Climateer Investing: Casino Deals Unshuffled Cards

national; Unshuffled casino cards cost big bucks. GAMBLERS rack up a staggering $1.44 million in winnings after US casino deals same sequence of cards over and over again. When the same sequence of cards was dealt at a mini-baccarat table at Atlantic City's Golden Nugget casino twice in a row, was it just proba... Goodbye, Mr. Chips: Casino wants $1.5M back from winners This gambling den made it hard to lose. An embarrassed Atlantic City casino is suing 14 gamblers — including two Big Apple residents — demanding they return the whopping $1.5 million they collectively won after realizing the mini-Baccarat table they were playing at was using unshuffled decks of cards. Casino Deals Unshuffled Cards, Wants Gamblers' Winnings Back 8.23.12 4:38 PM EDT By Laura Northrup @lnorthrup new jersey gambling atlantic city the house always wins golden nugget trump taj mahal The unshuffled decks are in individual boxes of 52 just like you'd buy at the store, but the preshuffled cards are enclosed in sealed boxes holding the number of decks desired (for Baccarat it's usually 8 decks, for Blackjack it might be 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8). These cards are shuffled by the manufacturer at the factory, using the same machines that the casinos have tableside. Because they are Casino Deals Unshuffled Cards. By Briggs on August 23, 2012 • ( 12 Comments) As a break from things serious, consider this scenario: In a New Jersey casino, you walk up to an electronic slot machine, stick in a buck and punch the buttons. You win fifty. It happens. Flush, you venture another buck. You’re still up a bunch. You win another fifty. Figuring why not, you bet again. Another win

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