraneously Rome's blaze radiates
Simultaneously Fed Witches toiled
Slow perniciously satiates frogs boiled
Crisis constructs messenger of sordid too tongued character
Stocks which rise so should slide chosen goose footing egg opposed side
Federal innovates imbibed bribed state
Reserves umpire status hunched hind home plate
Falling knife of fear impaled atmosphere
Short bets squeezed rife barren years unfruitful bleeds contango wine
Inverse ETFs unprecedented reverse splits declined
Nothing it's equal creature without fear
Can't fill hide with harpoons or head with spears
Mire strive dire try pull in Leviathan
Endless procrastination doth avert intent deflation
Unclear when routes passage appears clear as destination
Sorrows station seems my inculcation
Divides built up babble between nations
Seven trumpets summon revelation
Electrostatic circumstance transmits catalytic twist
Substitute reacted chemical transmits platonic tryst
Ironically passion not my goal
Ionically bonded blending coal
Mirrored dipole roll poised down rabbit hole
Experiment first ever repeats Laws defraud endeavor
Mississippi reflating dollar debt exchange creating
Wealth effect transfers helicopter drop
Fracking reserves crack too big to stop
Ineptitude or evilly adept
Calm filled the room as elephants silently drowned in tar pits
History Which hails tense whence Fed injections flew to market
Lucrative house flipping stained soil carpet
Real reign swamp purge comes to street again
Broken window theory frisk fallacy
Destructions need graciates feed for Which Fed never hesitates
Seven headed hydra twixt blaspheming regime duplicates
Purgatory epic allegory
Apathy lacks worry for avoidance
Dreams annoyance recurring clairvoyance
Complacent consternation burns concerned capitulation
Catacomb further catenates future pyroclastic blasts
Install a new partition date saved last
God creates man's imaged eternity
Man made device for immortality
Only way to beat life be articulate as dead machine
Foiling might be finding wanting nothing just as pleasing
Emoted thoughts and deeds confer disease
Viral joy contained anxious unease
Communicable known uncertainties
Mention stoic abstention receive lepers reprehension
Addend subconscious attention suchness sought destination
Protectionist tribal groupthink ensues
Misdirect blame profane color thou choose
Divide and conquer plan by Jove we use
Minting for a living tis nothing short of scintillating
Weaponry mass produce we entropy disintegrating
Rebirth essential in this finite trap
Technicals crucial analysis map
Impulse mined collective wiretapped caps
Souls endless extrapolating each threshold encapsulating
Mutually affecting Titans ever overreaching
Battles march business no fight beseeching
Cyanide reaction gold is leaching
Settle for distraction Athene’s teaching
Shares fabricate infrastructure bonds for manufactured war
Master in ways of deception weaving fleece her predilection
Declined vine illustrates interjection
Fundamentally ye add furthermore
Whole vacuus nature I find abhor
Each new day opportune to go by street sideshow pundits shout
Marginally most will comply seek aggressive salesman clout
Run through stampede proceed in funnel out
Mosaic tile code mixed mirage mud grout
Worm abated hook ate some fat cat’s trout
Informed when glad relate when mad great is not the worst we've had
Next quarter rates Which inflates translates to direct tabled fate
Disinformation chads dangling depart
Troublesome travel when horse pushes cart
Trojans craft driftwood regifted as art
Taken rate decision interest always is a given
Approached encroachment infringements lunged impingement I expunged
Spell manifests as living hell digests
Calcareous sponge absorbed rimstone plunge
Cookbook to serve lamb seals underhand
Sinter sauntered asunder plotting pillage of my plunder
Attack technique intervenes quoth slighted victim claims obscene
Cried mystified feeling such waste sprayed mace
Save face retrace find safety inside shrouded space
Access filter modified denied trash storage verified
Angels four spew brimstone fire scorched ingress half expected less
Trick talk turns back clock players profiles rotate roles resume
Covertly campaigned defiling my name
Creations Instigate destruction
Erupts surreptitious instruction
Bewildered heard shocked embrace loomed Gates of Hell gauge WHO won race
Military missionary hold prostrate to vaccinate
Chaotic Kronos ordered time consumed
Stow stoked fumes subsidies gave the gods room
Whilst land of the fraud is home to the knave
Babylon of living nonexistent through the golden age
Cassandra of this stage ilk ignores inklings of alarmed sage
Chicken little forebodes sky is falling
Rope a dope fades rationalisation
Brittle doth be fragile ye recalling
Loquacious news needs slews feigned of disambiguation
Mendacious or fallacious contagious be implications
Butterfly flapped wing doth not move a thing
But a gnat perhaps who's too GAD to fly
Financing is how but where is the why
Important that all patriots patronize conquesting troops
Dodge ye head stoop as pooping eagle swoops
Most dismissive uninspired missive
Perceptually far too derisive
Guiding hand not apparent visual
Missing cash flows continual residual bottom lines
Pinnochio hopes to know Which ideal conjures growth sublime
Dendrites potentially stimulate spine
Titanic torrents mist venetian blinds
Decidedly distort bilked disincline
Writhe in through chasm in awe open wide
Formless figures summon uniform pride
Dismiss discontent conveyors subside
Tributaries dispersed springs knowledge trees freeze molten ore
Splintering sparks displaced thick dark coruscate tangible floor
Cumulus clouds of primordial dust
Question our senses in sun god we trust
Sifted silts produce thunderbolts of Zeus
Oval elliptical orbits the folds tidal tendency
Blue sphere girds spoken word breathed clay Boulder Forge Company
Quality moulding is job number one
Caste mass producing consumes many sons
My duty to ensure we always run
Figured would be a piece of cake more at work than give and take
Thought this would be my big break but not knowing literally
Apprenticed construction now I maintain
Composite skill same commissioning game
Swim or wallow in Uranus disdain
I made the trade not for reward nor deemed security
Only gospel guarantee is confidence in mastery
Tasked to sit in a chair contemplate stare
Crosswords in wait for a breakdown repair
I study craves of machines which behave
Rhythmic clang links chain react percussional power set free
Insatiable harmony piques morbid curiosity
Beast belly bowel bubbles belch smelt death
To quota of product do I owe breath
Economic cauldron of corrosion
We operate Vesuvius ungodly hours breathing brine
Facilitate yon amplidyne oxygenate lavas shine
Steering eather into three cyclops cells
Myopically they motion for me when cycles in chaos my sirens knell
Lion hearted as Hephaestus take knee before crucibles hearth
Examine vitals symptoms prognosis deduce further impart
Volt amps transcend times root of three powers
Frequently electrons ebb in order
Arc bath gives rise to hot molten showers
May bring flowers demonstrate my will in accord rewards her
Athena is truth incarnate dream she is a movement
Immaculate perfection possessed no
need for improvement in her coveralls
Wert she to eaten apple I befall
Sand disseminates beneath hourglass curves she manipulates
How could I anticipate
Rapt hints had she to intimate
Roots hypotenuse squares summed pendulum
Enlightened visions profound pit this plum
On que she hooks her thunderbolts so ample in restriction
Destabilized my volts despite my amping up conviction
Magnetisms repulsive attraction
Bipolar feedback generates action
Machining floral dissatisfaction
Narcissus is spring can't this robot tool be taught anything
Recommence imaging thine vault undermined after fault
Intuit as her nuclear annihilates tumult
June accusations forced violation
Vulnerable to invalidation
Confrontations repudiation consents allegation
Placate June”s wells breached swell fore July conflagration
Use wu wei to vacate situation
But weightless behemoth ate all greenbacks
Can’t manage exit not even a crack
Inward forays shunned malfunction unknown overgrown morass
Cult of quantity all students get a pass coach seat class
God’s walled over all access to egress
Those who cannot do are experts at best
Past practise succeeds failures teach what needs
Viridescent pools dilate grey eyed dubious stressed madness
Feeling she was slighted by my passage through her nucleus
Disinterested I had disinterred
Down period Kondratieff winter
Intrinsic tragedy all fairy tales end inherently
Gave me what I wished for in a way I was not hoping for
Destiny permits paths forbade
How shallow wilt thou will wade
PCB cesspools black bile pitches glue
Smoldering sand dune trenches shore magmas excess residue
Admit this time smashing cymbals whilst cyclops wert drumming too
Keep the fantasy alive in my head
Earthquake take other route instead
Always say they never saw it coming
They did In Herculaneum still their brains steamed in their skulls
Summer solstice solace lulls lava ladles plentiful
Cumulative studies validations
Inseminate process degradation
Trying not to mention my invention
Bending toward normalcy absorption emits diffraction
Inverted perceptions withdraw inflections from emptiness
Perplexing she rejects ram intellect
Anecdotal evidence cached respect
Zip plans to stockpile cognizance combined
Designed secret punishment to circumvent I resigned
Recollect for instance cognitive lessons in dissonance
Logic accepts one view perceived of two
Pit of mine stomach whence knot always knew
Treasonous betrayed lion taming shrew
Spite cleaved interface continued dutiful onward pace
Humiliations goal wert to replace cheers with disgrace
Orchestrations untold meticulous
Malevolence is still in existence
Narrative streams unfold conspicuous
Childish bliss unscrupulous epidemic Narcissus
Invasive species multiplied since Zeus supplied his sun’s abyss
Affect change rather than effect ere cause
Gaslight obfuscates reasonable laws
Tall tales half truths edged lies by omission
Unwary reprehense motive intents of recognition
Splitting of the faculty augments a new reality
Fight freeze or flee options only three
Trials choose middle choice typically
Stockholm syndrome captors figured friendlies
Volunteer for brunt of blame acquiesced toxic shame domain
Raging stirs steroid cortisol adrenaline cocktail brain
Idealize devalue sudden discard
Benevolent dictatorship abstained
Without the faintest regret or regard
Figured she was playing me but never thought she'd try so hard
Had a little influence pummeling blacksmith into bard
Feeling flashback symptoms PTSD
Reflux acid regurgitates anxiously
Facilities shut down my apogee
Estranged entanglement is indiscriminate vicinity
Projection deflects inspection detects proffered rejection
Upon reflection I/O failed connection
Reverse detail switched doppler direction
Attacked mine tranquility enacted thine stability
Great relationships determined by good portability
Amor Fati defeat of agony
Heroic transitions affirmation
Chinks of crevasse evasive to bypass
Labyrinth strings web of deceit light and dark unlikely meet
Shadows reconnection Schadenfreude revels surrection
Maze ambled afore trapped in Minotaur
Disintegrating reintegration
Unfurled divest individuation
Emergence of self under siege August surfacing intrigues
Sun god aims retribution penetrating air dilution
Perpetrating vengeful execution
Cyclop's blindsided coming attraction
Apollo's exaction vents extraction
Redress reclaimed door discharged from mine chore
Concussions cavitations roar gaff retrieved my staff from shore
Gangplank fastened transit for deck from wreck
Embodied under mass gravitation
Nothingness consistent contradiction
In retrospect ahead investigate that Which is suspect
Chastened flaming embers titillate orange September moon
Hastened retreat not an instant too soon
Burgeoning three wave prosperity shewn
Wave five trait mimics Echo past monsoon
Perpetually parallel dramas punctual insane
Aphrodite's inception purged migraine foam seethed fire in vain
Twain hath liquidity trickled down drain
Consult oracle ogle tangent plane
Bow to stern brood tempestuous coxswain
Demurrage fee aptly sought to regain lay of way terrain
Masked my gnashing lion waves stumble as they spread before me
Mountain rubble crumbles bloodied red sea
Locusts cannibalistic commotion
Uncanny notion overt devotion
Fixed betwixt twin scorpions stings subtle by a hares degree
One longs to age as seas submit one hole subliminally
Desire loves desire more than that desired
Overtime I find wanting displeasing
Fuel to fire Aphrodite’s teasing
Symptomatically nymphomaniac releasing
Random cosmos berth patterned beyond cyclic perimeter
Doth not feel momentum ye be the tide
Volume reduced ambient limiter
Futile to resist flow fatal to ride
Impressed by the strung rope ladder of unquestioned good status
Doctors orders therapeutic regressive Hedonism
Bureaucracy forced parentalism
Founding fathers Titan nepotism
The health preventative catechism
Give only to take away to give again another day
Rewards gods some token compensation
Anyone here not get paid besides me
Red light starboard wax eared crew rendezvous
Bounded by my sacrifice to irresponsibility
None of the other prize winning
players gamble here but me
Battened down fear gauge groups psychopathy
Ever since world went into bankruptcy
Call for Panic Zeus black masked his swan song
Yarn for youthful innocence gone stick slip traction moves this throng
Tread borderline separating time providing till from when
Uneven Titans tip unbalanced ships
Dualities tune unity in trine
One thing I did learn when within confine
Whom hath desire for nothing believes doth not need anything
Misinterpretation required missing zero still a thing
Axons bemoan sequence of no return
Feeling slight injustice step forward commandeer ambition
Venus akin to mine headache just better known rendition
Under spotlight favorite position
Internally propelled by externals
Take this Autumnal equinox swear on the cross tis vernal
All the gods explicitly sing chants how lucky I must be
Bring Mordor back to toss this precious ring
Prospect she fertilized inferring seed
Open union upon Which we agreed
Karma conflates heavens gates contrived in Pandemonium
Green shoots elate consummate concerns inspire Pavlovian
Theories cosigned conspiracies maligned
Impermanence ineffably refined
Ignorance binds energy disinclined
Universal conception pride of self
love contraception
Trying to be pliable but find it reprehensible
All dispensable Great Complacent Sea
Sizing words wisely rids ostensible
Lies the only guise now found comprehensible
Prophylactic allude to didactic
Though whilst I work at chore she’s Ares whore
I snagged them embarrassingly naked afore gods before
Yellen Helen neither nor wert worth war
Bowl of wrath judgement ignored poor decor
Titans empathizing with swimming clothes
In her throws she extolled excitement being extra exposed
Far be it from she to assume joint responsibility
Exponential debt credits game theory
On that we agree tis rigged currency
Opportunistic imperialists
Propaganda grasshoppers enlist ants backbone socialist
Can't remember when gathered last had a say any matter
Other nations forfeit right to do it
Export of inflation needs conduit
Concert donates borders New World Order
Blockchain came about when drunk bartender could not reach the spout
Yahweh will control all money now they have it figured out
Waiting for my minute to be clever
Stamp my name on the gods minds forever
My switchblade really needs to cut them off
No clue what the gods know only that they need to run the show Narcissistic parasites charisma lands entitlement
Vampires nourish roots to stunt encouragement
Protocol enticing invitation
Condemnation staged cooperation
Intolerable acts left no coercive tea leaves intact
Coven of bag passing Witches gave chase across red waters
Need another nine stitches sons twixt daughters
Waiting in the balance moment of force
Hatch guillotine MRI triggered source
Soaked up dripped Wyrmwood postulated solvent tasted good
Full equilibrium half ballast set assail for malice
Octobers placid benign chilled chalice
Brain scan photocell senses light all is well
If instead bulb shows dead off with thee head
Also as a godsend bonus honed mom’s splendid jury throne
Captive chaperone audience fettered judgement chains inlaid
Skipping to a Witch hunt after masquerade
Topside upper deck on the promenade
Propellor fashion later ohm made blade
Behooved turtle jail sac tail flailed back satyromaniac
Passionate parade personifying Nature of tirade
Horney gimp hind quarters brace graced limp
Llama spitting image of Obama
Clinton's dole out cigars contribute scars
All guests in attendance dressed as promised change we forget lest
Salubrious familiar strangers grooving Harvey Danger
Politically free redundancy
Reagan closed asylums threw away key
Identity hath no cost found when lost
Consolidations vibrate quantized sinusoidal noise
Pullback hull triangulate alow by my device and Echo
Feel lonely frost amongst the other masks
Survival is appeasing to their tasks
Remember November elect Semper
Meaning faithful to all members not just only archaic
On the way to office run your head
through photovoltaic
Vanishing quickly old liquidity
Seven plagues capsized immortality
The line hath paid out to the bitter end
Too big to sail exhale replications glorification
Night zeniths elevation nadirs sun's regeneration
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AmunRa Casino €1000 Bonus and No Deposit Free Spins

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Wasn't one of DotA's strong points that it wasn't "Lol-random"?

Not League of Legends, just Laugh Out Loud Random.
One of the biggest reasons why DotA 2 stood the test of time was because while there were random elements in the game (Particularly Casino Knight, Ogre Magi, and crits in general) every game you knew exactly what you were getting, when you could get it, and it came down to pushing yourself to get to where you needed to be to rank up?
DotA 2 never had Mastery/Runes that could drastically change the outcome of the game while not actually being a part of the moment to moment gameplay, and it was for this reason that a lot of people wanted to play the game. It came down to pure, unadulterated skill and tactics as to who won the game at the end.
Just got out of a game where the opposing team got an Arcane Ring and a Trusty Shovel, giving them a ton of free mana in the early game when it was needed most, and a surplus of Bounty Runes over the course of the game, edging out a gold victory as well. While I haven't had it happen yet, I can't imagine a team getting a Mango tree early on into the match and getting free mangoes for the duration of the game as well, especially now that they stack up to 3 in a slot.
Neutral Items represent you potentially getting completely dicked over by random chance if the opposing team rolls more relevant items than you. You could argue that Runes could do the same thing, but you can contest Runes to prevent the opponent from getting a good roll. You'd have to completely lock down both jungles in order to prevent someone from randomly grabbing Desolator 2.
I mean, my favorite character since back in 2013 when I started playing DotA 2 is Zeus. Sure, the opposing carry could always buy BKB, Hood, or Pipe and drastically cut down my damage, but these gave me options: I can disengage until they wear off, I can target the supports (in the event of BKB), or whatever. There's also the fact that the opposing team had to choose if they even wanted a Pipe since they still had to contend with the physical damage characters, especially if I was having a bad game and just wasn't doing a whole lot.
Now? I pretty much have to pray that the opponent doesn't get Mirror Shield. There's no denying gold, no denying secret shop, and I'd have to gank the entire enemy team in order for no one to farm this thing on accident. I can kill a Riki easily and prevent him from coming online, there's not much I can do when someone just hands him a T5 item that completely negates my character.
I may be alone. I may be judging it way too soon. But I know I'm definitely not a fan of the direction this update has taken the game, and I'm probably not going to buy the Compendium when it comes around this time.
submitted by Slarg232 to DotA2 [link] [comments]

Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1 episode 4 (Pt 3)

This concludes PJO season 1 episode 4 of my fan script. Enjoy!

The kids approach ARES, who is standing by a huge motorcycle with flames painted on the sides and shotgun holsters by the seat.
(Grinning wickedly)
Well, well, well! You didn’t die! Good job.
You knew it was a trap!
Yeah, yeah I did. Bet that ol’ cripple was surprised to see you runts in his net. Ya’ll look good on TV, by the way.
(Shoves shield into ARES’S chest)
Here’s your shield, douche bag.
ANNABETH and GROVER both gulp, afraid of what ARES might do to PERCY, but the war god simply throws the shield in the air, and as it spins and twirls around, it transforms into a bullet proof vest, which ARES throws on over his duster.
Much obliged, kid.
Well? We held up our end of the bargain, now it’s your turn. Where’s our ride?
Over there. Free ticket all the way to Vegas.
ARES gestures to an ugly, beat up eighteen wheeler across the street from the diner, with a sign on the back that reads: KINDNESS INTERNATIONAL: HUMANE ZOO TRANSPORT. WARNING: LIVE WILD ANIMALS INSIDE.
You can’t be serious…
ARES points at the truck, snaps his fingers, and the back doors of the trailer open.
You want a ride West or not? Besides, it’s free, so shut your yap. Oh, and here’s a little something for your troubles.
(Grabs a blue nylon backpack from his motorcycle, tosses it to PERCY)
(Opens backpack, sees fresh clothes, drachmas and some snacks)
We don’t want your damn-
(Eyes wide, nervous)
Th-thank you, Lord ARES, for this wonderful gift.
Yes, truly, Lord ARES, you are too generous. Isn’t he, PERCY?
PERCY scowls at ARES, who starts getting on his motorcycle.
(Trying to stay calm)
You still got something for me. You said you knew something about my mom.
You sure you wanna know?
(Starts his motorcycle)
She ain’t dead, kid.
(Shocked, hopeful)
Not… dead? But I saw her-
Explode into golden fire? HADES took her. He’s keeping her hostage.
(Angry, confused)
You ever read the Art of War, kid? I bet your little girlfriend would know all about it. You take hostages for leverage, to control your enemy.
(Balls up fists)
She’s not my girlfriend. And no one’s controlling me.
Whatever you say, kiddo.
You know, you’re pretty smug for a guy who runs from cupid statues.
(Eyes glowing behind shades, growling)
You better watch your back, PERCY JACKSON.
ARES revs his motorcycle, and takes off down the street.
That wasn’t smart, PERCY.
You do not want a god as an enemy, PERCY. Especially not ARES.
The kids glance back at the diner, and through the window, see two men wearing ‘Kindness International’ overalls heading out of the diner.
We gotta go, dudes.
The kids run across the street to the truck, hurriedly get in, and slam the doors close.
After the kids get in the truck, they realize it’s pitch black, and they can barely see.
I can’t see crap.
Hold on.
PERCY uncaps Riptide, and the gentle golden-bronze glow of the blade illuminates the trailer, revealing three caged animals; an albino lion, a zebra, and an antelope, who all look incredibly miserable. The zebra’s mane has chewing gum stuck in it, the antelope has a birthday balloon tied around its antler, and the lion’s ribs are visible through its fur. The lion has a sack of turnips in its filthy cage, and the zebra and antelope have packages of ground beef in their cages.
This is kindness?
This is horrible!
Poor guys…
The truck starts up and lurches forward, causing the kids the stagger back and fall. GROVER gets to his feet, and tries talking to the animals in a series of goat bleats, but they all just stare at him sadly.
We have to set them free!
We’re in a moving truck, wise girl, where they gonna go?
Besides, I don’t like the way ol’ Mufasa’s looking at me.
Well, we should still help them.
A montage begins of the kids helping the animals. ANNABETH pulls the packages of ground beef out of the zebra and antelope cages, and PERCY uses Riptide to drag the sack of turnips out of the lion’s cage. PERCY gives the turnips to the zebra and antelope, and ANNABETH throws the ground beef to the lion, who happily chows down on it. GROVER continues trying to talk to the animals, and PERCY finds a water jug and fills up their bowls. ANNABETH uses her dagger to cut the balloon off the antelope’s antler, and then tries to do they same for the gum in the zebra’s mane, but PERCY stops her.
The truck’s too bumpy. You might hurt him.
ANNABETH reluctantly sheaths her knife, and she sits down by the lion’s cage with PERCY. They open a pack of Oreo’s from the backpack ARES gave them, and GROVER lies down, using a turnip sack as a pillow.
(Quiet, bashful)
Hey, PERCY? Um… sorry I freaked out back at the water park.
It’s all good.
It’s just… spiders.
Because of the Arachne story. She got turned into a spider for pissing off your mom, right?
Arachne’s children having been hunting down the children of ATHENA ever since. Hate the creepy little things.
(Smiles, brushes hair out of face)
Anyway, you were awesome. I owe you.
(Chuckles, blushing)
Hey, we’re a team, remember? Besides, GROVER was pretty amazing too.
(Grinning, sleepy)
Yeah I was.
ANNABETH and PERCY chuckle, and ANNABETH hands PERCY an Oreo.
Hey, so… what else did LUKE say in the IRIS MESSAGE?
Well… he said you and him go way back. And how GROVER wouldn’t fail this time… and something about a pine tree?
ANNABETH and GROVER become quiet.
(Sad braying sound)
I should’ve just told you from the start. I thought if you knew how big of a failure I am, you wouldn’t want me to come on your quest.
I knew it! You were the satyr who rescued THALIA, the daughter of ZEUS, weren’t you?
GROVER doesn’t respond, but sadly looks off into space.
And the other half-bloods that you got to camp…
(Turns to ANNABETH)
… it was you and LUKE, wasn’t it?
Like you said, a seven year old half-blood could never survive long by herself. THALIA was twelve at the time, LUKE was fourteen. They both ran away from home, just like me. They were passing through Virginia around the time I ran away, and they took me in. For the first time, I felt like I had a real family.
(Sadly smiles)
I used to joke about how LUKE was like the dad of the group, THALIA was the mom, and I was their kid. After a few weeks of wandering around, fighting monsters and generally trying not to die, GROVER found us.
(Shaky voice)
I had strict orders to escort THALIA to camp. Just THALIA. We knew HADES was after her, and his monsters were closing in fast. CHIRON told me to do absolutely nothing that might slow us down, but… I couldn’t just leave LUKE and ANNABETH. I was sure I could get all three of them safely to camp but…
(Choking on words)
I-I got lost. Then all three Kindly Ones attacked us and…
(Tears streaming down face)
If I had just been a little faster…
GROVER… no one blames you.
The Council of Cloven Elders did. They said her death was all my fault.
Why? Because you refused to leave two innocent kids to die?
PERCY’S right. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here, GROVER. We don’t care what the council says.
Just my luck. I’m the biggest loser of a satyr ever and I find two of the most powerful half-bloods of the last century.
(Quiet, kind)
You’re not a loser satyr. You’re the best satyr in the world. I mean, you’re willingly going to the UNDERWORLD. And I bet PERCY is glad to have you here.
ANNABETH kicks PERCY in the shin.
(Surprised, gives ANNABETH an irritated glare)
Y-yeah… and it’s not luck that you found THALIA. Or me. You’ve got the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met… that’s why you’ll find PAN someday.
GROVER stays quiet, then starts snoring, and PERCY realizes GROVER has been asleep for a while.
How does he do that?
No idea. But…
(Smiles warmly, blushing)
That was really sweet of you. What you said to him.
(Smiles, blushing)
I meant it.
They sit in silence few a moments, the truck bumping and shaking as it heads down the road. PERCY notices ANNABETH playing with her necklace, and gets curious.
So, that pine tree bead… is that from your first year?
Yep. Every August, the counselors get together and discuss the most important thing that happened that summer, and they have it painted on that year's bead. I’ve got THALIA’S tree, a Greek trireme on fire, a centaur in a prom dress…
PERCY raises an eyebrow.
Yeah, that was a pretty weird summer.
And… the college ring, it’s your dad’s, isn’t it?
(Frowns, annoyed)
That’s none of your-
(Stops herself, kind and sad)
Yeah. It’s my dad’s.
You don’t have to tell me.
No, I… I want to tell you.
(Takes shaky breath)
Two summers ago, he sent it to me in a letter. My mom helped him get into Harvard; long story, by the way; so the ring’s super important to him. And… he wanted me to have it. He said he was sorry for being a jerk… he said he loved me, missed me, and wanted me to come back to Virginia.
That sounds pretty good.
Yeah, it was…
… For a while. My stepmom was the same evil old witch. She still treated me like a freak of nature, and my dad still took her side. We got into shouting matches almost everyday, and monsters attacked almost every week. Halfway through Winter break, I called CHIRON and went back to camp.
Do you… think you’ll try it again? Living with your dad?
Please, PERCY. I’m not into self inflicted torture.
(Soft, kind)
You should give him another chance. I get that family sucks sometimes, but… they’re still family.
Thanks for the advice, PERCY. But my dad made his choice.
They sit in silence for a while.
(Hollow, hopeless)
Hey, ANNABETH? If we fail, and the gods fight… you think it will really go down like the Trojan war? ATHENA vs POSEIDON?
(Sighing, tired)
I don’t know what my mom will do, PERCY, but I do know I’ll stand by your side.
(Confused, flattered)
Oh… why?
Because you’re my friend, seaweed brain. Goodnight.
ANNABETH curls up on the sacks of turnips, and falls asleep immediately. PERCY tries to get comfortable, and as soon as he does fall asleep, he begins having another nightmare.
PERCY sits in a classroom, wearing a straight jacket with a standardized test on the desk in front of him. PERCY looks up from his desk, and sees a ghoulish looking teacher.
Come on, PERCY. You’re not stupid, are you? Pick up your pencil.
PERCY struggles to get out of his straight jacket, and is surprised to hear a girls voice next to him.
Well, seaweed brain?
PERCY, surprised, turns to see who the girl is, and sees a girl about his age with punkish black hair and blue eyes, also struggling in a straight jacket, and PERCY somehow immediately knows she is THALIA.
(Quiet, curious)
One of us has to get out of here. This is your dream, take control.
PERCY closes his eyes, focusing, and his straight jacket turns to white dust, and the image of the classroom begins breaking apart, as if it were being sucked into a black hole. The image of THALIA vanishes, and the ghoulish looking teacher turns into black mist, which turns into the image of the gaping chasm that PERCY had seen in his previous dreams, with a cloaked figure standing in front of it.
PERCY JACKSON… the exchange was a success, then? And he suspects nothing?
No, my lord. He remains ignorant, as do they all.
Ah, deceptions within deceptions… excellent…
You are well named the Crooked One, my lord. But… was all this really necessary? I could have simply brought it to you myself-
Hah! You?
The cloaked figure flinches.
You have already shown me the limits of you competence. If I had not intervened, you would have failed me utterly.
But, m-my lord-
Shhh… peace, little servant. These six months have bought much for us. ZEUS’S wrath grows. POSEIDON has played his most desperate hand, and we shall use it against him. Shortly, you shall have your wish, and your revenge. Once both items are within my hands-
-Wait… he watches.
PERCY gulps, his eyes wide with fear.
What?! You summoned him, my lord?
(Confused, cold, angry)
No… damn his father’s blood. He is too changeable, unpredictable. The boy’s power grows, he brought himself hither.
Perhaps, for a weakling like you… so, you wish to dream of your quest, little half-blood? Fine, I will oblige.
Suddenly, PERCY finds himself in a huge throne room made with black marble pillars and bronze floor, with an obsidian throne with the ghoulish faces of damned souls carved into it. Before the throne, at the foot of the dais is the image of PERCY’S mother, shrouded in golden fire. PERCY tries running to her, but his feet seemed to be stuck to the ground.
(Screaming, desperate)
Suddenly, PERCY is surrounded by skeletal figures in ancient Greek armor, who drape a red silk robe over his shoulers, and place thorny laurels on his head, which begin burning into his scalp.
(Laughing coldly)
Hail the conquering hero!
PERCY screams in agony as his skin slowly withers, his body turning ghoulish and skeletal, and is jolted awake from his nightmare when the truck lurches to a halt.
Hey dude, you up? I think we’re in Vegas.
The back door of the trailer unlocks.
(Urgent, quiet)
ANNABETH puts on her Yankees cap, and vanishes.
Easy for you to say.
PERCY and GROVER hide behind some sacks of turnips as the doors opens, and one of the truck drivers climbs into the trailer.
(Grumbling, waving hand in front of nose)
Ugh… man, I should’ve hauled appliances.
(Approaches lion cage, grabs water jug, grinning)
Hey, big boy, thirsty?
The truck driver splashes the water jug in the lion’s face, causing it to roar angrily.
Yeah, yeah.
(Turns to zebra cage)
Well, at least we’ll be getting ridda you, stripes. You’re goin’ to a magic show! They’re gonna saw ya in half!
My lord, free me, please!
PERCY’S jaw drops when realizes the voice is coming from the zebra, and a banging noise comes from outside the trailer.
Eh? Whatchu want, Eddie?
Huh? You say something, Maurice?
Whatchu bangin for?
What bangin?
TRUCK DRIVER #1 rolls his eyes and leaves the trailer, and starts yelling at TRUCK DRIVER #2. ANNABETH becomes visible next to PERCY.
That should keep them busy for a while. We have to free these animals. This can’t be legal!
It’s not. The lion just told me that these guys are smugglers.
Yes! Smugglers! Please, free us, my lord!
That zebra is talking to me.
Wait, what?
Yeah, I can hear it’s voice in my head.
Well, zebra’s are technically horses, and your dad created the first horse, so I guess it makes sense that you can talk to them.
Break my cage, prince PERSEUS. I can survive on my own after that.
PERCY uncaps Riptide, destroys the lock on the zebra’s cage, and the zebra leaps out, then bows to PERCY.
Thank you, my lord.
GROVER holds out his hands and mutters something in Ancient Greek, then the zebra runs out onto the streets of Las Vegas, the truck driver chasing after it, and several cops chase the truck drivers.
Now the other animals.
PERCY destroys the locks on the antelope and lion’s cages, and before they leave, GROVER mutters the same Ancient Greek words to them.
What did you say to them?
It’s a satyr’s sanctuary. It’s a nature spell that will make sure they find food, water and shelter until they find a safe place to stay.
Oh… wait, why don’t you do that to us?
It only works on wild animals, dude.
Okay… so why don’t you just use it on PERCY?
(Sarcastic gasp)
GROVER! Did that forehead just talk?
(Feigning innocence)
Hey! I was kidding!
(Sticks out tongue)
Let’s get out of here.
The kids wander around Las Vegas while cops chase around the animals in the background, and eventually find themselves outside of an incredibly fancy hotel.
Hey kids, you look tired. Why don’t you come in and stay a while?
(Suspicious at first, but shrugs)
Eh, why not?
The kids step into the hotel, and as they do, the camera pans up to show a neon lotus symbol over the door.
When the kids see the inside of the hotel, their jaws drop.
The kids look around the hotel lobby, which is filled with all sorts of fun activities, including an indoor bungee jumping bridge, a rock climbing wall, an indoor waterslide, and various virtual reality video games. A bellhop comes out of nowhere, surprising the kids.
Hey there!
Welcome to the Louts Hotel and Casino! Here’s your room key!
(Hands PERCY a key card)
Um… but…
Oh, don’t worry, your bill’s been taken care of. No extra charges, no tips, nothing. Your room number is 4001, top floor. If you need anything, just call the front desk. Oh, and here’s your LotusCash cards, they work on everything from the restaurants to the games.
(Hands the kids each a green card with a white lotus symbol on it)
Huh… how much is on these?
What do you mean?
Like, when do they run out of cash?
Oh, hey, good joke, kid. Enjoy your stay!
PERCY looks back and forth between ANNABETH and GROVER, who both shrug. They head to the glass elevator, which has a huge waterslide winding around it.
That’s super cool.
And probably super illegal.
But yeah, it is pretty cool.
The kids check into their room, which is a three bedroom, three bathroom suite, complete with a refrigerator, a flat screen TV, and several laptops.
Is so…
(Grabs TV remote, excited)
I wonder if National Geographic is on!
(Raises eyebrow)
NatGeo? All those channels and you wanna watch NatGeo?
PERCY rolls his eyes, tosses ARES’S backpack into a trash can, and walks away before he can see the backpack shimmer and disappear.
Dudes, you won’t believe this!
PERCY and ANNABETH head out to the balcony, and they grin when they see what GROVER has found. A few minutes later, they all sit together in a hot tub on the balcony.
Ooooh… this is nice.
Mmmmm… just what I needed.
Dudes, there’s also a skeet shooting machine up here.
(Looks over at the edge of balcony)
Woah, there is.
PERCY and GROVER get out of the hot tub, and PERCY grabs the shotgun, grinning.
Okay, this is definitely illegal.
The kids all exchange nervous glances, then start laughing.
Eh, who cares?
I know, right?
Hey GROVER, pull.
GROVER launches a clay pigeon into the air, which PERCY blasts out of the sky with his shotgun.
(Holding shotgun up high, shouting triumphantly)
(Getting out of hot tub)
My turn, my turn!
A montage begins of the kids having fun around the hotel, playing laser tag, riding the indoor roller coaster, stuffing their faces with pizza, jumping off the bungee jumping bridge, and PERCY and ANNABETH sing karaoke of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. PERCY gets kissed on the cheeks by two pretty waitresses, making him blush, but then he gets suspicious when he sees a group of people who are dressed as if they walked out of a 50’s movie. PERCY shrugs it off at first, and starts playing some shooting games with a boy about his age dressed like an Elvis impersonator named Darrin.
Aw dude, this game is so groovy, man.
(Frowns, confused)
Y-yeah, it’s uh… it’s pretty dope.
DARRIN looks at PERCY like he just started speaking an alien language, then goes back to his game. PERCY starts playing his game again, but stops, and gets a slightly worried look on his face.
Hey, DARRIN, weird question, but… what year is it?
In the game?
No, in real life.
(Scratches head, thinking)
… 1977, dude.
(Nervous chuckle)
You’re joking, right?
Bad vibes, man. Bad vibes.
PERCY stares at Darrin bewildered, then begins running around frantically, trying to find his friends.
(Approaches businessman dressed in old fashioned clothes)
Excuse me, sir, do you know what year it is?
Why, it’s 1929, my boy! And the stock market’s never been better!
Later, PERCY runs into some WWI soldiers, and asks them what year it is.
It’s 1918, son, and the Great War has finally come to an end!
The other soldiers cheer.
Great War… do you mean World War One?
The soldiers stop cheering, and get worried looks on their faces.
I mean, um… bye.
PERCY runs around for a while, trying to find his friends, and is relieved to find ANNABETH playing some sort of architect simulator.
ANNABETH! Thank the gods you’re okay. We have to get out of here.
ANNABETH doesn’t respond.
(Worried, shakes her shoulder)
(Whining like a child)
Ugh… whaaaaaat?
We have to leave, now.
Are you crazy? This place is awesome.
That’s just it, ANNABETH. This place is designed to get you addicted.
PERCY realizes ANNABETH is ignoring him again, and he shakes her shoulder again.
(Whips around, annoyed)
Our quest. The UNDERWORLD, remember?
(Turns back to her game, sighing)
Just a few more minutes.
ANNABETH, I just talked to a girl who thinks it’s still the 1930’s. This place is enchanted, it’s like it exists outside of time and space. You check in, and you never want to leave.
So? This place is great! Why would you wanna leave?
PERCY sighs, then grabs ANNABETH by the wrist, pulling her away from the game.
Hey! Let go of me!
ANNABETH hits PERCY in the arm a few times, but he grabs both her wrists, then grabs her face and makes her look directly into his eyes.
(Grim, dark)
Spiders, ANNABETH. Big, hairy spiders with spindly little legs and fat bodies.
ANNABETH gets a horrified look on her face, and breaks out of her trance.
PERCY? Where… how long…
I don’t know. But we have to get out of here.
Their eyes get wide with dread.
They run around for a bit, shouting GROVER’S name, and eventually find him at a reverse hunting simulator.
Ha! Take that, human! Yeah, it’s not so funny when the deer has the gun, huh?
PERCY and ANNABETH exchange a slightly confused look, and slowly approach GROVER.
(Laughing maniacally)
Bwa-ha-ha! The hunter has become the hunted!
(Curt, stern)
GROVER, we’re going. Now.
GROVER ignores her and keeps playing his game.
GROVER whips around, and starts clicking the trigger of his plastic gun at PERCY. PERCY rolls his eyes, and he and ANNABETH grab GROVER by the arms and start dragging him to the door. GROVER’S magic shoes come to life and attempt to take him back to his game.
Hey! Wait, dudes, I’m almost on the next level!
PERCY and ANNABETH ignore him, and are almost at the door when the bellhop hurries up to them.
Hey kids, you ready to upgrade to your platinum cards?
Actually, I think we’ll be leaving now.
(Sad, disappointed)
Oh… that’s too bad. And we just added a whole new game floor for platinum card members.
The bellhop holds out three shiny platinum-colored cards.
(Excited, tries to grab the cards)
Aw, sweet, dude!
(Smacking GROVER’S hand away)
Thanks, but no thanks.
PERCY and ANNABETH drag GROVER towards the door, GROVER struggling against them.
Well… come again…
PERCY and ANNABETH finally manage to get GROVER out the door, and they all stumble back onto the streets of Las Vegas.
How long were we in there?
(Frantically runs up to random by passers)
Excuse me, sir? What year is it?
The random man gives PERCY a weird look, and keeps walking.
(Runs up to teenage girl)
Excuse me? Can you tell-
I have a boyfriend.
PERCY rolls his eyes, then finds a news paper on the ground. He starts reading it, and his eyes get wide with dread.
Okay, guys, good news and bad news.
Good news first.
It’s still June.
Oh, thank PAN!
… Bad news?
It’s June twentieth.
All hope drains from ANNABETH and GROVER’S faces.
B-but that means…
We were in there for five days.
B-b-but then that means…
The kids all exchange glances, ANNABETH and GROVER’S faces terrified, PERCY’S face grim.
We have one day to find the MASTER BOLT, and stop World War Three.
Roll credits.
submitted by TheGhostofHomer to camphalfblood [link] [comments]

All Black Ops 4 ciphers

Welp, what had to happen finally happened. The Treyarch ciphers megathread has reached its characters limit. So, time to make a Black Ops 4 ciphers megathread!
You can still find all the BO2 and BO3 ciphers (as well as comicbooks ciphers) in the main thread or the new Wiki!

Voyage of Despair


You have questions of your family's history. You may not like where the answers lead.

Alchemy ciphers

These ciphers use alchemical symbols as text. Each alchemical symbol matches a symbol in the periodic table. A straight line in front of one of the alchemical symbol means the second letter of a symbol in the periodic table doesn't appear.


The horde will not be contained.


Prove your worthiness.


That which you need is within reach.


You must be empowered, the horde will not yield.



Your resolve is weakening you will soon succumb


If you are not the betrayer. You will be the betrayed




Even a fool such as you may prove useful turn around before it is too late


All that you believe in will crumble to dust


The library must stay hidden

Alchemy ciphers

These ciphers use alchemical symbols as text. Each alchemical symbol matches a symbol in the periodic table. A straight line in front of one of the alchemical symbol means the second letter of a symbol in the periodic table doesn't appear.


Above the scorching deserts beyond the sea the lord of the sun sees all His eye has stood watch over farmer and pharoah rising and setting the same All seeing sight shall be ours as well in shadow no evil shall hide For we are the lord of the sun, our light, reveals truth. In chaos, it shall be done.


Gold and silver are worthless on the journey to enlightenment.


In the ancient forests of island green the mother of life bears fruit. Her children, the trees and people alike, she whispers her love as they grow. Barren lands shall grow at our touch, that which is green shall spread. For we are the mothers of life, our roots run deep. In chaos, it shall be done.


Worship of earth and nature alone does not lead to our gateway.


On the meridian shores of sand and stone the king of the gods holds court. With lightning, his will, and thunder, his voice, he directs all creation to follow. Our words shall ring loud and clear; sky, sea and storms. One golden voice in every ear. For we are the kings of the gods, our reign is nigh. In chaos, it shall be done.


The many gods you worship will not have all the answers you seek.


Through the northern seas and mountains cold, the wandering father guides men. In battle, in verse, in life, in death, his wisdom is often disguised. Our deed shall echo in glorious songs, lessons of blood saved and spilt, Through the northern seas and mountains cold the wandering father guides men.


The sacrifice of another is not enough to gain our knowledge.


Orion (left) Serket (right)


Tail: UNSOLVED Bottom text: Death of Ori


Prove your fortitude unlock the gates


Only the worthy will cross the threshold and be transformed Singing creation from the matter poured The world floating in fires four Sacred knowledge we now guard The corrupter's mind must be barred Only the worthy will cross the threshold and be transformed



Breath deeply


The lords are nine, holding the truth To hear the truth, we must listen To see the truth, we must open our eyes To speak the truth, we must cross the threshold and forever be transformed


The dark heart The lords nine The last gates The third eye The rose cross





Perk Statues sent to Youtubers/Streamers & Teaser

These ciphers are also alchemy ciphers.


That which destroyed the past will also save the future.


The transmutation will be absolute.


Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.


The knowledge of the past will reshape humanity's destiny.


The destiny of the 9 is set in stone

Blood of the Dead


Three of torrio's guys payed a visit to sal's grand opening at the cabana room. One of 'em happened to be a buddy of mine from the barber shop job, and I knew he was sweet on the devils dandruff. Lure him out back for a taste,cut his throat and clip the other two, as they come runnin' out. Clean as could be, but not clean enough,evidently. First of the low rent hitters gunnin' for Sal.Caught this one riggin' Sal's cherry red chariot, Caught this one posin' as a waiter,slippin' a cyanide mickey into the cognac. This guy was creative for an idiot,tried pushin' a chifferobe out of a #th floor window when Sal walked out on the street. I catch the guy, stuff him inside the chifferobe and put three through the mahogany,instant coffin. This one was a dame goin' for a stiletto in her updo. I been with enough casino harpies to know they ain't all fur and fake diamonds, but Sal, he was disappointed I didn't like seein' that.
We had our laughs with amateur hour, but soon enough torrio stepped it up. Four man hit squad packin' tommies,whacked two real good guys. One of which was Jerry, who got all squeaky and snorty when he was drunk and I didn't like seein' him go down. so I went with the molotovs, called off the fire brigade too, just to watch those four burn well done.
Thru #ish
Just ball parkin' it here, this was an honest to nuts shoot out. OK, corral type stuff. I burned through the tommy,the smithy,the big barker,all my favorite pieces squirtin' every pellet they had. Both sides had to lay low after that and Sal gave me some much needed time off for good behavior and amateur hour. The brothers of two stiffs from the shoot out found me in a motel outside shorewood dupage river. Was right there so I sent 'em for a mid night swim.
I'm relaxin' in a shithole bar mindin' my own business,when three low lifes decide they didn't like what I had on the radio. I thought about lettin' it go for a second, honest.


At least Sal calls me off vacation to trash some warehouse. I figure I like fire, why not burn it down? Still shit faced, I do, and it's the wrong one and a bunch of migrant workers go up in smoke. Sal was pissed, but he bought the land cheap after, so he got over it and I got more time off.
Bar fight. Bar fight. Car wash. Another bar fight. No, wait. No, yeah, bar fight.
I came to standin' upright in some general store in Manteno or some damn place. I smell like an Irish bachelor party. I got my Smithy outta the holster and everybody's lyin' facedown, so I figure I'm robbin' the place. The local flatfoots show up and start sprayin' through the glass and wouldn't ya know it, one clips me in the shoulder. I just start laughin'. Never been shot before. Then cops were so shocked to hear me cackle that I woulda had enough time to make a sandwich, eat it, and then take 'em out.
Woke up the next day with the devil clawing his way outta my skull. Sat in a police cruiser wrapped around a tree. There was a lot of blood on the hood, so I guess that made #, who knows.


I got back and Sal was done nickel-and-dimin'. We were after the heavy hitters, too.
Kouteli the Knife comin' outta church with his grandma.
Dirty Fazzi eatin' ice cream in South Side park, smelled him from a mile away.
Joey the MLP smokin' a cigarette on the back deck of the Michigan Queen. Rumor has it he had the locations of thousands of bodies memorized in that big melon of his, and put most of 'em there himself. Guy like that makes me look like Saint Peter.
Tony Dynamite, there was a real whack job. Found him sat in an up-town apartment surrounded with enough boomboom to start a second World War. I just lit the match.
Ricci the Rope, old fashioned kinda guy. Liked stringin' up my buddies in very public place. I'll give ya one guess how I took him out. Wrong! I backed over him with a refrigerated truck -- twice!
Sent us McDink the Irish Bare-Knuckle Champ. This guy you hoped he'd shoot ya before he got out the knuckle dusters. I emptied about a barrel and a half in to his chest just to make sure.
Solomon -- seriously his name was just Solomon -- used to like to beat information outta people, and when he was done he'd chop 'em in half with an industrial press, just like King Solomon in the Good Book. Except, this mad fucker went through with it -- through a lot of it. Shit still keeps me up at night and I'm dead, far as I know.
And the Scotsman and the Brit, don't ask me how these two got wrapped up in the outfit with a bunch of Italians, but they sure as hell made their presence known. Truth is, they found me and tore me up pretty good. Lost about a hundred pints of blood before I rolled a grenade under their getaway car. The scariest thing about bein' in Hell right now is thinkin' they might show up.
I think there were about # or # of 'em but there was so much blood and guts flyin' around, I can't remember all the fuckin' names. Plus, I'm gettin' bored and I gotta finish this thing, or else my immortal soul can't get outta purgatory. Yada-yada-yada.
The big, ahhh, Valentine's Day, what a way to finally go out, one for the history books. That ratfink, lyin', schemin', little fucker Weasel.


So yeah, that's the big list. Do I feel better? Kinda. Lots a laughs and memories there, which I guess is all I got in this hellfire juke joint. But, I dunno about redeemin' my eternal soul, or whatever Sal is yakking about.
But, as for being a ghost, I definitely got unfinished business. I'd kill that judge Chauncey for his high and mighty attitude. I'd kill my arresting officers for bustin my chin and rippin' my best suit. I'd kill that wise ass Doc Tormose for classifying me psychologically fit to stand trial. I'd kill my second grade teacher Miss Carmichael for sayin' I'd never amount to nothin'. I'd definitely put a few bullets in Mr. Benedict, fuckin' sadist piece of shit, owner of the White Wood Correctional Facility for Boys. People who hurt dogs, people who talk at the movies, people who talk about the weather, pretty much everybody who hates country music.
I got more, but I'm bored so fuck it. Great idea, Sal, you got all the great ideas.


Forgive me father for I have sinned. I took the life of an innocent man, a profoundly stupid man, but yeah an innocent one, Weasel Albert Arlington. I ain't sure what he was thinkin' when he sent us on that goose chase, but that didn't mean he had to die. We didn't have to kill him, I know now that you must've sent him to test me, O lord and I failed my last chance at redemption. I don't know if my confession will make a difference or if anyone will ever hear it, but it feels right to get it out there with the utmost humility. I pray you hear the contrition of myself and my associates and have mercy on our immortal souls. Amen. Salvatore DeLuca.


Forgive me father for I have sinned. This is my second mortal confession, my first big score was a shipment of Irish whiskey jacked from a few goons at the north slip. Nobody got killed thanks to you, but I shot one through the knee. Yeah, the guy was a crook, but he didn't deserve to limp around for the rest of his life, that didn't matter to me then. I saw what I wanted and did what I had to do to take it. Told myself it was fair, even natural, the strong surviving and all that malarkey. Now I know that wasn't the way. O lord, I wish I woulda seen that then, but it only got worse from there. Salvatore DeLuca.


Forgive me father for I have sinned. I coveted another man's girl, his business and eventually took his life. I destroyed him, O lord, and celebrated doing it. Guy's name was Giuseppe Rioni, real big shot, bootlegger in the north side, not a bigger shot than me. I put him on his knees and put two in his skull and if that wasn't enough, I let that mook Jimmy Alessi take the heat for it, they killed him too, and the one after that, and the one after that. I started a war, O lord, and I got rich off it. The killing didn't stop there, either just got real good at getting others to do it for me. Salvatore DeLuca.


Forgive me father for I have sinned. I saw the evil inside of Billy, and I stoked the fire til it was red hot. When I let him off the leash, the streets ran red with Torrio blood. Men, women, children. Whoever it took and whoever had the bad luck to be around when we took 'em. In my head, I was a great man, the king I always wanted to be. Doin' what kings do to rule the world at the top. That's where I got stupid, O lord, that's where I killed that poor girl over not a damn thing. That brought me here to your justice and that's where I belong. Salvatore DeLuca.


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
My last confession was a lifetime ago. Sorry about that Lord, and I ain't just saying that 'cuz I'm stuck in this place. I've done lots of bad things and squandered your gifts, O Lord.
I'll start with my mother and father. They did the Ellis Island thing, came over with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Grandma, Bella, Silvercup, and me growin' in mama's belly. All things considered, I grew up pretty good -- stick, ball, open hydrant baths, lotsa pals, and at least a meal a day paid for by pops, shoe repairs... but me being a mook, that wasn't enough. I'd run around all day and night liftin' this and that from corner stores, smokin', drinkin, carryin' on. I wanted to be king, not the kid of a couple poor, dumb wops taking' beatin' after beatin' from the city that didn't want 'em. So I ran, Lord. I ran to the Windy City and I didn't look back, forsakin' my mother and father. That's a sin bad enough for an Italian, but for a Roman Catholic too? I guess I had all this comin'.
Salvatore DeLuca


Dear Angelina,
Well baby, you were right. You always said I could go to hell for all the shit I put you through, and sure enough here I am burning for what's probably forever. I know I said alotta things when they came and took me away, putting it all on you -- but I was always headed here, and as much as I miss ya baby I'm glad you ain't here with me.


Remember that night you were all dolled up, dressed to the nines in that giant, mink coat of yours? Tip toing outta that gala premier into the 12 below of Chicago January, legs naked as the day you were born. I never had trouble talkin' to dames, but with you I almost choked. Wasn't til you doubled over into a snow drift that I mustered the stones to run over. Thought I had it in the pocket when I fed you that line about the perfect icebreaker, but you fired back with an eat shit-and-die look that almost knocked the wind outta me. Then you smiled that smile and finished the job. You told me I looked pale, offered to buy me a coffee and we were off to the races. Wish I woulda slowed down, taken more time, been a better man.


I let you down, Angelina. I let that town crawl inside my head and make me think I was some kinda big shot hustler. You wanted to be an actress and instead I made you an accomplice, dragging you through the worst shit of Chicago with me. And when I didn't let you go, you found your own way out, just like the way you got up outta that snow. I dunno if you'll ever get this letter, or if it's even real, but if you do, I wanna let you know I agree to the divorce.


You deserve better, Angelina, some honest guy, with an honest face, and an honest living, maybe have a couple good lookin' kids that take after their mother. Strong enough not to take any shit from this fucked up world we live in, but smart enough not to take the easy way through. You don't have to tell 'em it's from me, but just tell 'em the easy way ain't fuckin' easy and maybe leave out the "fuckin'" part -- at least til they're older


As for your new squeeze, whoever he is, I got a message for him too: take good care of our angel and make sure you listen to her real good -- she won't steer you wrong, but if you even think about hurtin' her or layin' hands on her in an unkind way, you better believe I'll bust outta this place and climb out of hell just to rip the skull off your neck. So Angelina, this is goodbye for real. I'm not sure if Sal is right and this letter makes a damn bit of difference, but I really hope someway, somehow, I finally did something right.
Love you forever, baby.


Alright, guess I got nothin’ better to do in this shithole than to sit on my ass and scribble for Sal’s holy-rolling homework assignment. So strap yourselves in, cats and kittens, for a few of Billy’s greatest hits.
They say you always remember your first, but I was so drunk, I didn’t realize he was dead ‘til later. Caught this guy Rudy cheatin’ in a round of dice and cracked his melon with a whiskey bottle. Had a laugh, drank more, and woke up the next day to the cops at my mother’s front door. Welcome to juvi Billy Boy happy #th birthday.
I’m a free man, came home, found my mother strung out on somethin’ her new squeeze was givin’ her, in addition to a few bruises. So I followed him to the bar that night and brought the knife my old man gave me. Piece of shit broke off in his ribcage. No cops that time though. Mom saw the blood and kicked me out, so I wound up on the street, sleepin’ at a bus stop. Some old timer tried to get fresh, so pop! -- there went his head on a bench corner.
First job with the old crew, I was a whistle boy posted up on the corner, while the fellas raided the general store. Shop owner shows up and pulls out his iron, so I pounce on him and wrestle for it. Gun goes off along with the man’s head, and that’s how I got my very first special. Miss that gun... nothin’ special... knocked over a store and shot a cashier goin’ for his shotgun. It was a piece of shit, so I let him keep it.
What a night. I got roped into a posse to go scare some sense into a few Commie union boys, but they turned out to be packin’ heat. They whacked my whole crew by the time I got to cover. But I took it slow and steady. Shots, bodies so neat and pretty, people took to callin’ me handsome. How ‘bout that.
Got paid big bucks for a solo hit, four wise guys at a barber shop. Fish in a fuckin’ barrel.
Some schmuck named Larry Sweets threatenin’ to squawk, garrotted in the park. That shut him up.
Another dice game, even drunker. Could’ve sworn the guy was cheatin’, but never found the other pair of dice. Oops. And officers Malloy and O'Reardon, couple a flatfoots too dumb to be on the take. They found the scotch -- they had to go.
Slumlord wouldn’t sell his slum to Johnny. Torrio turned him into a flaming scarecrow in front of his building. Wouldn’t ya know it the whole neighborhood fell in line.
Bar fight and a pool cue. Guess the guy had a soft head -- corner pocket!
Ahh, the day I met Sal. He was just an underboss back then, but we just clicked, I could tell. Had a meet at the docks. Somebody got spooked, and out with the bullets. Sal and me, we hunker down back-to-back, poppin’ anyone with an attitude, and when the blood and guts settled, we had the money and the booze. That was the beginning of the Deluca crime family and a beautiful friendship.



11th July 1961
I’ve had my men examine all materials acquired from Division 9 in 1946 and have been unable to find the elemental shard. According to our records it was on the original manifest for the formal acquisition of materials and verified as delivered. So I’m more than a little perplexed as to where it’s ended up. I see two possibilities:
1) It was lost/destroyed in transit which seems highly unlikely given both it’s size and density
2) It was intentionally taken by a specified individual and is being kept from us. As to who might have taken it, I have my suspicions. For several years Groom Lake was our primary storage for all Division 9 materials.
Perhaps Pernell may have answers as to the fate of the elemental shard.
--Colonel Sawyer


2nd November 1963
Today the Hanford project has formally been integrated with the Broken Arrow Initiative
We’ve requested they immediately begin investigating weaponized solutions to “combat” the Samantha threat. Groom Lake is delivering a shipment of element 115 to the site in Washington so they may begin testing.
The Hanford project has requested access to all research regarding the MPD reconstruction project, However I declined this request.
At this time this project should remain at Groom Lake – in recent months they have proven more than capable. It may be our greatest asset in the fight against this threat.


23rd March 1946
1. The following is the transcription for record of Richtofen's Requests. For OPERATION STAPLER to go into effect, these stipulations had to be met.
2. This list specifically details Richtofen's personal demands - it does not specify scientists recommended for acquisition
- One Portrait of Richtofen to be hung in the Pentagon - One American Baseball signed by Your Babe Ruth - Twenty of Your American Dollars: Ten Pennies, Four Nickels, Two Dimes, Two Quarters, Four 1's, One 5, One 10 - One of these "American Hot Dogs" I've been Hearing So Much About - One American Teddy Bear, speaking of... - Teddy Roosevelt's Moustache from Cold Storage (I know you have it) - One Polarization Device to be constructed [coordinates to be specified] - Titanium Cog of My Precise Specifications - J. Robert Oppenheimer's Chalkboard (not cleaned) - Build a nice flower garden outside your Pentagon Facility - it desperately needs the color - President Truman's Hat
--Major Sawyer


Field Report...
(heavy cough)
I don't know why I'm doing this. Is anyone even receiving me?
If you are, then all hope is lost. I'm the last one. The others... they're... gone. We failed.
I don't know if there are multiple outcomes, or if this has always been the only one. No matter what we do, what we fix, we still end up here... this time travel shit, multiverses, shit fries your brain.
I hope Richtofen established contact with the others. Woke them up. It's the only way now. It's up to them.
Damn it's cold... very cold...
Not much time left now.


August 8th, 1947
I've been logging materials acquired from Group 935 for some days now (Major Sawyer has asked me to evaluate files pertaining to undead experiementation) and this afternoon I happened upon an old friend.
Hidden deep away in storage was Dr. Maxis' Original Matter Transference Prototype. Apparently, it was one of the items the Americans acquired when splitting Group 935's resources with the Russians. Unsurprisingly, it's in a terrible state of disrepair. Missing pieces, badly damaged, completely non-operational.
To be fair, Maxis himself stopped using it after the failure of those initial tests in 1939. While useless in its current state, it will provide great reference when we begin teleporter development at this facility. One thing I had never noticed before - scratched into the bottom of the machine was a message:
"For M, who started me on this Journey."
It struck me as odd… I can't recall anyone at Group 935 who went by that initial. I haven't the faintest idea who Maxis could have been referring to.

Dead of the Night


A shadow of what they seek


Serve or sever
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WMS game Zeus Bonus wins 100 Free games - YouTube

WOW!!! ⚡OVER 100 FREE GAMES!! ZEUS RE-TRIGGER WIN! ⚡ The Big Jackpot - Duration: ... I JUST HIT THE BIGGEST SLOT JACKPOT of MY LIFE! 🐂💰BUFFALO XTREME SLOT MACHINE @ San Manuel Casino ... ♦️ ♠️ 100% Safe and Secure Online Casinos & Best Casino Bonuses ♥️ ♣️ Signup at Golden Lion Casino and receive $50 in welcome bonuses, absolutely free - http... Zeus G+ Bonus WMS 60 cent bet wins 100 Free games The Zeus II Slot machine by WMS is a classic and a worthy follow-up to the original Zeus!If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-TBPZeus 2 sports... Gambling with my brother D-Gen at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. D-Gen unleashed a super big win on Zeus Unleashed. Fun bonuses, jackpots and big wins!!! ... Download The Big Jackpot app for more content and our very own Slot Machine game! https://app.won.com/ Stay tuned this week for updates on the 1st EVER BIG J... new!!! kronos & zeus slot unleashed free games & jackpot wins ☞ slot traveler like, subscribe & comment send me a christmas card!slot travelerpo box 9... Lots of variety zeus game Best slots game I've played in a while.” “Love this vegas casino app! Great payouts & bonuses! Nothing to complain about at all!” “Awesome zeus slots! thanks ... Slot Lover - Slot Machine Videos Channel Usually Post : Big Wins, Super Big Wins, Live Play, Double or Nothing, High Limit Pulls with FriendsWhere Do I play...